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How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC



Well there's a saving to be had if you want a Pro machine equivalent.

May well investigate this to update my old iMac core 2 duo. Logic needs more CPU!! I need more CPU!!

Mel Gibson to put hand up Jodie Foster's Beaver



I wonder if it'll be on Bluray? I like the idea of HD beaver, but Mel Gibson hanging out of the back of it, I'm not sure about..

The human factor in laptop encryption


Hardware Encryption

All of our laptops at $work come with Elcrypt Hardware, AES256bit encryption.

We can't turn it off (as users) and as it's hardware, transparent and a lot quicker that software encryption.

Mobile directory made legal threats to get personal details



4 weeks for opt-out? Why?

Also why should I pay to be opted out?

Scareware scammers latch onto Conficker hype



It's probably a hacked blog used for linkspamming. Not checking the site though, with noscript and linux, you still never know ;)

Cost of a cuppa set to rocket


Ban the sugar lover

Sugar in tea is just plain wrong.

Yorkshire Tea all the way

Pioneer unplugs tellies and 10,000 workers


Shame, but

I'm glad they're not winding down DJ hardware development.. My CDJ1000's are probably my most precious items.

Cuba crafts extra-communist Linux distro


So is this time for an..

emerge -uD new-world-order

Harry Potter Lexicon published after judgment-guided edit


I'd rather..

Slam my cock in a car door than endure any more Harry Fucking Potter

Obama unfurls master plan for US cybersecurity



The initiative would involve private industry and academia "to develop and deploy a new

generation of secure hardware and software."

-- isn't that called unix?

Gov stumps £4.3m bee health funding



I don't get what the buzz is about?

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime



Got to be something to do with roaming profiles, surely..

I'd agree with the poster that recommended a Citrix farm with a linux client PXE booting.

The DNA database and you


Piss Takers

When a friend and I were in Middlesborough recently, he got stopped by the police for taking a piss in a back alley. (Don't get me started on this wasted of poilice resources, that's another matter)

They then bundled into a van and took him to a makeshift police station, where they charged him £80 and took a DNA swap.

Is this legal? I wouldn't expect getting my DNA taken for a parking offense or similar.

OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users



Why install like that? Installing it like that is a _bad_ idea.

It's available in the ppa repository, at least for 8.10.. should be for hardy too.

Microsoft rushes out emergency Windows update



Anyone have a CVE for this or technical information about it?

Run Mac OS X on a PC

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One reason

There's only one reason why I'd install OSX instead of Ubuntu.

Logic Studio!

Funnily enough I got this installed last night on my laptop. Next step is to build a quad core with 8Gb of RAM. Mmm, tasty.

Barclays online banking falls offline

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It took until 6:20pm yesterday for my pay to hit my Barclays account too (it's late normally, but not that late!). They must be having some serious system issues.

eBayed VPN kit hands over access to council network



It doesn't just show up lack of policy in terms of disposing of equipment, it also shows a lack of rigid access controls.

The buyer's IP shouldn't have been able to even try and authenticate the VPN

Cotton Traders mauled by hackers

IT Angle

Bad BBC, Bad boy.

I watched the piece on the BBC last night about this.

I was quite concerned when they first said that this hack could only be carried out by an organised group of hackers, which is a blatant fallacy.

Also their advice to users was to check for HTTP_S_. Making sure that there's an S at the end. Hmm... ok, that has it's own set of questions, but if the site stores CC details on their database servers (if they have PCI compliance) then no amount of HTTPSing would stop that.

EU agency declares war on botnets


Forget sending a mail

Reroute any page that the infected user looks at to a holding page with the same anti-virus information.

Would possibly stop any HTTP based vectors too.... maybe.