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IWF denies wielding Pirate Bay banhammer


Works for me!

err, if you'd verified yourself as over 18 several years ago when this filter came into place, you would be able to get to piratebay and any other site classified as 18+. Just tried on vodafone, works for me!

iPhone beta OS cracks before release


i dont own it?

Hi Mac Freak!

Can you please tell me what contract i signed which tells me i do not own my *ipod touch*???

What motivation is there to lock this hardware down?

Needless to say its now jailbroken and staying jailbroken.

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students


the memories!

Ahh the memories of cheap student union drinks and the fun times that ensued. :-) I can't imagine anyone ever successfully changing that culture here in the UK.

Hulu yanks vids from TV.com

Thumb Down

UK not invented here!

hulu doesn't work for UK visitors, so what use is this to us? :-P

Adobe claims Apple 'collaboration' on iPhone Flash


too hard to do on a mobile device?

What exactly is hard about writing a flash player for the iphone? I've had a perfectly good flash player on my N95 for over 2 years now, with no issues... I don't see any difficulty here in making it work on a mobile platform, power consumption or memory usage wise...?

Microsoft says it again - no second beta for Windows 7

Gates Horns

still full of bugs

But but but, win7 beta 1 is still full of bugs. Multi monitor support is broken, networking flaky, the start menu idea just smells of 'lets copy OSX again'. Do they plan to fix all this BEFORE release?

GPLv3 to reinforce FSF open-source license position?


@ TeeCee

We can shoot the javascript 'programmers' along with 'HTML programmers' because theyre usually the same people :)

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet


@ AC

To the AC that asked if it really would make any difference to be guessing the source port too, well yes, its now gone from 65536 possibilites to about 4 billion possibilities. There is no way you can send 4 billion dns replies in the short amount of time required to exploit the race condition (up to what, half a second?), this is tens of gigabytes of data...

However, if you just leave it to the OS to allocate a random source-port, then youre still shafted as most OSes allocate these in increasing numeric order from 1024 upwards. :-)

Slimmer and lighter cameras promised



So long as the sensor is up to the standards of a digital SLR then the pictures should be ok, and come out with minimal noise. However if they put in one of those cheap and nasty sensors (i'm looking at YOU, Sony!) then the images will look like poo, especially in low light conditions...

US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban


cellphones on flights?

Err, without a picocell, how exactly are you supposed to make a phone call on a plane anyway? No point legislating it until the technology to MAKE calls is in place, surely.

AOL spammer jailed for 30 months


at last!

I think all spammers should receive harsh sentences like this one. Yay for common sense!

YouTube admits ad impasse



Any ads on videos online would be embedded within the video itself, in a similar way to TV ads. No clicking, and harder to avoid.

Ransomware Trojan code break 'impractical'



No, the real smart guys have backups.

NHS IT loses key contractor


not simple at all

I agree with the AC who pointed out that these systems cannot be written for beer and a pie. These systems are not trivial. The systems in question use various esoteric protocols for data feeds to push and pull the data from each other. If you're lucky, they will talk HL7 or DICOM (look them up on google, they are pretty well documented) if youre unlucky, they will use some proprietary protocol which is a total ball-ache to implement. For example, connecting to a site's ftp server, downloading messages as text files, and parsing all these with no comeback on any errors, or system specific XML files and other such nastiness. The difficulty in the implementation is usually therefore not the issue of writing the program itself but getting the program to cooperate with the rest of the hospital, rest of the trust or even the rest of the NHS ("Spine", anyone?)

French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal


@ dodgyedgy

80mph? Control is an illusion anyway, can you prove you are in control at any speed when at any point something unexpected could knock you for six? :) at 30 mph you are statistically better placed for not causing a fatality but that possibility is still there. After all speed limits are worked out purely on statistics. Consider those "hit me it 30 and there is an 80% chance i will live" ads on tv. :)

JPG hole cuts RAZR open


the woes of the v3

i too got the v3 due to its looks, but it was a useless phone! Massive lag when typing, crashes, battery unusable after only a year, only enough space for one mp3 or VERY short video clip. Rubbish phone.



I wonder how far back this hole goes. I have an old V3 thats still in use for some stuff knocking around the house.

Potty-mouthed hackers steal comcast.net keys, go for a spin



i am sure this was done by a social engineering attack, someone got names and info on admins inside comcast, and then called up network solutions or faxed them a change. Quite likely if they could make the request seem authentic i bet. After all, how many people who post to this site would fall for a trick like that? This also means it is likely to be partly an inside job too :)


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