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Swiss boffins sniff passwords from (wired) keyboards 65 feet away

Black Helicopters

I'm waiting for the $500 radio safe keyboard

Just wait - 2 months from now, someone will make a killing producing a truely radio-safe keyboard that all businesses handling sensitive data will have to have, even though it sucks to type on, and gives employees RSI.

Wireless power delivery gets blended


health risks

People are already moaning about the health risks of cell phones, microwaves, etc... how we're going to get wireless electricity?

Just wait - some poor guy with a pacemaker is going to die because wireless power was in use in a building.

This is a step too far

Apple rattles legal sabre at Canadian tech school


Big Business, trademarks, etc

While I support the right of businesses to protect their trademarks and intellectual property, after all, they own it, I feel that this one, and also the task dock are reaching. Is Apple really that desperate for cash?

If I had one tenth of the money Steve Jobs has, I'd be considered rich!

Wireless-data LED lamps to replace lightbulbs - US profs

Thumb Down


What a stupid idea.

Epileptics won't even be able to be even out at night because of some stupid idea. Just give the lightsockets integrated wireless<>powerline converters and you'll not have to throw away expensive electronics whenever a lightbulb goes out.

Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race


@Anonymous Coward

>ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC

If only I'd kept them

Especially the beeb!

I miss connecting home made electronics to the user port and typing up a quick BASIC program to use it:(

Tired of RRoD taunts? Turn your Xbox 360 into a PC


Dumb idea

Put it in a case that looks like a big DVD player, I can see, then it'll look at home next to all that black electronics stuff next to the TV, but to put it in a computer case? That's dumb.

Webcam hacker-ogler jailed for four years


Stupid criminals

While I do not condone what he did with the spying, he should have just kept his mouth shut. The girl deserves applause for going to the police about it rather than giving in. I don't think there are many that age who would given the fear of those photos getting out.

We do not have webcams in our house, so it would never be a problem for us:)

Temp workers to get equal rights after 12 weeks


Well that was dumb!

Now all the temps will get laid off before 12 weeks and new temps will be hired in their place. The same ruling meant to benefit the temps will effectively destroy them.

Great job. Makes me so proud of my British Heritage.


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