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Leaks password, check. Leaks Wi-Fi password, check. Can be spoofed, check. Ding! We have an Internet of S**t winner

Bob Grahame

Hmm, should I be worried...?

I think I can guess the device and manufacturer from the feature and behaviour descriptions. They make another Io[T|S] gadget that isn't anything like as easy to DIY with a Raspberry and a few cheap components, which I own. What is the chances the same core "authentication" code is in there? It, like this, phones home to their servers for management, and set up by an App in a very similar way.

Neurotrash creativity 'expert' created Dylan quotes from thin air

Bob Grahame

Er, "sociobiology – the debunked field", no, actually

Sociobiology is thriving. Widely accepted as central to understanding the evolved behaviour of many organisms, including humans. The "just so story" claims and controversies that accompanied its birth have pretty much died down nowadays. To avoid the association, it is now often called "Behavioural Ecology", but it is the same thing Wilson laid out in the 70s. The tiny subset of sociobiology relating to human "evolutionary psychology" is still a bit contentious (and certainly contains plenty of academic flame-bait), but sociobiology as a whole is now part of the standard model of biology.


Forget internet fridges and Big Data. Where's my internet fish tank?

Bob Grahame

Re: Fish nerd + tech head = fish head?

Love Roomba. Not terribly smart, more of a random walk, but it means I come home to a clean floor every day. Would never ever go back to vacuuming the floor myself. Can live with dusty stairs.

Only issue has been training the humans not to leave trailing charger leads on the floor...

Headmaster freezes schoolkids for Gaia

Bob Grahame

At my school in the 60s, freezing classrooms were common

The heating was ancient and ineffective, the windows were huge, single glazed sash and not even slightly airtight, and the ceilings were amazingly high. So at desk level, it was usually freezing. Jar of water left on windowsill would freeze and break overnight. No econutterdom to blame back then, or even lack of money (a very well off fee-paying public school), just "the way things were". Yoof of today, never had it so lucky! ;-)

NetApp shares fall on downbeat forecast

Bob Grahame

James is spot on

We have some normal NetApp filers, and also two rebadged N-Series (for a specialist system that is otherwise all-Blue). The boxes and software are all great, as is the support we've had from NetApp themselves and their supplier, but the N-Series Reseller and IBM have been weak by comparison. Not enough product knowledge, suggested upgrade paths they then can't deliver due to some bits not being available as rebadged, etc. Same IBM reseller is hot on real IBM kit. I would not willingly touch the rebadged flavour again. We'd also buy a lot more NetApp kit for general storage if only it wasn't so eyewateringly expensive compared to less sexy but just about adequate alternatives. Get those price models out!



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