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Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans


Just wear their hair down and use a standard hat

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the sikh requirement is to *not cut their hair*, not *wear a turban* per se. They could wear their hair down, plait it and tuck it under their body armour, then wear a normal bullet proof helmet on their head, without violating the religious laws.

I believe there is a steel comb they are also required to wear (the knife traditionally went on the belt, not in the hair), but again, I don't think there is any reason why they couldn't tuck it into a plait.

*I think*. As I say, any sikh reader please correct me!

Sudden exit for SugarCRM co-founder and CEO


SugarCRM > Salesforce.com

@BoldMan - probably because salesforce.com is the closest competitor, and Sugar makes a big thing about being as good as salesforce, but a lot cheaper. (Actually they seemed to have toned this down lately -not sure why as the comparison made sense)

Having been involved in a mid-sized salesforce rollout, and later experimented with Sugar, I can safely say that with a PHP developer and a good sysadmin you can deliver 95% of the functionality of salesforce, plus some things that salesforce doesn't deliver, for less than 25% of the cost.

I'll personally be very sad to see SugarCRM go under -my experience of the SFDC team (not the developers behind the system, the ones who go to your company and implement it) is that they over-promise, under-deliver, and jump ship as soon as possible leaving you with a partial rollout and a massive bill. With SugarCRM, on the other hand, you get exactly what you pay for. More work on your side, but realistic expectations and a product you can customise to suit you.

Hopefully, SugarCRM will be bought by someone who can market it properly...

Pong, the dining table


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what would be really cool would be incorporating a pressure sensitive layer, so you could bounce the ball off the plates on the table....


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