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China plans global satnav system

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ICBM Sat guided?


Never in the histroy of journalism has so much twaddle been written about so little.

Please post a link to whichever loon site says that ICBMs are satellite guided. Please. Pretty please.



Obama may militarise NASA to save money

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You still get facts wrong

ICBM launches are monitored from geo-stationary orbit, not low earth orbit so are perfectly safe. Further to that there are rumours that the latest LEO sats are stealthed and very difficult to map their orbits.

Finally the Shuttle did succeed in being a reusable orbiter, it just didn't meet the criterion of being cheap.

Chinese crackers blamed for US power blackouts

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National Liberation Army

The fact that it is the People's Liberation Army and not the National really leads me to believe this article is pure junk.

If the researcher can't even get that right what about the rest of it?