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Nintendo DSi's battery life shorter than DS Lite's

Miles Attacca

The kids don't know how easy they have it

Back in my day, my GameGear got eight hours on six alkaline AAs. :)

Notebook battery famine set to continue

Miles Attacca

Too many thrown where they're never used.

Why not just make some laptops that don't have a battery at all? Lots of people just buy them because they want more compact computers on their desks. Indeed, lots of desktop-replacement laptops can barely squeeze out an hour when they're actually crunching away as intended.

Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies

Miles Attacca

This has been done before

...but not how you might think.

Don't open-source junkies run beta software all the time? Submit bug reports, and even fix the stuff? Although they couldn't go that far in this case, the approach of "have the power users debug their software" is nowhere near a novelty.