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Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5bn. Notch: I'm getting the block outta here


Two wrongs make right?

Few things. We might get redevelopment targeted for PC in something other than the lagfest that is Java. Yes, the game really needs it - the latest update has shown that Mojang's resources are stretched and performance isn't a priority, or at least is being compromised. Secondly, I wonder if Markus will swing some cash to Zachary Barth? If its truly not about the money, and about his sanity then that might be a way to recharge his soul which might empower him to take on another big challenge. The other thing is will Microsoft 'get' this game, and its following, and lead the masses to future enjoyment, or milk all their money, or maybe both?

The Windows 8 dilemma: Win 8 or wait for 9?


Huh? Why do you need the power button of you are RDP'ing?

News Ltd's Australian chief demands copyright overhaul


thieves unite

its hard to tell whats worse - thieving corporations with their 'legal' momopolies ripping everyone off or another generation of thievin dog punters who believe that its their right to steal anything that can be copied. the nbn will increase piracy no question, but if regulated by the capitalist lap dogs the corps will reap. imagine if the physical world was like digital media... oh shit hollywood is already in charge

AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell


AMD dropped the ball, now cry foul

Intel got complacent years ago. I remember we were running proliant quad xeons and then we bought a couple of proliant dl580 and the performance sucked. Thex eon in that was way MHz faster but depending on which way the wind was blowing, was marginally faster. Opteron came along and we jumped on board for some great performance and, briefly, cpu swap outs for the next model. Ready to upgrade to barcelona and...nothing. barcelona was stuffed and late, and totally screwed my purchase plans last year and resulted in plenty of managerial boot up my arse. So my biggest purchase for years and we are back to Intel this time around. My several year opteron love affair will be switched off by year end. Its a shame cos opteron turned intel around. If amd shit themselves we will be back to Intel uber alles. For someone like IBM sticking to one CPU brand with reliable supply makes business feasible...you cant sell non existent or broken chips. Hp have been selling both for years, probably to their pricing detriment, but I hadnt bought an Intel based proliant for years until recently. At least I can chop and change within the one blade enclosure.