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Worms spread via spam on Facebook and MySpace

Jen Johnson

Facebook - don't call me stupid

People, please don't call Facebook users stupid. And please don't say people are stupid for allowing these things to spread.

I am really, really careful about security on my PC and never accept dodgy messages, etc. However, this latest worm is very clever. I got a message from a friend's Facebook account. It was a standard message, the email address was the correct Facebook address and it was someone who was in my friend's list. The message just asked me if I would invite someone my friend knew to be my friend. I clicked on the link thinking it would take me to my friend's Facebook page so I could tell her that I didn't really want to invite this person as a friend and the link took me to someone's Facebook page which looked fairly normal except that it had loads of links on it. These links were clearly dodgy so I immediately came out of Facebook and reported it. I reported it two weeks later but have still not had a response from Facebook.

So, if you think you're invincible then go on, carry on calling people names. But when you get bitten, remember not to cry!

US scientist commits suicide as Feds prep anthrax charges

Jen Johnson


They guy killed himself. Can you imagine what it must feel like to feel the need to kill yourself? He was clearly mentally ill, he had been hospitalised with depression. And it really isn't difficult to get hold of that sort of information, it doesn't have to come directly from a therapist - hacks do embroider their stories you know.

I think there might be a level of mental illness going on in the comments in this thread.......... of the paranoia type!

My theory is that the guy was already very ill and the distress the possibility of a formal charge caused him just tipped him over and resulted in his suicide. Or, he was actually guilty and couldn't face the possibility of a formal charge which caused him to commit suicide. I would imagine the FBI believe he was guilty, which is why they are no longer investigating. However, that doesn't make him guilty because he hasn't been found guilty.

We'll never know but I doubt very much that there is any kind of conspiracy here. Let get real eh?

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

Jen Johnson
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I once had to dismiss a member of staff for downloading child pornography on a work computer. The police were called and he was sent to prison for posessing indecent images of children on his home computer and for sexual assault of a neighbour.

The member of staff in question was 18 years old!


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