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MySQL daddy 'Monty' quits Sun

Colin Dean

History always repeats itself

The history of the IT industry is littered with cases of successful small European companies who sold out to large American ones, and then many of the best people left. If you'd held a senior position (managerial or technical) in a business you'd helped to grow from almost nothing, would you want to become a small fish in a very big pond?

Maybe there should be better ways to reward people like this, without them having to sell their shareholding to anybody they can find with a large enough wallet, and walk away from what they've achieved.

Microsoft to ODF, PDF - let's get it on together

Colin Dean

Microsoft's non-portable PDF's

The Microsoft Office 2007 "Save as PDF" add-in offers a number of options when saving PDFs, including an obscure tick box:

PDF options: ISO19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)

which is unticked by default. However, unless the box is ticked, the resulting documents are unreadable on a number of non-Microsoft platforms (e.g. Adobe Reader 7 or 8 on Fedora 7 or 8).

Why am I not surprised that by default Microsoft generates PDF's that aren't portable ...