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US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

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Let them rot

First of all a few things to note.

@ first comment-Kevin

This is the way of the world. Now, dont blame others for coming to your country and taking your job, the simple fact here is that they can only take your job if you are worthless and if you are complaining about it the chances are that you are just that. Be good at what you do and you will have a job no matter what.

As for the other people saying we should do the same to americans, i only can wonder why. At this time you dont wanna make it hard for americans to come to europe. On the contrary you wanna make it easy. Let them all come here and let america rot. The ones who will manage to come to europe will not be useless rednecks for the most part. We will acquire their brain power and their workforce and leave america with inbreds. Why would you want to prevent that?

Reg readers split on Vista readiness

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Dinosaurs should die

What i dont understand about some people is how they can be so negative about something they have not tried or given it a fair shot.

first of all lets all face one simple fact, not liking vista does not warrant a move to linux. if you think vista has issues with hardware and software compatibility i would love to see you deploy linux or OSX in a business.

second of all, if you dont like the new vista insterface explain to me how linux is going to give you the familiar XP look? its bloody ridiculous that people can even think for a second that Linux will be more familiar to users than vista.

I had idiots in the company that complained about Vista. most of them were people who were still running on win 2k with office 2k after creating a huge fuss over upgrades in the past. this time i told them to go get stuffed and replaced every single workstation with a new machine running vista. what really pissed me off in the end is when they come back and say how much they like vista now. i really feel like knocking a few teeth out of them and collecting my P45.

i hate dinosaurs like them. because of them the entire industry is held back for no reason what so ever.

@ Richard,

you think MS cannot make viable solutions anymore? lets see your try OSX in a business environment. Good luck with your backup procedures not to mention countless security issues that go unfixed (mac boys are too idiotic to even be aware of them so why fix them?). Furthermore, good luck with accounting packages and engineering software and of course various random software you might want to use. Oh and lets not even discuss what will happen when your users will see OSX as opposed to a more familiar Vista interface. In the mean time however try convincing your boss to pay almost twice the price as opposed to a Dell with no upgrade options what so ever save for RAM.

I know Vista has issues, I know Vista crashes, can you point me to one system that is perfect and has no such issues? Was XP perfect at launch? Do you really expect a modern operating system to be perfect at launch? It simply isnt possible. They are far too complex to be tested 100% for every possible flaw even if you dedicate 30 years in development and test. Most of the time it is impossible to replicate a bug in the lab with the same hardware and software.

As for office 2007, i find it great. Finally some idiots will have to learn how to use the right mouse button as opposed to using the edit/cut, edit/paste drill. They sure dont like it at first but once they get used to it I dare anyone come and say that they are not more efficient and faster.

@ the anonymous coward a few posts above,

if you cannot deal with change go live in a cave. If idiot users cannot use it then it is not a design flaw. Quite frankly you gotta have an IQ of 50 if you cannot find your way around vista. It isnt a design flaw that idiots cannot recognise a button because the colour has changed. Thats like saying that all cars should have exactly the same clutch and any car that has a differnt clutch feel is designed badly. Furthermore, all cars should have all the buttons on the dash at exactly the same spot otherwise they are flawed. Scrape the cheese off your brain so that it may breethe and start evolving.

Dead bird because thats whats in store for the dinosaurs.

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The so called Vista critics...

I have found they usually have no clue what they are talking about and they only talk based on what they have heard.

Yes, I took part in this survey and yes i have successfully deployed a Vista network in a small company without issues.

It is by far the easiest installation i have ever done in my life, worked straight away with the 2003 server and has not given me a single support incident since i installed it (5 months now).

I just want to point out a couple of things here. First of all, the hardware that doesnt work with vista is usually ancient. Only one printer did not work with vista after the deployment and that was a A3 printer from the 90's.

The second thing that did not work was an ancient HR management software again from the 90's. Even DOS applications worked just fine.

The users found it very easy to work and also think they are more efficient than before due to the easy search facility. They also find their applications to launch much faster (gotta love SuperFetch). They dont care if RAM is 60% full all the time, and honestly the idiots who complain about RAM use in vista are not even aware what superfetch is and what it does.

I think Vista is a good operating system that has been underestimated by the press very early and the negative sentiments have now spread to the point people hate it without even knowing why or without having tried the system. Just goes to show that the press can pass whatever cr*p they want and people will eat it.


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