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LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them


Re: With great responsibility

Wow. They serve ads here? ;)


Re: "Maybe the current outage is a sign"

and that helps with say contaminated fuel (a single point of failure) how exactly?

Buzz kill: Crook, 73, conned investors into shoveling millions into geek-friendly caffeine-loaded chocs that didn't exist. Now he's in jail


Re: Spiders on drugs!

Cheers for the link. It looks interesting and i'm about to read. I downvoted you because you asked people not to though and because i'm a c**t.

Sorry. :p

IR35 blame game: Barclays to halt off-payroll contractors, goes directly to PAYE


Re: IR35 idiocy

and god bless those permies as technically they are the reason us contractors exist. Long may they continue to do fuck all each day and get confused by any task more complicated than making a coffee and talking bollocks to their other lazy workmates all day!


Re: "engage on a PAYE basis"

Sorry, but it's you that has missed the point on this, not the AC. What the AC states is entirely correct. If you bothered to read the article carefully it's fairly self explanatory in there too.

My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop)


San Francisco

The biggest shithole on the planet. Move now!


It will never be safe to turn off your computer: Prankster harnesses the power of Windows 95 to torment fellow students

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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day


I feel the need...

...to admit my shame.

Sometimes I have re-bought items I know I already own because finding them in the loft full of junk is a daunting task. Cables, little widgets, connection converters etc. I know for certain I have at least 1 or 2 of them but a 30 second ordering spree on eBay will yield the item with less effort.

Someone please make me feel better and tell me i'm not the only person that does this? :s

Microsoft liberates ancient MS-DOS source from the museum and sticks it in GitHub



I'm all for topic drift but there's seldom few subjects more dull than keyboard layouts and codepages.


Re: Chaff

Oh shut up you massive bellend!



This could have been a really interesting comments section but instead it's just turned into 3 pages of people whinging about fecking keyboard layouts, which actually had feck all to do with the article.

VPNFilter router malware is a lot worse than everyone thought


Sophos UTM with home license + HP Microserver + quad port NIC =


US, UK cyber cops warn Russians are rooting around in your routers


Re: Problem is that most home routers are supplied by the ISP and updated by the ISP.

HP Microserver (1st Gen is fine) + 4 Port 1GB nic + Sophos UTM = Excellent home solution that's updated by Sophos incredibly regularly.

Sophos UTM Home License can be registered for free. You even get a 12 endpoint Anti-Virus license that works on workstation and server OS types too. Ideal for a home lab with servers or just a home with a few machines. Everything is logged, highly configurable and also has a great IDS. Downside is the learning curve. I.T techies are alright deploying these but home users with web browsing only skills would struggle. Thankfully I fall into the former category. Never looked back since going with UTM though, purely due to the frequency of the updates provided.

The law of run Nintendo consequences: Sega brings out mini Mega Drive / Genesis


Pah, but i'm bored with all the emulated hardware after playing with it for years on years so now i've started buying all the originals right when everyone is going for the minis.

It gives me a special nostalgia glow that emulators or emulated hardware simply can't compete with.

If you need me i'll be watching 80/90s TV adverts on YouTube.

P≠NP proof fails, Bonn boffin admits


Re: For one moment I read it as the Claymation institute.

Haha, that's exactly what happened to me too.

Juicy fine for Bradford firm after it blurts one million spam texts


Re: Just to add

Screw you bellend. I live in Bradford and there's nothing much wrong with it that every other city in this skankhole of a country doesn't suffer from. Tell me where you live and I can no doubt offer some words of advice as to why it should be avoided.

Chap runs Windows 95 on Apple Watch


Re: He could at least

Judging by the speed of it that probably would have been a 5 hour job though. :(

Boffins' 5D laser-based storage tech could keep terabytes forever


Re: Seriously long-term storage

Porn will always be porn. So when said 360TB porn collection is found it will prove useful/scientifically valuable to some race or species. Basically porn = universal language.

Windows 8 or nowt: Consumer Win 7 fans are out of luck


Re: So my upgrade path is gonna be...

AmigaOS features in every step of my upgrade process. My 4 trusty Amiga 1200's of various flavours and configurations all run it happily! :)

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system


Employee of the recording industry?

Sure, having our data torn apart and inspected is better for all our sakes, because obviously, they'll only use it for illegal file sharing right? No to inspect any other data, i.e. personal data being transmitted too and frow like CV's etc?

Get real and stop supporting the 1984 culture! Look at the bigger picture!

UK WoW fans plead for Lich King Collector's Edition


Play EVE Online Instead

it's much better than WoW! None of the kiddies have figured out how to play EVE properly yet so it's no fun for them!

Tech woes threaten NASA's Moon plan

Paris Hilton


..... The astronaut that steps out of the module onto the surface first will at least get his line right:

"It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"

Maybe it's just me, but isn't man and mankind one in the same thing. Sure the line should have read:

"It's one small step for A MAN......"

What a dumbass armstrong was. Obviously NASA couldn't provide him with a pocket sized thesaurous or oxford english.

PARIS: Because she has a great pair of solid rocket boosters!

Police seek two for C&W network robbery


It's the software

... that makes me a little suspicious, combined with the kit it could be law enforcment type software and routers for traffic snooping & data recording! Just a thought, but could be possible!

File system killer Reiser rejected 3-year sentence


he has to detail exactly how he did it.....

... which shouldn't be too difficult! He could just replay the journalised metadata of the events! ;-)


CERN declares Large Hadron Collider perfectly safe

Paris Hilton

Great, all we need is another black hole....

...as well as the one the government calls Taxation!

Paris? Because it's in France silly!!!!

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features


Calm Down Children!

You all claim not to want to trade insults with 13 year olds, yet you will happily trade childish insults here! Little bit of a double standard happening. Each to their own.

Personally, I have a 360 & a PS3. They are both fun and more or less on par! Do you buy a console beause it is fun or to use the concept to beat the next man over the head!

Grow up! Children, mother is coming to spank your arses if you don't behave yourselves!


MPs urge action as spooky caller ID-faking services hit UK


Old Tricks, New Implementation, That's All

Hey, personally I am not too worried about this. You can do everything this service offers with the right voip account (cheaper too) and some inexpensive or even free (Asterisk PBX) software. Any criminal intent on this kind of deception is already doing it and has probably been doing it for at least 4 years.

The service is too expensive for any tom, dick or harry using it as a serious money making tool. As stated, you can do this much cheaper with a wee bit of googling and a couple of hours on your hands.

All I see this service being used for is the "Hey, i've just murdered your family and stolen their house! Only Joking!!!" kind of gag!

Don't worry people. Anybody who reads Reg has at least enough common sense to know when they are probably being duped. If anyone rings asking for your credit card details, regardless of what number it comes from tell them to bog off! Caller ID is no proof that the call is genuine and never should be used that way!

One thing I will warn though is: PINS on your mobile phone voicemail systems as some do use caller ID to verify the subscriber, but we all have PINS set already! Right??


Thumb Up

"It's no spoof ......

..... Honest Mario, 50 Pizza's to the usual address. You have my caller ID, who else could it be"

Credit Card at the ready, Dialing finger at the ready, Camera pointing at the neighbours very shocked face as he receives his fifty meatfeasts!

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


I agree with greg

It's paid for, it is their responsibility to take care of their infrastructure. Not to limit what we have paid for. I notice as well that some people seem to think it is throttled to 75%. In fact it is throttled BY 75%



Well, whats next? This is a problem due to them cutting costs and not upgrading their infrastructure to keep up with demand. Also, it is caused by the sudden upsurge in availability of cloned cable modems that I see so often at our local computer fair. Once again, punishment to the innocent is dished out leaving the real culprits to carry on regardless.


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