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Barclays IT systems have a strop



Barclays cuts more IT jobs (7 January 2009)

Barclays to lay off more tech staff (11 May 2009)

Job cuts start to bite at Barclays (11 June 2009)

... Major system issues (16 June 2009)

Windows 7’s XP Mode — Virtually worth the effort


Thumbs up

I've used Windows 7 since the first beta was released and have updated to the RC today and am very happy with it - before XP mode I Was using VMWare workstation on the rare occasion that Windows 7 became a problem so I think this is the perfect addition for those who don’t have access to VMWare/Parallels/VirtualBox which have all had the functionality for a while and been used allot of Linux/Mac users to overcome compatibility issues.

There is a resource hit with having another OS running virtually in the background but the difference between being able to use the new OS and having to shelve it sometimes rely on compromise.

It's been said a number of times but Windows 7 so far appears to have the thumbs up - I hope and pray it doesn’t get ruined before it's released to the public.

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users


Donttel lme whatI can do with my ..

"unlimited super fast broadband"

is it not enough that ISPs can promise the world and not deliver? who's regulating the wild claims for 'super fast' connections and not so unlimited download?!

Fair use? is it not fail that I get to download what I want on MY line that I pay for without a 'fair use' policy.

Even when you download perfectly legitimate files, overstep the fair use limit and you're capped

I hate ISPs

'F**k the Country Channel', says the Country Channel


they just said

what we were all thinking..


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