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Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

Paul Stephenson

without completing registration

it says it found multiple people in my town with my name, which presumably would be where i used to live and now live, being the only one in town. giving one of the house numbers offers me a page to signup so ican contact that person.

now to file an opt out......

is the current phone book for land lines an opt in or out service, i can't remember.

Microsoft squirts out Vista SP2

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installed on about 5 pc's. seems to have improved performance slightly on this desktop, although that could have been cause it got rebooted :) - a few days time should tell!

DHS to field Star Trek 'Tricorder' medscanner

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cool technology. a shame it needs line of sight, when i started reading the article i though "hey it'll be able to scan people trapped in debris" but no such luck, version 2 perhaps? :)

BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion

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The leading paragraph left me confused, but with a sudden desire to eat cookies.

/AFK - Gone to bakery.

Intel chips get new logos, star treatment

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6 stars?

Maybe the next round of chips wil be 6 stars, increasing each time over the coming years till the front of your pc looks like the corner of the american flag!

Surely at least one person in their marketing department realised the reclassification issue......

Robotic exoskeleton gets gardening job

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I don't get it, how exactly does this aid the wearer? By offering support for the posture of the person or by providing a bit of extra umph for pulling up said spuds? I'm assuming the former....

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

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for a moment

for a moment there i thought they was about to be outsmarted. shocking.

Intel completes 32nm development process

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doesn't it also mean

lower voltages, lower heat production, smaller die size, etc.

there's gotta be some good advantages to it otherwise why would anyone spend millions on doing it "for the sake of it". no one would spend good money to have the only benefit be thier product becomes less reliable.

Memset CEO gets female biz-leaders' award from IBM

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So the winner of the award and role model for women in IT used to be a man? Riiiiight....

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format

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it's a shame the student's have suffered at the hands of a cockup by the school, surely edexcel could have done something here?

what format was thier work meant to be submitted in then? if not .doc did they want it on paper? very eco-friendly...

Srizbi spam botnet in failed resurrection

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How you would traditionally define an up to date av, where the program itself starts to whine about being out of date.. I would say def's not on the latest revision personally but that may be a bit too frequent for some, so say 2 to 3 days and in the event of a zero day outbreak then the nac policy could be put into *alert* mode and only allow people online that where bang up to date. it would be simple enough to redirect users to a page with the reason why and it would only be a short wait till you got full net access. i think something that detailed why they had the short wait v's the risk most people would be happy with.

Paul Stephenson

@AC @ Paul Stephenson: Self-destruct

Maybe, maybe not. The NAC client is built into XP SP3/Vista, so no cost there, and you wouldn't need many Windows boxes to handle the NAP server side even for a big ISP as the load will be pretty low. I'm not sure if there are any linux nap servers out there but I would have thought there'd be something.

Paul Stephenson


I like the idea posted above about making the botnet self destruct and remove itself via an "auto-update".

Surely ICANN in situations like this is obliged to lockout registration of these domains, however if they let the domains be registered and populated with records they then instantly know where the servers are and can get the hardware shut down and carted off by the authorities. Opens up a small window of spam time but surely it's better to keep grabbing the kit and possibly getting the men behind it rather than constantly blocking the spam attempts.

Maybe ISP's should be made to have a hand in fighting this, by default bar outgoing SMTP and have a request system to have it allowed, i'm sure one uk isp already does this. For anyone setting up a home mailserver to have to fill in a webform to request outbound smtp isn;t going to be rocket science, and the small inconvenience far far outwieghts the potential benefits.

I wonder if we'll ever see a stage where ISP's begin to implement some sort of NAC type environment where your not allowed onto the net unless at least your AV is up to date....hmm now there's an idea. that could have a similar system to the above whereby you can opt out if you really really want to, but it's a specific request, and who knows, potentially chargable?

ASA slaps beer-punting ladyboy

Paul Stephenson

For the love of god...

Only 8 people complain, out of the potential millions who saw it DAILY! Well knock me down with a feather.

Maybe we could make complaining morons our biggest export, which would have a whole host of benefits to society at large, and if we stuck them all on the same island, they could create their own PC Utopia devoid of any joy for life.

Samsung pitches '15,000rpm HDD speed' SSD

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Ah but in this time of the credit crunch, the important question has to be, how much of a hole will it leave in my wallet? At 256GB that's surely in the realms of a remortgage?

Lords told to listen to science on cannabis

Paul Stephenson

Lords told to follow common sense


SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec finalised

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USB 3.0 is now 1.0 - who thought that up??

Surely the specification should be just "USB" version 3.0

Maybe I should be less pedantic.

Windows 7 'pre-beta' washes up on Pirate Bay and co

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@Brent Gardner

I think he meant 2000 was the answer to the crappy ME release, much like 7 is the answer to Vista, not that 2000 was a crap release.

Virgin rejects $1m space sex offer

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Snakes on a plane

Snakes on a plane just took on a whole new meaning.

Remote access tech nabs smut-fan laptop theft suspect

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Like it

Nice bit of ingenuity there.

Another London BT exchange hit by thieves

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Pssst, wanna buy some NIC's?

By sheer coincidence I happen to have nine 21CN card's for sale, anyone interested pop into my local after 8pm ;)

Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown

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errrr lol?

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

Paul Stephenson

Does this mean

that some new group of whingers will appear ranting about how we are now not just affecting our planet's o-zone but now also reducing the protective effects of the sun, despite no obvious link?

Mine's the one with the cosmic ray protective lining.

Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours

Paul Stephenson


presumably if this where used on houses it would be cladded in soemthing, cause generally speaking concrete looks like sh!t. most 1950's buildings anyone? :)

Sony Ericsson delays Windows phone to Jan 09

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By the sounds of it you've obviously never actually used a WM device. I currently have the O2 XDA Mini-S, great little device (although Icould use it to rob car's, being somewhat of a brick). This looks like a tempting upgrade, I like the look fo the design. Shame the onboard memory sucks a bit at 400mb, given the current level of memeory in the n95/iPhone/insert other here - but SD is cheap, and removable.

Omnia does look very nice too.

GooTube cheers online gay porn ruling

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"is the common sense disease spreading ?!?!"

I bloody hope so, it's about time!

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL

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@Beezer @ mechBgon


As said above, ip address.... nub..... please engage brain before slating. Had the site tried to set a cookie with your location data, that would probably have been blocked. :)


I agree totally. There are so many companies out there that totally fail torecognise that some guy somewhere has to deploy thier two bit software across potentially a huge userbase. Thankfully I only manage 150odd desktops but that's still above 'manual touch'. If I had to visit every desktop in a software rollout I'd never get anything else done ever but rolling out software.

Why more companies do not ship predefined admx templates for thier products is beyond me, especially for software that's pretty much everywhere (Adobe Reader/WinZip/Flash/Java) - yes I know I can write my own, and people have for some of those but that's just not the point. I don't want to mess around with the Adobe Customisation Wizard for ages repackaging thier bloat, I just want t deploy it and disable bits.

A little off topic, but you get the point. I expect IE8 will ship with admx templates, there might even be some already. Half the features at least will be covered by the existing one's.

I've installed the beta and so far I like it, it's an improvement on IE7, faster, lighter and at last tab recovery (why was it omitted from ie7?!?!?).

Posted on IE8 Beta 2 :)

Winehouse jibe wins Fringe's funniest gag

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he he

"I know self-harming is not funny but it's just a joke, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it."


Fart-lighting youth in petrol can mishap

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best story i've read for a while i think.

Satnav turtle locates cannabis stash

Paul Stephenson


Don't they swim in the sea?

Looks like a Tortoise to me.

Microsoft dashes hopes for 'major' Windows server upgrade

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Surely compatibility with Vista/2008 is a design REQUIREMENT not a fekkin goal. sheeesh.

The IT Crowd goes west

Paul Stephenson

1st series

I liked the first series but not the second really, hopefully the 3rd will be better than both.

Hull falls off the internet

Paul Stephenson


This outage passed me bye, as I was in the pub getting bladdered! First thing I knew about it was when I read the apology email, which started "we are sorry"!

Roll on ADSL2, with presumably equavlent packet shaping to take the whole point out of it! :)

People may rip into KC, but I get a good service from them, the very occasional outage only seems to happen when I'm at work or out anyway and it's free to call any KC customer, which equates to pretty much any landline call I make bar the local doc's or free 0800's anyway.

As said though, how it takes so long to fix these issue's is beyond me, especially if it was an upgrade that buggered it. Backout plan anyone?

To whoever posted about how can you fix something without knowing what it was, I've done that a few times, not to mention just power-cycling :)

EU grabs 30MHz of spectrum for talking cars

Paul Stephenson

some possible uses

It could be useful if somehow where the driver in front brakes really suddenly an audible alarm sounded in the next two cars, could prevent pileups (not a perfrect idea but just a thought)

not allowing two way radio communication would be a good idea, unless it was via a preset system of 'alerts' as all this would be used for in my eyes is a way to offer a verbal indication of your unhappy nature at the other drivers driving to go with the finger you raised in his direction!

Researcher gives Elvis and bin Laden fake e-passports

Paul Stephenson


Why is the exchange of these certs between countries not mandatory? To develop a system that can be fooled by not using existing infrastructure that invalidates this hack seems madness to me!

BOFH: Server room secret panels

Paul Stephenson

@|333173|3|_||3 - a title is here but still required??

There's been a few lately, I'm beginning to wonder if he's losing his marbles :O

Maybe he's been drinking.

Oops - SF prosecutors put city passwords on public record

Paul Stephenson

court files have been amended

a spokeswoman for the DA's office said that "the court files have been amended"

And, presumably, the passwords changed??

World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

Paul Stephenson

Karoo OK

Karoo's 'opt-out' DNS servers check out OK. Not sure about the default one's though.

Greenpeace: UK gov trying to strangle wind power

Paul Stephenson


EDF is no longer owned by the french government iirc, it was privatised.

Hydro power stations are usually attractive places, Dinorwig for example, which is one of ours. Problem is they are actually net consumers of electrickery due to the requirement to pump all that water back up hill. Couple this with wind though as said and you might be on a winner.

Given the power demands of the UK, and our strive to have electric car's to replace our highly polluting petrol/diesel engines then power demand in the uk is only going to skyrocket, and to which imo the only solution is a sizeable portfolio of nuke's. It will be interesting to see how this new battery tech going into the electric lighening fares on an industrial scale and if it can be used on a large scale for energy storage.

From the other side of the power station I am in I can see a wind turbine, which today is actually turning for I believe the first time this week, and this is in Hull, just off the bank of the humber river where's it is *always* windy.

I see this move by greenpeace as an attempt to block nuclear power whilst pretending to be 'stopping the gov from blocking windfarms'.

Note: My company has no nuke's, if you think I have a vested interest. :P

HP borgs Voodoo

Paul Stephenson


Because it's a big 'suite' of apps you couldn't give a monkey about once it's finished installing.


I wish that big vendors would for home users offer a 'bundled' and 'os only' install option on the recovery disks, certainly easy to maintain on vista installs thanks to WIM. We use HP pc's here in the office and the first thing that happens on arrival is we splatter it with our image and go to the website for the drivers, no bundled garbage. Why can't home users get the same treatment, I want a fresh OS with drivers only, and not yahoo/aol/google/etc/etc preinstalled.

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

Paul Stephenson


"5. With that in mind, ppl that overtake then pull in to your "safe stopping distance" zone should also be taken into the woods and forced to dig their own grave before being dispatched."

So by your logic, contradicting your previous statement, we should all drive at twice the distance required to stop so that the person overtaking you has an adequate stopping distance to the car in front of you once he passes you. Nice one, genius.

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone

Paul Stephenson

What about the flash?

The problem I have with camera phone's recently is the flash. I own a rather nice viewty, bar the inability to take a decent picture on a night out in dark pub's/club's/gig's/<insert other venue here>.

My k800i took better pictures! Sadly I didn't get on with the keypad on the k850i or I wouldn't be posting this now. :(

Ubisoft pirates game fix from pirates

Paul Stephenson


C.O.R.E - Challenge Of Reverse Engineering - one of the predominant cracking groups. I draw attention to the R.E bit. Prior knowledge you say? Which part of reverse engineering means you know what the code is already?

Did not Compaq invent the 100% IBM compatible BIOS by reverse engineering the IBM BIOS itself?

DRM has one function, to protect the income of the producer, it has only one effect, to harm the consumer. Much like a lack of standards does.

I note in point that my DRM free mp3's play in both media player, and iTunes, thus my mp3 library can be used in both applications and on my iPod. The story with AAC/WMA - forget it!

Some points a little off topic, but just a winder point on how DRM fails.

Is it not legal to use a NoCD crack anyway? Using a NoCD crack is different to using a pirated version of the product if you own the original media. I might be confusing NoCD with BackupCD cracks though.

Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today

Paul Stephenson

@derv and other bits

"..produce an economically viable electric car, capable of carrying the average family and their luggage the entire journey from central Scotland to Cornwall (530 miles), in reasonable, air conditioned comfort, in a journey time of just under 9 hours (not including breaks), that won't need to be recharged en-route?

That, my friends, is what's known as 'real-life' motoring. Until then, you can shove your electric (and hybrid) cars where the sun don't shine!!"

And how often do you do that? Not ever day I suspect.

90%+ of my driving time is spent travelling 30 miles for 45-60 minutes from home to Hull, and then the reverse in the evening. consequently, should I have an day when I travel to Wales I'd more than likely be stopping for at least 10 minutes in some motorway services for lunch/tea, at which point the car is plugged in. Why you don't see your breaks as a reasonable point to pop it on charge for a few minutes seeing as you've stopped anyway is beyond me....

I agree with Jon that the overhead of the extra power produced by fossil fuel based power stations is a much better option if it stops the use of petrol as a fuel for cars. Granted the big coal plants are not the cleanest of places but they are now having to fit FGD (flue gas desulpharisation), etc and have carbon levvy's imposed. Not every power station is a big dirty coal fired plant either, the one where I work happens to be gas. Plus you would expect greener resources to spring up to fill the demand of the extra leccy. I would suspect that solar panels on homes would become more viable as you would not only be saving on household leccy but also the extra demand required to charge the car, thus more return on your outlay. I suspect he money saved from not buying petrol for a year would pay for solar panels anyway, but that's just conjecture I have no real figures for solar panel costs. At the current rate I'm spending about £50/week which by my maths is £2600/year, certainly a nice contribution towards some at any rate.

The environmental benefits at any rate are far in the favour of regulated, controlled burning of fuels in power stations rather than the masses of cars on the roads. The power station will always aim for the most efficient burning of the fuel where possible, car's have to stop and speed up ,etc.

UK gov announces Road Pricing 2.0 - Managed Motorway

Paul Stephenson


Would the toll option potentially come with lower or no road tax, so you PAYD?

At least this might see the 'BMW' lane disappear and be available to all as all the 'important' businessmen move to the toll lanes thus freeing up more road space for those still on the congested old system :)

Microsoft eyes AOL takeover

Paul Stephenson


It's bad enough that crap comes bundled on most bought pc's already!

Paul Stephenson

Crappy software

If AOL was bought out by MS then maybe MS would do something with that abomination that AOL developed as thier software. Having said that, MS would probably make it worse.

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons

Paul Stephenson

100% of the cluster

So the MS update site had 100% availability of the cluster, doesn't mean each host wasn't going up and down more than an essex girls underwear, just that not all where down at once :)

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

Paul Stephenson


Gone, I'm only 24 and I remember using it!! I also remember the 'joy' of installing office under it, on what felt like a bazillion floppy disks.

Ofcom tightens complaints procedure

Paul Stephenson


I think I'm going to stop reading articles about ofcon untill it reads something like "ofcon does something useful and delivers something worthwhile that people actually want!"