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Facebook's mega-billion-dollar bubble ... will it float?

John Arnold

Their model is based on advertising revenue????

So how many ads have you seen on your mobile facebook app? I have seen exactly none.

If the world is moving to mobile devices then their model, along with many other sites do not work.

So would I invest in them. Hell no. They would need to rectify this ASAP or they will be going the way of the DODO!!!

Facebook = Deadbook unless they move their ass. Same fate awaits many...

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

John Arnold


He should have transformed it into a teapot or something less terror related...

Already got it and off out the door....

HP retains server revs and shipments crown

John Arnold
Paris Hilton

Units is nothing without Profit

Everyone is in business to make money (I hope) so I agree who cares about units. Servers are high margin items so for me Revenue is a key metric. Margin would be nice to know too ;-) but somehow i doubt we will see that...

Paris - because she loves IT served up large...


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