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Silicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why Schrems vs Facebook is such a biggie


Re: Perhaps anything, but probably not

It'll also hurt you because you have to switch service providers. Moving mail systems, ERP, CRMs, etc. is no small amount of work between migrating data to training staff. Then there is the price difference between between American offerings and local counterparts. This won't just hurt American corporations, it will hurt everyone.

EU abolishes the acre



I don't know how you can defend Celsius since ice melts at 0.01 °C and boils at 99.974 °C at 1 ATM not to mention that absolute zero is −273.15 °C (0.15 degree shifted off of Kelvin). Never mind that few live at exactly 1 ATM and even fewer boil pure water.

Kelvin is the only sane unit of measure (well Rankine if you prefer Fahrenheit degrees).

And don't you people dare talk about taking our letter sized paper. A4 is weird.

SF's green mayor dreams of electric car heaven

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Per-Mile Charge

San Francisco already has a company offering per-mile cars for rent (City Car Share) and one offering per-hour cars (ZipCar). ZipCar actually bought the third that was offering cars in San Francisco a few months ago and seems to be doing quite well nationwide even with the rising cost of gas prices. Both of these services pay for gas and insurance.

It seems that mandating that they offer electric cars for at least part of their fleet if the city pays for the power stations wouldn't be objectionable. Once people get used to charging their cars (or swapping batteries), I imagine it won't be long before people would be willing to buy their own.