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Pirate Bay fans: Lay off our neo-Nazi Sugar Daddy


So wait...

Is he REALLY a neo-nazi, or just a bit farther to the right than you? Because over here, liberals like to call anyone who believes in things like self-sufficiency, or not allowing every terrorist that wants to immigrate to do so a nazi. I've been called a "hitler youth" before myself (fairly absurd, in my gun safe I've got both the Mauser my granddad brought home after kicking nazi ass in WW2, and a Mosin-Nagant that was built early enough to probably have sniped a ton of the bastards at Stalingrad). If he actually legitimately is a swastika-carrying nazi, while absurd, and cause for ridicule, he still does have his free speech, just like we have the freedom to make fun of him.

'Let me use poo-flinging Roman siege engine against burglars'

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RE: RE: Reduced to trebuchets?

I'm an atheist, but thanks for playing! And typically neighbors are smart enough to not kick in doors here, is that how you greet each other across the pond?

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Reduced to trebuchets?

Yeah, I've got 30 rounds of 5.56 for any burglar stupid enough to break in here, probably why you don't see many home invasions in the suburbs down South. Y'all have fun with your trebuchets, I really hope one day you wrest back your natural right to self defense. Gordon, are you sure about that? Guess that's another reason for me to avoid Maryland! Headstone for anyone coming through my door.

American auto dealer offers free handguns


Answer this one

OK, I've got a fun question for all the folks out there who are absurdly scared of guns for no reason:

Why should a woman be denied the natural right to defend herself by any means possible, in this case with a pistol, if she's about to be raped? What should she do in the UK or Australia? I'm assuming your police haven't mastered the art of teleportation yet, so they're probably at least 5 minutes away. You're saying that she should just accept being raped because nanny government doesn't think she should defend herself? I mean, you've gotten to the point where just beating on someone breaking into your house is criminal. The first poster who can articulate why a woman should be raped rather than carry a gun to defend herself will have the singular honor of causing me to go melt down all of my guns - Glock and AK-47 chief among them - and join a drum circle.

The gun is the great equalizer. How else can an old man defend himself from a gang of youths? You want to know why that whole happy slapping phenomenon hasn't crossed the Atlantic? Because I don't have to sit there and take something like that here. If you try to attack the wrong person, you're going to get shot, which is as it should be. No-one has the right to infringe on another person's daily life through violence or theft. Yes there are bad people with guns, but that appears to still be quite true, and now basically exclusive, in the UK, island and all (I found the argument about no land borders a tad silly, smuggling is like piracy, you're not going to stop it). The difference is that here I can at least defend myself legally. That's all I ask for. I often carry my Glock openly, and I can assure you it's avoided trouble in at least some instances where shady-looking fellows at gas stations have approached me, noticed the gun, and turned right around and walked away. I don't seek to have to shoot anyone, and generally the mere presence of a gun is enough to defuse a situation, but I'm not afraid to either.

It really pains me to see great countries that have been our allies in the darkest moments of history reduced to having populaces unable to defend themselves. I've got a great idea - I don't really have any desire to go somewhere I can't carry a gun, so I'll stay over <<< here and you guys stay over >>> there (or down there, sorry Oz I don't seem to have a down arrow) and we'll see what happens as your countries more and more resemble A Clockwork Orange. I'm not saying all is rosy here, the Patriot Act is a mess, and while I'm generally a Republican (not exclusively, for anyone who knows American politics I'll point out I voted for Republicans, Democrats AND Libertarians in 2006) I do hope the Democrats manage to strike that down, without trying another assault weapons ban (should be possible as many of the recently-elected Dems are of the Southern Democrat, AKA I'm only not a Republican because my grandaddy was a Democrat, variety), when they inevitably win in November.

If you managed to slog through all that, please try to answer my first question.


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