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Worried about your datacenter carbon footprint? Why not put it in orbit?

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High School Paper?

This is about as dumb as an idea as you can get. Some scared high school student (the world is going to end unless...) write this?

Net Zero is what you'll have in your bank account when your industry can't compete due to the high cost of "green" energy. It's already happening at scale in Europe.

Smart countries will ignore the climate scam and profit by importing those industries using reliable and low-cost hydrocarbons.

In Rust We Trust: Microsoft Azure CTO shuns C and C++

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Rusty Microcontrollers... LOL

Lets replace C with Rust for our microcontroller code said nobody - ever.

Letter to FCC: Why are US carriers locking handsets to networks?

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Buy from the Mfr

Why would anyone buy a phone from a carrier? That's just asking for trouble.

Oracle flexes its hardware muscles with beefed-up Exadata X9M appliance

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Sounds impressive

Impressive kit no doubt, but you have to be rolling in $$$ to take advantage of it.

Arms not long enough to reach the plug socket? Room-wide wireless charging is on the way

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Inverse Square law anyone?

Yet Another Product announcement designed to extract the most money from fools wallets as possible before going bust.

"37 per cent efficiency is achievable anywhere in the room" - complete BS, in direct violation of the inverse square law power rule.

We clock what you're trying to do here: El Reg strokes a claw across the OnePlus 9 Pro

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OP6 User Thoughts

I bought my OP6 256GB model mainly due to it having great OS patch and upgrade support OUTSIDE of a vendor, plus a fair price. Upgrading from an AT&T Samsung, it was a great experience and continues to be so. This does everything I need, and I am careful to charge it to less than 90% to keep the battery healthy longer. The drop off of security updates is my only real concern.

That said, I've watched the new releases steadily climb in price though, and I'm not sure what I'll get in the future. That's a pretty steep price to pay when that money could be better used for a higher end development / video edit laptop upgrade.

NASA fixes Hubble Space Telescope using backup power supply unit, payload computer

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It's not like most of you all read the owner's manual as it is...

UK arm of international charity the Salvation Army hit by ransomware attack

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I'd hope they have a good server backup strategy in case it turns into ransomware.

They should have the very important eternal backup plan covered.

Hubble Space Telescope may now depend on a computer that hasn't booted since 2009

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Re: The mirror replacement spacewalk was streamed.

Apparently they didn't consult Monroe on the design...

Train operator phlunks phishing test by teasing employees with non-existent COVID bonus

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I don't see anything wrong with it, that IS how people worm into a company with email. Great training for the gullible snowflakes out there.

Microsoft revokes MVP status of developer who tweeted complaint about request to promote SQL-on-Azure

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Cancel culture

Yet another fine example of cancel culture.

If big tech or media doesn't like your message - there is no debate of ideas, you just get canceled.

Shelter for internet outcasts Parler slaps Amazon with fresh lawsuit after abandoning first attempt

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Good luck

I wish them luck. I don't think they will have much success, but the lack of timely notice to allow them to have adequate time to retrieve all the data is certainly something that has merit.

Engineers blame 'intentionally conservative' test parameters for premature end to Space Launch System hotfire

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Re: Well That Doesn't Sound Too Bad

SLS - Senate Launch System. It's a pork program, like most of everything in government.

Government cost plus - $20B development (with gifted engines), plus operations, plus vehicles and launches ~ $30B?

Private Enterprise - SpaceX Starship $? total unknown. However, Falcon Heavy can launch the same amount of payload of SLS with three launches and still be 1/3 the operational cost of SLS.

Any question about why government should do as little as possible is well illustrated here. Unless of course you are one of those contractors...

Cockroach Labs scuttles its way to $160m funding, $2bn valuation thanks to the database that doesn't die

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Black Helicopters

Better how?

What is so innovative that it is head and shoulders above say, NuoDB?

PR wise, the name is horrible.

Hey boss - I'd like to go to a Cockroach conference...

What? Have you lost your mind?

Oracle Database 21c bridges NoSQL gap with native JSON support, plays catch-up with relational rivals

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Still on 11g and 18c after we cut Oracle loose a couple years ago.

Now to do the same with SQL Server

Postgress Rocks!

Life after proprietary wares: German support biz flees IBM Db2 databases for something more Postgres-shaped

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Single threaded writer

As of the conferences last year at least, the biggest limitation to Postgres in terms of performance is that it has a single threaded writer. You can have multithreaded readers, just not writers. For databases that have a lot of writes, this is a huge bottleneck compared to databases like Oracle. However, for the majority of databases, this is not an issue.

Ericsson warns investors: This Biden fellow coming into the White House may look to resolve China trade dispute...

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Probably, but jumping the gun

Biden is the President Elect?

Your ignorance / media influence is showing. That doesn't happen until the states certify the results, and none have yet.

There ain't no problem that can't be solved with the help of American horsepower – even yanking on a coax cable

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Re: Closest I've had to that ....

In the Air Force telecom community we called them on-base terrorists.

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Stained glass?

Tesla to build cars made of batteries and hit $25k price tag about three years down the road

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Re: Applefying the car

Not when they are made of plastic, like any made in the last 40 years or so.

Humans suck so much at beating this pandemic that Microsoft has made an AI to enforce social distancing

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The pandemic was beat months ago, there are just those out there that want to keep it going for power grab reasons.

Not that I trust anything to do with it from Gates, who of course is in it for the money.

Storage consolidation: Why different flavors of database need different types of storage

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Operation capability is one thing, but then there is the backup question. When, what kind, and how much.

Sure they all worked fine when on separate storage, but then it got pooled and many of those databases trying to do full backups at various times over the weekend now saturate this pooled storage I/O, so they take longer. Which causes backup windows to run into other windows. And then you have a total FUBAR situation.

Be careful out there...

Oracle's Java 15 rides into town, waving the 'we're number one' flag, demands 25th birthday party

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Re: Still stuck on Java 8

For some of my apps, version 10.

Why? They removed the highly useful for corporate apps - Java Web Start. Morons.

So 11 and beyond we'll have to compile it into an installable application that has to be pushed out to desktops, instead of them just getting the latest code as they need it.

What a pain in the rear!

US military takes aim at 2024 for human-versus-AI aircraft dogfights. Have we lost that loving feeling for Top Gun?

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Re: AI cameras will not be allowed in any public or private places

Extension cord for indoor or outdoor use only.

Yes, this was on a real product! Maybe it was written by the same people.

Vinyl sales top CDs for the first time in decades in America, streaming rules

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Re: You are all thieves

TDK SA Metal with DBX for the win!

Fancy that: Hacking airliner systems doesn't make them magically fall out of the sky

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Re: The human factor

Rule #1 - Continue to fly the airplane

If the readings seem strange for no apparent reason, revert to standard speed and settings. The plane should then continue to fly as intended while you sort out the problem(s).

The Wristwatch of the Long Now: When your MTBF is two centuries

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Re: such craftsmen could not possibly survive

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

It’s been two years since net neutrality was killed in the US. Let’s celebrate by having another fight over it

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No change - yet

I haven't noticed any difference over the last 10 years. We have the same providers here in the OKC area as we have had at about the same costs for slightly faster speeds.

The biggest changes are right around the corner between 5G to the house and the various LEO satellite providers. That should finally provide some much needed competition beyond the cable vs twisted pair duopoly.

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

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Bar graphs

Instead of this "old fashioned" binary light system - how about two LED bar graph lights?

One green that starts full then decreases in size until it is time to switch to red.

One red that then starts full then decreases in size until it is time to go back to green.

This way you can see approaching just how much time is left and judge (or ignore for idiots) when you need to stop, or can get going again. No more - yellow was too short - arguments.

White House mulls just banning strong end-to-end crypto. Plus: More bad stuff in infosec land

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Ban tornadoes and earthquakes as well

Might as well ban tornadoes and earthquakes as well, since it makes as much sense. Enforcing a ban on encryption is idiotic and impossible. Criminals certainly won't comply, nor would nearly anyone else.

America's latest 5G drama: Spectrum row bursts into the open with special adviser fingered as agent provocateur

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5G Use

It seems to me the biggest plus of 5G won't be for mobile (at least in the US), but data distribution for the "last mile" to homes in subdivisions that are not economical to install fiber into. Put up a roof antenna for 5G, and you get high speeds without the cost of that low return infrastructure.

10 PRINT Memorial in New Hampshire marks the birthplace of BASIC

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High School Texas Instrument Lab

First coding I did was on a TI-99/4 (no A) computer with TI-BASIC, while sneaking into the new computer lab at high school during cold days in Colorado. The linear power supplies made the lab nice and toasty - and started me on my career in IT.

Do Not Track is back in the US Senate. And this time it means business. As in, fining businesses that stalk you online

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Re: In prinicple

Who are mostly lawyers!

Banhammer Republic: Trump declares national emergency, starts ball rolling to boot Huawei out of ALL US networks

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Re: National Emergency

FYI Trump is behind Clinton in the total number of these at this point, and about even with Bush and Obama.

If their software has actually been shown to be coded to forward duplicate packets to a questionable target when triggered (not by normal diagnostic means), this seems quite reasonable for any president to declare a national emergency against.

Tractors, not phones, will (maybe) get America a right-to-repair law at this rate: Bernie slams 'truly insane' situation

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Ditto Tesla

No right to repair Tesla cars either. A big reason I would not buy one.

One would hope that farmers would wise up and just not buy any new JD equipment. But for used equipment this just stinks.

A copy-paste of Europe and a '5G' hotel: El Reg's Adventures in Huawei Land were fairly wacky

Bryan Hall


We'd prefer a Denver over SF or NYC anyhow for a mile high "5G" experience. :-)

The completely rational take you need on Europe approving Article 13: An ill-defined copyright regime to tame US tech

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20 Years?

You are much too generous.

10 years, an entire decade - half a generation, seems more than fair. If you can't make enough off of whatever you copyright, you don't have a good market or marketing.

As Red Hat prepares to become part of Big Blue, its financials look as solid as Linux kernel 2.4

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You're all missing the point.

IBM is buying RH so they can sue Oracle for offering essentially RHEL with free patches as Oracle Linux. It uses the same APIs and everything...


Super Cali optimistic right-to-repair's negotious, even though Apple thought it was something quite atrocious

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Could we add HVAC manufacturers to this list? They don't want to sell you anything such as replacement blower fans, etc. unless you are a "licenced professional". And if you do somehow manage to get a unit or part, all warranty is void This is complete rubbish as there is nothing complicated with installing a replacement fan, etc.

This is just another example of the current control freak society who thinks nobody should be able to do anything for themselves and we all should be completely dependent on "professionals" who they can further tax (license) and control to make themselves feel more powerful.

Webroot dunked in Carbonite: Should be quite well protected – if it survives the freezing process, that is

Bryan Hall

Let me guess...

The subscription price for web root will soar soon. Yeah...

American bloke hauls US govt into court after border cops 'cuffed him, demanded he unlock his phone at airport'

Bryan Hall

Re: The US can't be too careful

As crooks go, he's not doing well. He made a lot more money before he ran for President.

US told to appoint a damn Privacy Shield ombudsperson already or EU will take action

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"You have zero privacy anyway," Scott McNealy told a group of reporters and analysts Monday night at an event to launch his company's new Jini technology.

"Get over it."

True more now almost 20 later than then.

Hello Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant.

You wait for one IT giant to show up with its sales figures, then two come at once: Red Hat, Oracle

Bryan Hall

You obviously know nothing about databases and data interfaces. If anything, people are moving current Oracle db applications to Enterprise DB due to the Oracle compatible interface, and new systems to Postgres to avoid vendor lock-in.

Aurora is a joke using a mix of old mysql and old Postges code. It's just the new shiny object that idiot managers think we should use.

Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck

Bryan Hall

There is a place for both web apps and native apps.

Not everything can be a web app - and not everything should be a native app.

Choose wisely and use what makes sense instead of trying to make the square peg fit the triangle hole.

US cities react in fury to FCC's $2bn break for 5G telcos: We'll be picking up the tab, say officials

Bryan Hall

10A - use it!

There are parts of the FCC that make sense at a federal level - such as broadcasts of high power that can easily cross state lines. 5G certainly does not fit that bill and should not be regulated at the federal level. The states / cities should tell them to stuff it since the FCC was never recognized by a constitutional amendment to start with.

Submarine cables at risk from sea water, boffins warn. Wait, what?

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Re: Total Malarky. This is abject stupidity

For New Orleans, it's not that the sea is rising faster than other areas (this is - hardly at all) that is the problem, it's that the land is sinking. It's built on weak sediment from the Mississippi river, not bedrock - this is to be expected. Time to move to "solid" ground (technically no such thing as it's all a thin crust on a bunch of molten core material).

Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design

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Re: Itanic was wildly successful ...

Not to mention that thing called multi-tasking. So what it each app is optimized when the scheduler then dumps you out to run the next thing in que. THAT was the main technical problem with the EPIC approach as far as I could see. Great product for a serial processing mainframe... :-)

CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst

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Audits and Cloud Tax

For us dropping Oracle it came basically down to two things: Audits with Oracle people who don't know their products and licensing so they try and unfairly screw you over (partner - yeah right). Cloud Tax - only allowing 1 "core" per license for x64 on anything but their own cloud (so yeah, it IS faster by default).

Can you say - hello PostgreSQL and SQL Server? PostgreSQL for the heavy lifting and spatial databases, and SS for the sleepy databases where the app can use whatever platform.

Don't read this, Oracle... It's the rise of the open-source data strategies

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How is Mongo a migration target from Oracle? It's not a relational database...

PostgreSQL - absolutely. That is where the majority of our Oracle databases are migrating to. And with the PostGIS extensions, it also replaces the Oracle Spatial option as well for the location part of your data.

The only other database that is of any interest that isn't open source based is NuoDB, due to it's unique scaling abilities especially for use with containers.

Of course, MS Sql Server has the same problems as Oracle - old monolithic technology at a high cost. Why anyone would build anything new with either SS or Oracle is a mystery.