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MS to release WinMo 7 to phone makers in September

Peter Rasmussen

What difference does it make?

Trying not to just bash WinMo7, I'd still like to know what anyone thinks would be good about if for a larger market than the few who owns a Zune?

Supposedly WinMo is for smartphones/pda-mobiles, and perhaps by some even thought of as competition for iPhone, but no news so far has given me any hints about what that should be?

I don't own an iPhone, and probably never will because of my unwillingness to support the behavior of Apple, but so far has preferred the Linux based mobiles from Motorola (none are perfect, but closer to my likings).

Italians threaten suit over Windows pre-install

Peter Rasmussen

Will top-tier PC producers pull out of Italy?

Or does this mean that after a hopefully successful suit, I will be able to buy any PC sold in Italy without the usually pre-installed Windows OS?

That would be nice, as naked PCs or those pre-installed with something else aren't usually really interesting. Sorry not counting Macs in here.

Nikon D300s DSLR

Peter Rasmussen

Still waiting for SDXC and possibly USB3

I can't understand why high end camera manufacturers have taken so long to get SDXC support into their cameras?!

I would like a DSLR camera with good still frame performance, but right now there is no way I'm going to buy a camera with only SDHC support. It has been outdated for long, and even then has been very slow to be picked up by manufacturers.

The max. limit of 32GB may (may!) not be a limit right now, but I'm expecting to keep such a camera for several years and:

1.The speed of SDHC with Class6 as the highest spec. is pathetic! I'd like some full frame burst possibilities beyond just 2 or 3 frames and requiring fast RAM in the camera shouldn't be necessary by today's standards.

2.The max. file size of 4GB because of the even more outdated FAT32 is even more pathetic.

3.I don't want CompactFlash in a camera, because it is anything but compact.

On top of that, I hope someone will soon start to implement USB3.0, too. Not because of the maximum speed, but again because I hope to keep my camera for several years and eventually everything else will be USB3.0, and I'd like to keep high transfer rates a possibility.

EU says 3G on GSM now the law

Peter Rasmussen

GSM and 3G co-exist?

I am no expert and I have not read about it anywhere else, however:

1.Does this mean that GSM carriers will be pushed out, or will it mean that 3G carriers are allowed to co-exist on the same frequencies as GSM?

2.Continuing with "1.", is it at all possible to co-exist? I mean, the modulation techniques are different (TDMA vs. CDMA), but access to a control channel will possibly be conflicting, even if GSM and UMTS don't use the same method or frequencies (which I don't know about in detail).

So, even if I think that going in the direction of 3G is good, I am wondering how much of a step it is versus a total re-rollout of the infrastructure for the present GSM providers.

The article is sort of rather slim on those details.

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist

Peter Rasmussen

Not necessarily what you think

The original artice is here (in Swedish):


I can see that a lot of people here are wishing they were in Sweden being 'harrassed' by young swedish beautiful girls.

Let me tell you this, in Sweden and in Scandinavian countries in general, women are free in their thoughts, but that includes themselves, so they are actually much more demanding on the man than in other countries.

Without knowing in detail, as the original article doesn't say, I don't think the girls were 'nice' to the guy in _any_way_, but they were really _harrassing_ him!

I don't want you do be discouraged to meet and interact with Scandinavian girls, though I am myself ;-) but don't you ever think it is a walk in the park! You won't find any women that are more self aware and independent than a girl from Denmark, Norway and Sweden!

You have been warned!!!

Motorola dodges $4bn damages

Peter Rasmussen

Insufficient customers?

Sorry to be a language nazi, but when stating:

"That combination led to insufficient customers, and bankruptcy"

I'm not sure that the customers are actually insufficient, but perhaps the number of them are?

So it should perhaps instead read:

"That combination led to an insufficient number of customers, and bankruptcy"


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