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Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

Simon Guerrero


All she ever posted was shite. Just like her so-called "music". Hope she shuns all recording technology, too. I'd rather listen to her dad's magnum opus "Vindaloo" than her Mockney wank.

Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready?

Simon Guerrero
Paris Hilton

Never mind evidence eliminator

My colleague "Rees Boy" says he stores all his extreme pr0n as "Magic Eye" images, because hardly anyone can see them.

The problem I see is that if he comes to court, nobody will want to admit they can't see it, so he's done for either way.

Serve him right for beating his meat over Sarah Palin being horribly abused by an angry moose.

Paris because he's probably got a few of her too.

Simon Guerrero


"however, even with all these precautions, I still find myself inadvertently, from time to time, coming across them."


Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB hard drive

Simon Guerrero
Paris Hilton

@anonymous coward

It's not - it's "an horrendous". Just because most people don't write it properly, that doesn't mean it's not right.

Dear me.

Paris because she probably thinks it's "a horrendous" too.

Bush tests Castro with mobile phone gift barrage

Simon Guerrero

@John Widger

"burnt" is an adjective. You mean "burned" (past tense of "burn").


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