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eBay: don't come on our US site without protection

Jesse Zappa


Amazingly, when I put ads on Craigslist real, actual human beings show up at my door with real, actual cash money that they hand me, put the stuff in their car and leave. No shipping, no hassles, no fees, no ratings, no BS. Craigslist is the best alternative for US sellers who live within driving distance of large, metro areas. I'm about 2 hours from LA and EVERY buyer I've had has been at least an hour away. Ebay? Forget it.

Mine is the one with the wad of cash in the pocket.

eBay changes anger smaller sellers

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It's easier to publish a listing on, it's free and actual human beings with actual money will show up at your door, hand that actual money TO YOU, and leave with your stuff. AND to the comment about only hitting the local market, I live in Southern California. I've put up Craigslist ads and had replies from Texas, Florida and other states interested in my items. AND I've sold everything I've ever listed there for more than I, in reality, expected or could have gotten from Ebay.

Microsoft starts stoking hype for Windows 7

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I love it when people sign in here and tell me that Vista is great because they don't have a problem with it and that the problem must be with me. I guess I'm just dreaming when the Vista lapper we have in the house just goes BSOD on me for no reason whatever. Before I hear some flack, the lapper was bought WITH Vista, was Vista certified, made by a name brand manufacturer and has almost no additional software added to it outside of a couple of games and VLC.

@ the "trying to be the biggest MS hater" comment - I don't hate MS because of problems I've had with them. I've supported them and used XP for ages with very few problems that, admittedly, were mostly caused by 3rd party drivers. I hate MS because I don't like their business practices, I don't like the DRM, I don't like having a monopolistic, giant corporation telling me what I can and cannot do with my equipment and I mostly don't like being stuck with a cookie cutter desktop unless I go through third party software and more hoops than a circus acrobat to make it something decent looking.

Mines the one with the OpenGEU disk in the pocket and a thumb drive chock full o' nifty little apps for maintainint MS crap.

Microsoft dyes hair orange to cheer SQL Server 2008 release

Jesse Zappa


Wonder if Ballmer dyed his hair as well?

What? Oh, right. Nevermind.

Stormy Peters lands on Gnome Foundation

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Produce a few big budget games titles that are only available on the Linux platform, and bundle a few Linux operating systems with the games.

The game should boot from the DVD, or install to a Linux distro.

Job done.

Yep. That would do it. I just hope it happens in our lifetimes because gaming is the single biggest dealbreaker when it comes to switching users. Gaming on Linux as it stands now is 5-10 years (at least) behind Windows. Linux games are either playable but ugly, totally unplayable, hopelessly out of date or some combination thereof. Before the flames start YES there are some exceptions but so few as to hardly bear mentioning.

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

Jesse Zappa
Paris Hilton

@By go

"Linux is good for anyone who cares enough to recompile their entire lib....la wah wah wah every time they cough, sneeze or change a screen saver"

FUD. Pure FUD. I've been using Linux (various flavors) for the better part of three years and exclusively for seven months and have compiled three times from scratch, ONLY because I wanted to learn how. I'm even using an "experimental", "In Development" window manager (Enlightenment) and am having fewer problems overall than I EVER did under any Win system. I will, however, say you are partially right. People will use whatever fits and all computers crash at some point. There isn't any such thing as a perfect OS. But you WILL keep hearing this argument until MS AND Apple stop claiming to be the perfect, fits all OS that does everything, never crashes and runs everything all the time.

Paris. Because you can't have a comments section here without her.

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

Jesse Zappa

Oh yeah, Vista Is GRRRRREAAAT!!!

I use Ubuntu (guess that makes me a "fan boi", right) and several other Linux distros as well as XP and Vista, including two identical laptops that came preloaded with Vista Home Premium. The XP desktop will stay with XP because it does what the user needs it to do. If there is a NEED it will get upgraded...to Ubuntu. One laptop is now a Linux testbed. The Vista machine has been nothing but problems from day one. BSOD while just sitting with nothing running, a flat refusal to defrag using the built in utility, slow to boot, slower to shut down (when it WILL shut down) and the questions, the never-ending questions. Why is that machine still loaded with Virus...I mean Vista? Simple, the Autistic child who uses it likes the games. She knows when it goes south, it's getting Ubuntu. And she's fine with that because, guess what? SHE HATES VISTA outside of the game suite and Ubuntu makes does eye candy that her machine won't do with even the overpriced Ulitmate upgrade.

Tux - Because when Linux has a major error, it gives me information I can use to fix the problem, not FATAL ERROR: (2023:000:0000:0000x0_0x000)

Dell guilty of defrauding New York customers

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Several Experiences...All Bad

I worked for a business with one server and three workstations. Over the course of one year EVERY machine blew out the hard drives. The company had paid for what was supposedly "premium" service but each and every time I called I was on hold for 20-30 minutes. Each time I explained several times what I had done to test the machine, each time I was required by the Dell Rep in "some" foreign country to go through the exact same sequence of tests I had already done. When FINALLY we each arrived at the conclusion I had already given at the beginning of the lengthy call, they would decide to send a new HD. Fine. Several weeks would pass and the drive would arrive. REFURB! Now, a refurb mainboard or card, fine. A HD?? NO FRICKING WAY! We finally just started buying our own drives locally.

Paris, because her dog probably listens better than Dell tech support.

Mozilla pilots second release candidate for Firefox 3.0

Jesse Zappa

Ubuntu user

I've been using Beta 5 since the day Ubuntu 8.04 came out and FF3 is crap. It's slow, it's sucking resources and it's buggy. I will however say that the Flash support is vastly superior. FF3 just shuts down completely whenever (and I mean WHENEVER) I hit any sites featuring flash. FF2 under Gutsy required me to killall the app. The latest Opera build supports Flash just fine but it's slow as old people in a buffet line.


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