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Google Squared - the Cuilest search app ever

Mike Norton
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Indightful journalism then

Did you get turned down for an admin post with google? What the he'll's the problem. A company that can rapidly innovate, and deploy through labs and isn't afraid to get it wrong? That's very good behaviour, from a mature company. Where as this article is purile anti-google fanboi drivel. Come on Reg, you're better than this dross.

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

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In fairness it's a significant improvement over the blades, which were not only ugly, but painfully slow. I just hope MS offer equivalent features on both sides of the pond. It does seem to be throwing content errors left right and centre at the moment though.

Orange speaks out with new voice

Mike Norton

Dumbing down..

Is this so that we don't get discouraged by fleeting grasp of the english language the operators have? If you're ringing abbaaaht a phone query......

YouTube-Viacom trial turns comic

Mike Norton

Tip of the hat...

.....Wag of the finger is in order?

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who

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yeah.. but..

Phill - Human Nature was indeed pretty awesome, but i suspect only elevated to that height by Harry Lloyd - inspired casting. Super, Super Fun!

I suspect the BBC have grossly misjudged their target audience - either that or they have seriously misjudged CT ability. If Russel would stop trying to teach us all moral lessons - let the darker, and sometimes the more comedy side out, it would be so much better. Why was all of his best scripting present in the last two episodes? Come on - forget the light and fluffy - get stuck in!

Mike Norton


I agree, the Master was excellent - slightly manic, and slightly menacing, a departure from the master's of old - but a good one. The ending - fairly crap all seemed to fall apart quickly... Why kill the Mr Saxon Master? Why was Mr Moffat only called upon to write one episode when his episodes clearly stand out as the best (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Girl in the Fireplace and Blink)

But why-oh-why-oh-why Catherine Tate? I can only assume that we are in for a series of "daaaarrrnnn sarrrf" sass and quippery - or what passes for humour in Ms Tate's repertoire. Why not Sally Sparrow? or someone else with some *acting* talent. Has Russell decided that as he's probably leaving anyway he may as well kill the franchise?

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Mike Norton


stick with the register.co.uk - it might just be blind patriotism, but i jsut type www.theregister.com and it doesn't *feel* right. Plus, we're always marginalised apple.com/uk (as an example) - Be proud of your heritage.

PlusNet shuts down webmail indefinitely

Mike Norton


I note that they promised an email to customers "this afternoon" - i haven't got it. I do however have 15 offers of what look like very resonably priced "male-enhancement utensils" and some quite affordable horse viagra - i just dying to pick up my mail later and learn how to win a free PS3.

As echo'd above it wouldn't be so bad if they communicated, but they just circle the wagons and hide. I bet they'll be lots of whooping, high fiving and "aren't we awesome-ing" going on when they do return to service. It seems adversity just spures them on to new depths of ineptitude.

Spammers stuff PlusNet email accounts (again)

Mike Norton

Enough is enough

I've stuck with Plus for the last four years, hell i've even recommended friends to them - but there is a limit to my patience. This is the first non-loss of service issue that's affected me - i was fortunate enough to be spared the loss of email - but i suspect if i stay, it won't be the last. Despite what plus say, i suspect that account details have been lost (I'm getting spam to username@youname.plus.com), and i'm as annoyed as annoyed as everyone else that they haven't bothered to tell me. Now they've "secured" their system (do they even know how?) to prevent access from non-UK IPs, i can't cahnge my password (i'm on holiday in the states).

It seems that Plus can't be trusted to hold their hands up when they have a breach, inform customers of their services (no i wasn't told of the new packages either, presumable because they wanted to keep the extra couple of quid a month) or correctly manage the security of what is, in comparison to BT et al, a relativly small (and presumably shrinking exponentially) number of customers.

Time to move! Plus don't deserve to be in business.

Orange suspends extranet after attack

Mike Norton

THat explains a lot...

I'd been receiving calls from contract re-sellers for the last two months, which i thought was odd as this is my first 18 month contract, so it's not as if they've stuck 12 months on my last renewal date - but i just thought it was orange selling the customer list.....


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