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Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

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oh I love my querky countrymen

first handbags now this

Nokia threatens to elbow Apple's rival nano-SIM off a cliff

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I'm still trying to get over why you'd have a SIM card tattoo..


(not inherently a bad thing, just, well, you gotta admit it's a bit of a left-field choice)

Chinese state research unit pays $1,000 for USB stick

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USB stick?

Really? My rudimentary mandarin (ha-ha) suggests that's a memory upgrade to the printer itself.

Production electric motorcycle breaks 100 mile range

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out here in civilised central europe, a leccy bike would be jolly helpful to the daily commute

no white-van-man here

I'd really quite like one of these - tho a 50cc version (equivalent) would allow me to use all the bicycle paths as well. Which would be an added bonus.

UK shamed in high-speed broadband study

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Most of the comments above that say "why do you ever need more?" simply lack imagination

I have the middle / average offering from my media supplier (phone, TV and 'net) and a just-ran speedtest gives me 59Mb down and 6Mb up

would I change it to something lower? Would I hell..

forget torrents (it's not illegal here, so off that high horse of yours please) - *everything* on the 'net is glorious and pretty darn near instant.

gotta love Amsterdam :)

PayPal's 'delightful' intrusion into meatspace: You wish

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PayPal - not a chance in hell

So, if you have a problem with PayPal you can not find real people to solve it.

Your mail will go into an automated stream of back-and-forth never really getting solved.

You might - if very lucky - find a warm body somewhere after a few months of having your account frozen

they're the very definition of incompetence

Apple strangleholds worldwide battery output

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million mile

If you spend your life on airplanes, trains and in hotels, then the smaller and lighter your whole travel bad is, the better.

Your laptop needs to be strong enough for Powerpoint, maybe a demo (which will probably be a remote connection thing anyway) and email.

In theory an iPad should do it...

Ten... fantasy swords you wish you owned

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and what of the Green Destiny?

Surely - good sir - surely, it warrants a prize place in any list?

The Doctor Who Experience

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what is it..

with you brits and your love of Dr Who?

never understood it.

Adobe Flash foils MacBook Air battery life

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are we surprised?

I run flashblock on every computer I have.

Great white sharks menace Blighty

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good grief

irony and sarcasm lost on you?

Three-version Avatar disc sets out 15 November

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perhaps I'm cold cruel and heartless

but ok, I enjoyed the movie - particularly the anti-murkan capitalists-are-bastards rhetoric, but I didnt cry (once), nor did I relive the story in my mind again, and again, and again, re-weeping as (in)appropriate

certainly wouldn't buy it - not once, let alone each of their daft re-editions.

Fanboys flabbergasted by 'Apple TV runs iOS' revelation

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I wonder how long - if at all - there'll be a Perian type port to enable the ATV to play all (or most) media types

Death by iPod: beware the zombie trance

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that picture...

is it that Justin twat from the Get a Mac ad?

Ikea forecasts fluffy, fully teched kitchen of the future

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I'm seeing..

the human cast of Wall-e (that oh-so-shitty-piece-of-shit-spew)

but instead of in space they're in Britain

and instead of 'Murkan accents they have sarf lundin ones

man, it's not a pretty thought

iPad pitches Apple onto world PC top table

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Well, I for one and waiting for Version 2 and then will probably get one - will replace the expensive Macbook pro with a cheaper iMac and iPad

but I never, ever, ever buy Version 1 of any (apple) product

Apple delays white iPhone 4 - again

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tut tut

and you wonder why Apple don't like you lot

cynical lot that you are


Pavlovs well trained dog

in that case

And remember... always have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent


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that's all i HAVE to SAY

Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

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for once I'm glad..

that I live in the Netherlands and we get our shiny new Apple kit in the nth tranche of late adopters.

actually, that's not true - I'm always glad I live here and not in Police/Nanny state(s)..

but that's another debate for another day

3D TV: Avatar or Ishtar?

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its inevitable

So may as well embrace it

but those bastard manufacturers are going to have to prove this won't be another BD vs HD, VHS vs Betamax - debacle before I spent a penny of my money on it

When I buy meself a nice new telly it'll be the other features and price that dictate which comes home.. if it happens to include 3D so be it..

Apple TV revamp rumours resurface

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movies and TV series

They also need to pull their fingers out their collective buttholes and ensure decent access to content

here, in the Netherlands there is no tv content or movies.

as much as I love the apple thing, a PS3 simply makes more sense. Just make sure your PS3 can't install any root-kits on the TV, fridge, etc...

Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

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mine went just fine

My venerable ol' 16GB 3G worked hundreds. No problems at all except it took aeons to do the initial backup - and the whole thing took about 2 hours

The folders are nice and the unified mailbox is helpful. And I like the reworked maps app.

Its a bit slow, but to be honest, it's not slower than before. I suspect my phone is suffering from Flash rot and needs a total reformat.

New York Times bans 'tweet'

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Young Tristan me lad..

The impetuousness of youth..

Reminds me of the swarms of Italians who visit my home (Amsterdam) - all wearing the same standard issue uniform - shiny black jacket and G-Star denims. All, of course, to show their unique individuality.

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?

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Reg readers vs the rest of the world

I'd imagine the typical (is there such a thing) Reg reader would froth and gnash his/her teeth at the iOS geek lock out and that seems to be evident in the reporting in the publication

so for most here, Android's a clear winner

for the rest of the world who see phones as appliances or fashion statements or tools or trinkets of delight I don't think the lock-out factor means a thing.

Neither does 5, 7, 8 or 12 MPs in the camera.

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone 4

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icame vs icummed


Apple debuts Safari 5 for Mac and Windows

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But does it work with proxies yet?

Next-gen iPhone pegged with 320ppi display

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I'm going with iPhone HD

Probably also wrong, but maybe not.

Copernicus reburied with full Catholic honours

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irrelevant then

and still, irrelevant now.

The catholic church, like all religions, has exceeded it's sell by / dispose of date.

iPad users put tablet to netbook tasks

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I'll get one

A colleague bought his new toy in to the office yesterday and despite my best attempts to avoid it, I spent a happy (and critical) 15 minutes with it.

I'm sold, tho I never buy Gen 1 Apple hardware products. Ever.

SAP lays down $5.8bn for Sybase

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John Chen founder


What about Hoffman and Epstein?

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois

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I'm a MacTard (or whatever the appropriate title du jour would be)

but I'm also a reasonably bright aware human being (cue comments about my debatable brightness if using a mac etc etc blah blah)

but I've been running AV on all macs in my household for quite some time.

It picks up loads of crapware too - mostly sent by my windows using friends

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday

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shame you poor English

First the Icelandic's take all your money, now they take all your travel options

/off to listen to some Bjork.

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

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I'll buy one

Not version 1, mind, never buy version 1 anything Apple, but in time I will

We moved house recently and whilst our stuff is in storage/transit, Spouse has taken over the MacBook Pro, so I've been forced to use my iPhone for pretty much every thing

and honestly, for what I want - in the evening, on the tram, in the train, at the station, at my office (a rabid bank where Thou Shalt Not Touch The Network Or Your Own Email) the iPhone is mostly perfect, just too small, and a bit small.

so a bigger, better iPhone will do the job hundreds.

Clearly my needs to completely different to most techies, and my religious I-Dont-Care-About-The-Browser-Or-Gubbins stance puts me at odds with most readers of this forum, but too bad: it'll suit me and my needs jjjjuuuussssttttt fine

Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps

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you what?

you bought a tablet PC and have the audacity to comment on other people's choices?


I guess it makes a change from your usual running from dark shadow to dark shadow avoiding the daylight

(ps - this is a joke... yes, it's at your expense... yes, it'll probably make you angry.. but it's still just a joke)

Jesus Phone to exhibit holy gift of bilocation

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your heresy

whilst amusing to most of us, is going to make americans very angry

you know they don't like articles like this one

they're gonna call a prayerhad on yer arse...

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

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can I just say...

that picture is, to me, and a small but significant percentage of your readership (probably single digit %) far far better than the beach babe with the netbook that graced your pages so often over the last few years.


Holy Father turns on to Dad Rock

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so where was my hate speech?

sexually frustrated - well, apart from the irish catholics, that's largely true;

hate spewing - nope, doesn't denigrate their lifestyle choices - just an observation on what they say

dress wearing - ok, you got me there - that is demeaning. Those lovely frocks are obviously their choice and I respect that

delusions of adequacy and relevance - so remind me, what's % of the UK population go to church these days?

talk about a teaspoon of piss in the sunday school teachers tea..


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so who gives a fuck what bunch of sexually frustrated, hate spewing bigots in dresses with delusions of adequacy and relevance think?

Outlooked Office for Mac 2011 unveiled

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yeah. well

Entourage blows steaming chunks every time something comes along - truly, if there were Razzies for software (are there?) then it should get every award

But Snow Leopards native support for hexchange works great

Excel for Mac is frustrating, but ok - to bojennet - Numbers is pretty, but it lacks too many features (lookups, array processing to name just two major ones) to be Prime Time

but the rest - word and ppt rock.. really

Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab

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Hallelujah Amen to this

Flash, in its current incarnation is shyte - but that doesn't mean it can't be good.

Lets hope they do something about it

Researchers penetrate last bastion of Windows security

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aint that one for the books, St Stevie being right about just how crap flash is.


Brits to get 3G iPad early - and at a reduced price?

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Jobs Halo


Lack of flash is NOT a flaw - the black-jersey'd one said so himself - its a user protecting Feature

so please, have some respect for The Great Man and his latest Creation of Adoration

Secretive Brit millionaire buys Segway Inc

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The Dutch police use them

or. Correction.

I have seen two Dutch police at Schiphol aboard Segways zooting about like loons.

Tho I haven't seen any Segway mounted cops in and around the town.

Foot mounted - yes

Bike mounted - yes

Horse mounted - yes...

Virginia corrections officers on 'dog fondling' rap

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I think, if I was a male dog, kept far far way from the members of my own species who could assist me in matters ejaculatory, and lacking the thumbs to take things into my own hands, I think I might enjoy the odd assisted tug from my *cough* 'hand-ler'

It's a strange and odd thing for a human to do tho

strange strange strange indeed

iPhone saves woman from bear

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So bears also believe an Apple a Day keeps the Vet away

Gay man offered lesbian neighbours slug pellet curry

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bit surprised

any particular reason - other then, of course, as troll bait - why this story even references the respective sexualities?

Bad Reg..

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

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gimme 10mm anyday

I haven't carried a gun, or even owned one for quite some many years now

but the last I had was an HK 10mm

Truly sublime - well, in it's function as a firearm.

Intel to announce quad-core mobile Core i7 chips tomorrow

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a laptop can be released that is capable of running Windows 7

Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

Pavlovs well trained dog


That's one strange strange dude.

I think if I saw that coming at me I'd probably shit meself.