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The music biz's digital flops - a short history

Christian Seidel

Stagnancy is regression

Damn, I'm really old, too.

Those were the days, when any "Internet" startup was funded beyond sense.

Everybody thought they were Rockefeller giving away lamps to sell oil.

That was the time when everybody "learnt" that everything is free on the internet.

The music industry dropped the ball by the time BMG bought Napster - latest.

That was the last chance to simply set up a toll booth and get money from people looking to download music. Heck - even the work of hosting the files would have been done by the customers.

So time to wake up, Content Industry. Your customers already started to move on several years ago. Go for them with a deal, not a writ.

And when I mean deal - things like "ovi" with WMA + DRM only don't count.

Otherwise - see the icon.