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Anonymous and pals gather in support of girl at centre of rape case

Cliff Cheetham

Given the serious nature of the story and the potential abuse suffered by the victims, I definitely think the grammer in the article is what we shouid focus on - lol

loving the grammer nerds.... a very English way of trolling :-)

'Momentous year' for TalkTalk as it surges from 3rd place to, er, 4th

Cliff Cheetham

Watchdog's favourite ISP

TalkTalk are the classic example of a company willing to big up service and values whilst simultaneously abusing their customer base, the level of rubbish and outright lies used by the their sales people is beyond belief.

But the more we remain sheepish consumers willing to put up with bad service and dodgy corporate behavior so we can have a cheap price - companies like TalkTalk will exist.

we do indeed get what we deserve.

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe

Cliff Cheetham

this used to be work for me

I used to hammer this when I "worked" for a computer shop in Doncaster and play all the local kids at lunch-time when they came out of school !!

I went through quite a few Zipsticks playing this, gonna check out ther ipad app now :-)

Rock'n'Roll Racing

Cliff Cheetham

This game cost me a fortune!!

When I saw this game in the computer shop I worked in, I went out and bought a SNES and a 19" TV with SCART just to play it - definitely the most fun I have ever had playing a racing

I'm also chuckling to myself that buying a TV with SCART seemed impressive at the time....

Acer UK sales slashed in HALF in Q3

Cliff Cheetham

Wow - like you couldn't see that from a mile away

Acer's strategy of driving low prices by producing huge volume before it gets purchase commitment worked well during the good times, but not changing their strategy when faced with shrinking end -user demand was baffling.

In all fairness they're not the only ones who did it - but boy they did it bigger than everyone else. One the bright side - some great deals on laptops until sales pick up !!

every cloud... and all that :-)

In reference to John's quote above, based in his bafflement as to Acer's issues and cheap laptop deals probably qualifies him for Acer's purchasing dept....

Galleon chief Rajaratnam gets 11 years in the slammer

Cliff Cheetham

Epic Fail !!

wow, a net worth of $1.3bn and he goes down for 11 years for a slice of only $50m.... greedy and stupid to equal amounts.

We'll at least he'll be able to afford lube !!

Beeb rolls out global paid iPlayer app in €urope

Cliff Cheetham

so where does the revenue go?

according the BBC annual report 2009/2010, their funding is as follows (including Radio)

£3,446m - License fee

£888m Commercial Business (BBC Worldwide and similar)

£293m Government Grants

£112m Other content (overseas rights, concerts etc)

So the % of extra income to off-set the license fee would have to be pretty huge, just to cover half of the license fee at €49.99/year for "selected" content (not all of it remember) the beeb would have to get roughly 30m subscribers !!

The license fee is currently @40p per day per house hold (on average 15p per person/day, or 0.625p/hr)

New DVD £15, lasts @2 hours - watch it 1,200 times for same value

New Album £10 - lasts @1 hour - equal to 66 days of BBC content

Even if you don't like 95% of the BBC's content you are still getting good value for money. I'm always confused by peoples dislike of the license fee, given the content offered by advertising funded alternatives right now, the license fee feels more like an investment in a more educated and aware society than a so called "tax".

W3C moves to snuff Apple web patents

Cliff Cheetham

sometimes you just have to wait long enough.......

I was genuinely impressed as a semi-interested bystander that Apple were pushing an open standard versus a corporate proprietary alternative, it did seem like an unusual move at the time and I thought a potentially welcome one (eventually once every one had moved over).

But sometimes you just have to wait long enough, now the real reason appears to have reared it's ugly head and it seems Apple didn't want any single company to have too much of a share of the internets favourite media format, unless it them!

Yes I know these companies are obliged to make money and the nicey nice PR is there just to hide the fins popping out of the water, but every now and again you let your guard down for a second or two, open your life to hope and the betterment of humankind and BAMM a knife between the shoulder blades, I only caught a glimpse of my attacker, but I could swear he was wearing a dark polo neck.......

Serenity beats Star Wars in sci-fi movie poll

Cliff Cheetham

Shome mishtake... there certainly is

"A Scanner Darkly...?" (almost lost for words), repeat loudly... "A Scanner Darkly !?!?"

Putting it in the same list as Serenity, nevermind placing it above Serenity should be a crime dealt with by the highest power in the land (and no - I don't mean the Topgear team and Stig)

A Scanner Darkly shouldn't even make it into a list of the top10 cell shaded films (and I don't think there are even 10).

nuff said - Serenity should definitely be No.1, and I see the BBC have run a simlar pole in which Serenity is at 31% and star wars at 34% (I guess they must let under 12's vote.....)


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