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Climategate: A symptom of driving science off a cliff

Tim McMurphy

GMO safe?

Regarding your comment "The great GM Food scare was based on research for which Dr Arpad Pusztai was later suspended. His results couldn't be reproduced. ".

Was it reproduction of his tests ever attempted ? Where? When? By whom?

"Pusztais experiment was eventually published as a letter in The Lancet in 1999.[9] Due to the controversial nature of his research the letter was reviewed by six reviewers - three times the usual number. One publicly opposed the letter, another thought it was flawed, but wanted it published "to avoid suspicions of a conspiracy against Pusztai and to give colleagues a chance to see the data for themselves" while the other four raised questions that were addressed by the authors.[10] The letter reported significant differences between the thickness of the gut epithelium of rats fed genetically modified potatoes, compared to those fed the control diet."

Over to you and you can be a guinea pig for Monsanto but considering their track record you would be foolish to trust them on anything.

Are you aware that for the GMO RBGH experiments Monsanto said there was "no residual GM material in the milk when at pasturization temperatures"? They kept it at those temps for 30 minutes! That is like baking a turkey for 2 weeks and claiming "no salmonella".

The so called research proving GMOs safe were designed not to find problems.

US scientist commits suicide as Feds prep anthrax charges

Tim McMurphy


It's called "being suicided" like the old P2 lodge did to Roberto Calvi. Interesting how all these people like the DC madam etc just give up and commit suicide at the most opportune time for those in power isn't it?

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster

Tim McMurphy

4 questions & simple math

Except he is right! Amazing that a pothead can see things clearer than most.

Hani Hanjour could not fly even a Cessna 172 (1 proppeller, 2 seats, it would fit in your driveway) and yet the US government says he flew a 80 ton 757 into the Pentagon? Not only that but from 8,000 feet to 2,200 feet doing a 330 degree spiral decent then from 2,200 feet to ground through a massive pressure wave in a perfect flight path.

Not bad flying except that Hani couldn't fly! These 2 quotes are from the owner of the flight school Hani attended:

"a complete waste of time", "he could not fly at all".

These 2 quotes are from the certified flight instructors who checked him out when he tried to rent a Cessna 172 a month before 9/11:

"had trouble controlling the plane", "could not keep it level".

Those are all about Hani's lack of ability in a little Cessna that 10-12 year olds have successfully flown!

How about Commander Kolstad? He could fly a Cessna in his sleep. Top Gun navy pilot, adversary instructor at the top guy school, 23,000 hours as a pilot, 6,000 hours pilot in a 757/767. Cmdr Kolstad says he personally would have a hard time doing the maneuver at the Pentagon.

Do some reading folks and you will see it isn't just artists who have questions. Try patriotsquestion911.org for starters and ae911truth.org