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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

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How is UEFI making linux difficult to boot? The go to distribution for new people (Ubuntu) and by proxy Mint both have UEFI certificates and boot without having to do anything at all. And if you are not in the deb camp and want rpms then fedora is UEFI compatible as well.

Finally if you want to roll your own you can turn off secureboot in your bios. And if you are considering rolling your own or running one of the other distros then changing a setting in bios should be child's play.

No, drone owners – all our base are belong to US, thunders military

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Re: 3,000+ feet eh?

The DJI Phantom allows you to pre-program your flight path and it will use GPS to follow it. They also take a gps position lock so that should you lose signal in guided mode it will return to start point.

So in their case the limits to height are the airframe and batteries.

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Re: 3,000+ feet eh?

DJI Phantoms will exceed that height limit easily. By default their software will restrict it to 500m above home start altitude. But there is nothing in the air frame that prevents significantly higher altitude.

Oz railway lets newspaper photograph train keys

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Re: Derailer block

No because if you didn't have it tip into another train it would roll over completed causing way way more damage and being significantly more dangerous to anyone on or near the train.

Yes the moving train hit another but I strongly suspect that the damage to both trains would be significantly lower than the damage that would have occurred to the primary train if it had rolled.

Shocker: Net anarchist builds sneaky 220v USB stick that fries laptops

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What would happen if you plugged it into a mains USB charger? Could be a very effective way of starting a house fire....

A thousand mile Atom merci mission: Driving from Monaco to London in an open-topped motor

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Re: The bloody flies (and other airborne thingies)

I did Split in Croatia to Le Harve with a 4 hour sleep on the side of the road just outside Grenoble on a 2001 Kawasaki ZX-7R that had had a run in with the tarmac just outside Dubrovnic so had no screen to speak of.

Australians LOVE our Free Trade Agreements

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The FTA does NOT allow China to import workers on lower salaries. This would be illegal. It allows them, when independently assessed and approved by the immigration minister, to avoid the market supply testing conditions for certain professions. This EXACT same legislation was used on the Roy Hill mining project and was authorised under the previous Labor Govt.

Currently Chinese nationals are unable to access this legislation because they are specifically excluded for using it. This will bring the treatment of Chinese nationals into line with nationals from almost every other country. China was originally singled out because of question marks as the the legitimacy of a persons credentials because of high levels of corruption in China. The question that needs to be asked is does that level of corruption still exist.

In the end all workers brought into the country to work would be on the 457 visa which has salary parity tests built into it. If an employer is found to be hiring foreign works and paying them less than their domestic equivalents the penalties are huge, both financially and the loss of ability to sponsor other workers in the future.

The last post: Building your own mail server, Part 3

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Re: a third way?

ClearOS does it pretty much out of the box and is dead simple to setup.

Top QLD sex shop cops Cryptowall lock; cops flop as state biz popped

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Seek job applicants come in on emails that contain no html at all. They are plain text with 2 links in them back to the seek page with the CV and cover letter attached (if the applicant decided to send one). It would be very very easy to bodge something that looks identical.

I doubt very much that just seeing the email will trigger the exploit. More likely the attached files were really .zip or .exe and were run.

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Must be a hell of an exploit to be able to execute code from a preview pane and get out into the wider system.

Seriously is that even possible these days? I haven't seen a remote execution on preview for outlook since about '04. I suspect what has happened is they have received a file called resume.docx.exe or something similar and run it.

Why are all the visual special effects studios going bust?

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Re: there's plenty of people willing to see ads

It is because they work. Harvey Norman is horrendously over-priced, and staffed by morons. But when people think about buying a fridge or a new computer Harvey Norman is on their list of places to consider. Their ads are the epitome of "yell at you" advertising.

You with your tech background will probably never buy anything from them because you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere. But the 80% of the population that find turning a computer on hard WILL go there.

Verizon: fibre is MUCH cheaper than copper, we're going all-FTTP

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Seriously how can you compare a rebuild of a completely destroyed exchange that was 13!!! stories tall in a high density city with digging up and replacing working copper infrastructure running through suburban areas to an exchange that is the size of a small single story house????

If you are building a new development you lay fibre. That is a no brainer. But digging up a sunk asset to replace it with a new asset would require the maintenance costs to be orders of magnitudes lower for the cost to work out. If it was a case of pay off in 5 years and clear profit after that all the telcos would have been ripping out the copper themselves.

Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks

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Re: A state should be able to produce an OS

This is absolutely fine as long as you can guarantee two things. The first is that every person with access to the data is neither corrupt nor corruptible. The data must never ever be used by anyone for any reason other than the specific enforcement of the codified laws. So your mate who works at police dispatch can NEVER look up the number plate of the creepy car you saw cruising around.

The second is that laws never change and/or that data that was collected prior to the law change is never ever accessed for the purposes of those laws. For example in Queensland, Australia it became illegal to own a tattoo parlour and be a member of an "outlaw motorcycle gang". But being a member is not illegal and owning a tattoo parlour is also not illegal. Something tells me they used the data they had collected on who was in the gangs from before the law was enacted as proof of membership because many many people declared they had left the gangs in order to keep operating their businesses.

Final point. All my business emails are encrypted because the information contained in them is sensitive. I deal in big money contracts that would impact share prices should the information become public prior to announcement. I have a duty of care to ensure that information remains private so it is encrypted. Not all encrypted traffic is bad guys talkings.

World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10

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Re: how many? @Mr. Coward

Linux Mint has 8 editions because they are actually different. Though half of those differences are purely a "are you stuck in the US? if so you can't have these codecs" so really there are 4.

Of the 4 that are true different versions they are actually totally different desktop environments and they will run different software. Mate, XFCE, KDE & Cinnamon. These are not the same as here is pro/ultimate/corporate/education where the difference is whether a particular service is crippled or not.

As for the ram. 128gb is probably way more than I am going to have in my desktop in the lifespan of windows 10. But WHY does it exist at all? It isn't the case that pro improves on home and hence can support 512. It is actually that home is a crippled version of pro so it only supports 128.

TPG ups offer for iiNet to AU$1.56bn, includes clever cash kicker

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Re: This is a disaster


I was sad enough when internode was bought by iiNet. There is no way that TPG will maintain the separate infrastructure that is iiNet now. Why would they?

Over time the existing iiNet customers will be shunted over the the already contended TPG network. The whole reason I pay the premium I currently do is I get the same speed 24/7, somehow I don't see that continuing.

The design of the NBN really has destroyed the ISP market.

PEAK PC: 'Most' Google web searches 'come from mobiles' in US

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Re: jnffarrell1 Commissions are for closers

Every working day of every working year for the last 10 years.

When it comes to real business deals you sure as hell aren't going to dump a decision at the 11th hour based on a crappy google search.

I am much more likely to use my phone for cheap consumable items where I am impulse interested in them. ie I'm in JB HiFi and I fancy those $99 pair of earphones. Oh they are $19 from xyz site. Thanks anyway.

Malcolm Turnbull proposes taxing Google and Facebook ads

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Yes but the federal government tops up the state budgets with money from other tax sources. If the total take of GST increases they will be able to reduce the contribution from other sources.

Watch it: It's watching you as you watch it (Your Samsung TV is)

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Re: Smart TVs

I used to use the mythtv system but moved across to XBMC (now KODI) and never looked back. Interface is much easier and overall significantly less finicky.

It now supports tuners so my only reason for keeping a myth install is now gone (not that I ever record anything anyway)

Australian desert deluge demonstrates why we're doing it

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Re: Solar still?

A solar still can also be a way of extracting water from trees. Though honestly I prefer the term plastic bag to solar still.

Find largish tree. Stick branch with lots of leaves inside bag, tie off the end tightly. Come back every 2 hours and collect your water. (Note bag needs to be a clear one...

If you are stuck on the side of the road in Australia it might be days before you can be got to. A plastic bag is a good backup to the extra water you are carrying.

For pervasive 5G and IoT, prepare for wind turbines on cells

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Where are they putting these towers?

Because where I would want to use them tends to be an urban area with things like houses, & street lights everywhere. Which means mains power is there. I would have thought a 50m cable run for power would be cheaper and more reliable then a wind turbine....

And, correct me if I am wrong but don't these towers normally have a cable into them to carry the data?

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode

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Re: Pity!

If you want a good X-Com have a look at UFO:AI.

To me it captures all of what X-com used to be

Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS

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Re: Yep, it'll work.

Actually I think people now buy either an android or an iPhone in a form of psychological lock-in. I was an early adopter of android and at the time the iPhone was more polished than my HTC Desire. Now I have an LG G2 and I find the iPhone dinky and a bit crap looking, particularly the lack of widgets and animations.

The biggest thing though is I find the iPhone cack to use. I miss the back button and the menu button massively. On screen widgets with my next appointments and shortcuts on my lock screen are also missing. So I find the usage of the iPhone unpleasant.

But the flipside is I have stopped trying to show iPhone users the different options when their contracts come up for renewal. Pretty much I say get another iPhone. They find android hard to navigate. Things are in the wrong place. I'm sure there are other things they miss that I don't even know it does.

Apple will continue to sell iPhones to existing iPhone users. The battle will be won or lost in the new users entering the market. Did you start iPhone or android. That is where you will be in the future.

Passenger jet grounded by two-hour insect attack

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These wasps are common as well

There wasps are everywhere, particularly at the moment. They are also close to the size of an Airbus. Completely harmless but good for terrorising tourists.

As for how to deal with sensors that don't agree, it really isn't hard. On an aircraft the potential outcome of a sensor reporting incorrect data is significant. So you take the steps they took. If your sensors are the outside temp at your house and 1 is showing 5c less you just ignore it and put it on the list of things to check later. Basically because the data doesn't really matter.

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

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I want a pair

And at $299 I would buy a set. The GPS screen alone is worth it for me but also the data display from your phone. I envisage wearing these while on my motorcycle. Heads up GPS.... Done. Then add to that text message scrolling! Brilliant. I would restrict it down so I only got a display from a limited number of senders - ie my wife. But to get the text message - "are you ok - You're not answering your phone" text message and being able to stop make a call and then keep her happy / not panicking - thats worth $300...

Wii still king in US

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I bought Wii Fit.... and realities of economics

I have owned a Wii since they first came out and it gets a little bit of play - not heaps. It tends to come out at parties and the like with Mario Olympics and rayman rabbits etc. For that it is absolutely fantastic. PS3 and 360 just don't appeal to me as I have a good PC. Yes you have to keep upgrading it but that just means when I upgrade mine my wife, in-laws, sister etc get upgrades for theirs...

Now I bought Wii fit 10 days ago... And I've used it every day... It's surprisingly good and fun. I actually hurt a bit at the moment just from playing it. I think they have really hit the mark with that program. There are a couple of things I would change but they are very minor.

In the end PS3 and the Xbox 360 are direct competitors to the Wii for exactly the same reason that going to the circus is a direct competitor to going to the movies. In the case of the movies you have a limited entertainment budget. If you go to the circus you don't go to the movies. If you buy a Wii and it costs you $400 (AUS deal cost atm) then that will come out of the same budget you might have potentially spent on a PS3 or 360. If you're wealthy enough to buy both it doesn't change the basic economics of this - buying a Wii will REDUCE your spend on PS3 related items - ergo Wii is a direct competitor to the PS3 / 360 irrespective of whether you think they are aiming at different segments they are aiming at the same dollar budget and that is all that counts.