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iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories


They have form....

My iPod Classic will not allow you to output to the TV unless you buy their own £30+ cable.

What is more insidious is the trick that some accessory companys are pulling: they sell a device like a docking station which "connects to a TV" and is "iPod Classic/Touch compatible" however, what they mean is you can connect an iPod Video to the TV but the docking station supports the Classic/Touch in audio mode only. They do not go out of their way to point this out - ask me how I know!!

What is worse is that I haven't seen ANY of the major Apple accessory sellers flogging a product that connects the iPod Classic/Touch to a TV. So I am stuck with Aplles own offering.

Al-Qaeda targets net-connected coffee machine


Hur Hur

<dullard> Is it Java compatible? </dullard>

Coat, got.

Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers


Got Form Here...

A few years ago, a company I worked for went titsup and I was asked to help the auctioneer realise capital from the assets. One of the assets was a stockroom full of software. There were several multiple boxes of unopened, unregistered software from big names... They flogged the lot, but strangely, we were informed by Autodesk that we could not sell the £50k plus worth of 3d studio. So they sat in a store room and were collected (unfortunately not in a black van) after the auction. (Similarly, the 20 odd £5kPS2 dev kits also apparently belonged to Sony. We had simply rented them...)