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The Jupiter Ace: 40 years on

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Re: Really???

I think you're missing the glaring error I was making a joke out of in the article!

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"Ten times faster despite running on the same Z80A processor that was found in the Spectrum and being clocked to 3.25MHz, eight per cent lower than the Spectrum's 3.5GHz."

You know, I'm pretty sure that 3.25Mhz is more than 8% slower than 3.5Ghz, but I don't remember my Speccy being faster than my PC! ;-)

Virgin gives early adopters benefit of recent price cut

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Expansion definitely required

I would agree 100%. Virgin I feel is a pretty good company generally, but they do need to start rolling out network expansion in a big way to build their customer base. It's no good saying they have a 50% coverage by population when that 50% is based in large towns and cities.

Time to get their fibre optics out to the more rural areas and especially at new builds too.

Dixons' best chance? Quit the UK and move to Sweden

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Wrong way around

@AC - Currys didn't buy Dixons, it was the other way around years ago. If you're referring to why the Dixons shops changed names, it was simply a cost saving thing, cheaper to rebrand Dixons to Currys than the other way around. They had been the same company for a long time.

Dixons drops exclusive Toshiba Android tablet

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It doesn't work that way...

@Tigra07 - the company can quarantine an item from sale, but for stock control the company needs to have the item available on the system. It's pretty standard practice for a company like DSG to increase the price of something to make the staff aware that the item is not for sale.

Go to a store when there is a huge release of a game or some new big thing due, like a day before release. I bet you'll find that the item is on the system, but at a really high price in order to both prevent early sales and to inform other staff of this.

PC World, Currys to offer cash for clunkers

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Not desktops.

I checked up on this, and it's only laptops you can return. They can't be BIOS passworded, no cracked screen, complete with it's battery and mains adaptor. Apart from that, yup, any old laptop qualifies!

Broadband advertising speed gap widens

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Re: Kind of on the ISP's side here

...but you 'could' get 60mpg from the car if you drive it correctly. Internet providers are rarely able to give the speeds they advertise, instead adding those immortal words "up to".

'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

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It can't be just me...

...who is now thinking of Blade Runner?

Sony promises 27in OLED screen

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It's early days...

I'm personally looking forward to the future of OLED. Remember that plasma and LCD used to cost a lot and didn't last as long as they do now. Give it time and I can see OLED being the standard of flat panel TVs and monitors in the years to come.