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Shifty study proclaims Brits a nation of freetards

Andrew Abdul-Malek

cyber ware with no weapons

My view is this, everything on the internet is logged, tracked, archived, nothing damming will be done about it because allowing use of this information would mean enforcments are necessary, which no authority in the matter would ever do anything about.

plus, what is more important to the "real" authority is the fact that millions of people are still (even if its freely) ingesting the contaminated and highly hypnotic entertainment, put out by that SAME AUTHORITY.

if it was me i would think (well, we are still getting what we want, and i can just start a fake war if need more cash).

when the s*!t hits the fan, noone will be able to do anything without complete approval from those that feed us.

Don't delay: Delete your DNA today

Andrew Abdul-Malek

lets just take a step back for a second

regardless of what you or i might believe about the ultimate intention, DNA can only be explained partially by our current science, or should I say by our current "admitted to" science.

its quite possible, simply by using skills of deduction and intuition, to observe the links between ancient texts, current religions, science, and the constant bombardment of fantasies flying at us from all angles, that DNA or "blood" is significant to understanding what we are, and where we come from.

the rich and the royal tend to lean towards interbreeding, why? bloodlines.

the possible issue at hand is that DNA is a big leap for identification, it would be like you or i deciding to buy a car, but because we are rich, we buy an F16 fighter jet.

yes, it gets you to A and B, but do you really need to be able to travel at mach 2 speeds just to cut 10 minutes in traffic? missiles?

yes it would be cool, and yes its a total overkill, especially when the potential dangers of obtaining such information could be irreversible.

if the law says something is illegal, it means in the future they will have our DNA if we are caught doing it. what if in the future its illegal to have sex without a marriage certificate? would you stop doing it just because its "illegal"?

if the law says the local police must have a key to every house and full access to all private property, would you be ok with that?

this is a good example of what DNA databasing will do to us, DNA is the not only the scientific approach at understanding humanity, but also to control it.

Microsoft wants to get under your skin

Andrew Abdul-Malek
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are the majority really so blind as to allow such activities?

we had major health benefits THROUGH OTHER MEANS a long time ago

HTC unwraps 'world's first' WiMax, Wi-Fi phone in Russia

Andrew Abdul-Malek


Alistair, are saying that if new technology is regarded as an upgrade to older technology it should remain the same name?

Da, soviet internet, pay your bill or you will be canon balled to capitalist country. DA!

Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

Andrew Abdul-Malek

ducks in the feeding line

please, if you have a mind, give any new technology 3 years teething and weening time.

nothing new is perfect, and they use the consumers as the testers.

let the ducks feed on new products, wait like an eagle for the big kills.

my motto "it might be awesome, but i'm still waiting"

Chinese lorry-crash bee swarm kills six

Andrew Abdul-Malek

that road..

"There had been seven deadly accidents on the same section of road in three months, the newspaper said. "

...might be cursed?

UK's top boffin: Renewables targets were 'a mistake'

Andrew Abdul-Malek

excuse me but

wow, the government are getting waaay to obvious.

what an incredible example of just how dumb they really think we are.

bullshit i tell you, complete and utter bullshit..

Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Andrew Abdul-Malek

i'll say it again

i said it a long time ago, and i'll say it again, actually no i'll just copy and paste


Vista Opinion - if bill gates fixes this vista mess it will be the biggest most blatant evidence of brainwashing since 911"

Alienware Area-51 m15x gaming laptop

Andrew Abdul-Malek


the review mentions a realtek hd audio, but on the alienware site it says its intel... has it changed?

Andrew Abdul-Malek


i am saving up, and so far i havent seen anything near as good (in terms of performance/looks) - maybe this is the machine to prove vista is actually ok?

would love to hear from some owners?

Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets

Andrew Abdul-Malek


conspiracy theorists will probably not comment because this is all preparation for what is to come, no need to say anything, 2012 will reveal all.

Microsoft 'proves' six degrees of separation theory

Andrew Abdul-Malek

1st comment

"stripped of identifying information we are assured" - i like this line, because its so nice and short, and so re-assuring.

i have seen a terminal, which logs every IM instance, every piece of text, every image, every IP address, every timestamp. so, maybe for this particular research project, it was stripped, but had to be stripped, as in they have the information but they removed it specifically.

imagine in a court of law, i was being charged for reckless driving. according to this logic i could say "yes that is my car, and I was driving it, but for this purpose i would like to strip all of that information, and i did it so well that you can't prove that i was driving, can i go now?"

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks

Andrew Abdul-Malek
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Yes, yes, and yes

Finally Microsoft admit that its over, finally!

Why are people defending Vista? you cant even run group policies on it, no business can use it!!!!!


Blinking to replace remote controls, claims Japanese boffin

Andrew Abdul-Malek

all re-group at red lobster

interestingly, i remember hearing of artificial limbs in existence, which are controlled by the brain - why go back?

its an interesting concept, but in 10-20 years, we wont need computers, dvds, phones, blink operated controllers, all we will need is our brains.

can you imagine if we had perfectly clear and crisp holographic images in our eyes that could be controlled by our brains? we could surf the web "which by then should be Gb strength lines worldwide" by thinking.

we could talk by thinking

we could take pictures by thinking, and send it to someone by thinking

it will be like being john malkovich, by permission only of course!

this is what we originally had, but we didn't need technology, just an understanding of energy.

its like we have to go forwards to go backwards

interesting nonetheless.


Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

Andrew Abdul-Malek

lesson to learn

data deletion should never have that bad an effect.

if you buy a car and the engine ceases, you arent going to replace the engine yourself unless you know what you are doing!

get some IT advice, and pay for it!

Reg readers split on Vista readiness

Andrew Abdul-Malek

it was prophesied

i wrote in my blog a while back that if Microsoft can convince the world that Vista is here to stay, it will be the biggest coverup and face-slap since 911.

its terrible,

i purchased a brand new dell xps desktop with 4GB ram and God knows what else, with vista business PREINSTALLED, and it took 10 times as long to do anything. forget about microsoft's domain admin tools (gpmc) , they dont seem to work.

i also just purchased an imac top of the range, it was so smooth compared to vista, with around half the resources.


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