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UK: From 5G in Tiree to the Isles of Ebony, carry me on the waves… Sail Huawei, sail Huawei, sail Huawei


"...near military bases and nuclear power stations".

"Limit providers from deploying "high-risk" equipment in areas that are sensitive to national security, such as near military bases and nuclear power stations".

Yeah. So no Huaway near nuclear power stations. And who is building the new nuclear power stations like Hinkley Point C? Yup, the Chinese. And no Huaway near military bases. Who is building circuit boards for the F35 aircraft?.... Yup, another Chinese owned company.

The powers that be may have suddenly discovered a disliking for Chinese kit but they actively destroyed our own industrial capabilities before sending business to the Middle Kingdom, mainly to line their own pockets and those of their friends. Ferranti, Marconi, Lucent, Alcatel, Nortel and all their supporting businesses in design and manufacture. And that is before we get to the other industries that have been similarly sacrificed. The lack of foresight or even cogent thought amongst our ruling elite is staggering, almost as much as their greed.

'Technical error' threatens Vodafone customers with four-figure roaming fees


Rapid hair loss

Got 2 Voda phones with 20Gb included. One hasn't been overcharged.... but the other has been cut off with warnings about a £750 over-usage charge!!! Only used 3.5Gb of the 20Gb allowance. Couldn't get through on web chat or phone so cue panic and domestic accusations. I sincerely hope they sort it quick. Nt impressed.

Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats



A company called Robop (https://robop.com/) manufacture robotic birds which very effectively scare away seagulls and pidgeons and would be ideal in this situation.

Sonos and I: How home media playback just gets SO FRUSTRATING


Already available

Dead easy one. RPi with Openelec at the TV running sound over bluetooth to amp-mounted receiver. The XBMC or Yatse app for phones and tablet is your remote. All works really well and cost £25 in total. Job done

Review: Pure Jongo S3 multiroom speakers



Spend your budget on decent HiFi gear instead and then use a Raspberry Pi as the streaming node. Only £35 including case and SD card and it works a treat.

Hong Kong plods turn RoboCop with strap-on vid cams

Big Brother

Big Brother

Well in Glasgow all the traffic wardens wear video cameras wich record all the time. I'm told it wasn't to do with any violence that had been used against them in the past though. I wouldn't go near one now without my phone camera recording, just so I have my own record of the interraction.

Pass the wine, dear. Yes, that papier-mache thing


Errrr.....isn't a poly bag in a cardboard carton called a 'wine box'? you know, the thing I've bought in my local store for years?

maybe I'm missing something.

Why can't civil servants keep a grip on their BlackBerrys?


Scottish losses

How do you stop a Scotsman being sea-sick? .... Put a penny between his teeth.

Looks like the same applies to Blackberrys & laptops

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing


Wrong URL for dotScot

OOPS, The URL for the approved bid is actually www.dotscot.net not the one quoted.

LOHAN to suck mighty thruster as it goes off, in a shed



Hypobaric Operational Test Terminal Altitude Release Temperature

X2 triple-twirly speedcopter approaching 180 knots



Not very impressive. Carter Copter have a much cooler tech which actually works and goes much faster. check out www.cartercopters.com. 400mph, VTOL, cheap!

45th Mersenne prime revealed



my brain hurts

Kettle car breaks speed record

Paris Hilton

Ah but..

can you fry your bacon and eggs on the shovel like they do on steam trains?

Paris coz she's pretty steamy

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable



They're not kidding when they say teh speed drops off dramatically with distance from the exchange, I pay for 24Mb and barely get 3Mb. On a good day. Their customer service is good though and they seem reliable enough.

M42 closed by marshmallows and beer

Paris Hilton

It has to be done

Oh this one is definitely calling for a Lego diorama! Go on, I know you want to!

Paris coz she would go well with marshmallows and beer

Net pedants dismantle Quantum of Solace

Black Helicopters

No airport?

Just because it's not on the map, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Mwaahhahahahahaha! MWAHhahahahahahah!

Black helicopters for obvious reasons

3 pledges 14.4Mb/s HSDPA in 2010

Paris Hilton

happy camper

I live in Glasgow and travel the EU quite a bit and have a company-supplied Orange data card and a 3 PAYG dongle of my own. Everywhere I go, 3 is the better. If i'm over in the EU, I pay the same rate as I pay in the UK with 3 which is great.

I think if anyone expects mobile data to be in the same league as landline, they must be soft in the head. If what you want is e-mail on-the-go and a bit of surfing, PAYG 3 dongles are the business!

Paris, coz she knows that 3 is the best number

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface


FAU on Opera

The horrible thing for me is that it won't run in Opera so, if you're visually impaird you have to fall back to IE which has to be the most disabled-unfriendly browser out there.

Mine-s the one with the thick glasses & cane

Samsung shows off state-of-the-art 40in OLED TV

Thumb Down


What a crap standard (sic) to praise it for... Never Twice the Same Colour as we used to call it!

DARPA seeks bigger BigDog petrol packmule robots

Paris Hilton

Hay powered version

How about a self-healing, danger-avoiding, stereoscopically visioned, audio controlled, hay-powered version, i.e. a REAL mule to do the carrying?

Paris coz she's capable of holding heavy saddlebags

Cuil confesses 'serious file corruption'

Paris Hilton

Irish search engines

If you're looking for an Irish search engine, there's been one around for ages and its feckin' great...


Paris coz she'd use it

Citizens's panel demands policing for DNA database

Dead Vulture

Time to leave

The Nazis were criticised (rightly) for branding numbers onto prisoners yet here we are doing the same thing with DNA. Branded for life, always a suspect in the police's eyes. What a screwed up country where people, intelligent people, are happy with this.

Anyway, crims aren't daft. Already there is evience of deliberate contamination of crime scenes to confuse the issue so where's the benefit once this becomes more widespread?

I like living here, in the country in which I was born but I don't really want to live here as a cradle-to-grave suspect.

The dead penguin as a symbol for the death of liberty

Quantum of Solace trailer teases fans

Dead Vulture

Next Bond

I agree with Richard & Adam. Craig looks more like he could be KGB. I read once that Eddy Murphy was considered for the role before Piers Brosnan got it. He does do a cracking English accent and would definitely have been an interesting choice.

The dead penguine coz Bond will kill anything in his way, even fluffy penguines

Duff UK nukes risk 'popcorn' multi-blast accident apocalypse



More worrying is the propellant used, it's not that forgiving of being bashed around. A missile was dropped from a crane at Faslane sub base on the Clyde a few years back. If it had gone off, it would have likely spread the fissile core across much of Glasgow and surrounding towns due to prevailing winds. Not good.

Incidentally, Faslane's emergency protocols for such an event extend as far as the perimiter fence, which is very reassuring for the rest of West Scotland.

Mine's the one with lead lining

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser

Dead Vulture

50,000 volts

That must have been a Hotdog then.

Mine's the one with ketchup and mustard

Foldable sports plane gives Everyman a chance at crashing

Black Helicopters

available from a store near you

Yup, and here in dear old Blighty, you can buy several imilar aircraft. They're called 3-axis microlights and they look like regular planes but smaller. Empty they weigh no more than 250kg and 450kg fully laden. Some will do more than 160mph at over 50mpg which aint bad! And you can fly one with a reduced license which is cheaper and quicker to get. Part built kits cost £30k to £50k including engine.

Mine's the one with furry dice

What hell hath science wrought lately?

Paris Hilton

3E-PC chic

Is it just me or does the hybrid chic look seriously alluring.......

Paris coz she has the brain of a newt

Ofcom asks ISPs nicely to stop mis-selling broadband on speed



I pay for a 24Mb downstream, 1.3Mb upstream connection. Yeah, right. Using Speedtest, I really get 3.5Mb and 700K respectively. Apparently the (BT) copper to my house only supports up to 4Mb

So WTF!? How come this is legal?

Mine's the one that's been broken by lies, deceipt and greed of the ISPs

Hummer glummer on high oil price bummer


there is a good side

The upside to the nosedive in popularity of the big gas guzzlers is you can pick them up second hand for a song. I got a 4.7L Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 30,000 miles on the clock, totally mint 4 year old for, wait for it, £5000. I don't do a high milage so I don't care if it's expensive to run.

Mines the one with the car keys in it

DARPA's Heliplane retrocopter project in trouble

Black Helicopters

Available only in black

Much better kit is already out there and working. The Carter Copter lands and takes off vertically, can do 450mph, achieves mu=1 and looks goddam cool as well. check out: www.cartercopters.com they even have vids of it in action.

Mine's the white one with the furry dice

EU project scans air passengers for terrorist tendencies

Black Helicopters

There is an alternative

I got so fed up with all the crap at airports, I got my pilots license and bought a second user private plane. only 2 seats but no delays at airports, can use grass strips, 160mph cruse and over 50mph. Total cost of plane and license about the same as a small sports car.

Mines the white one with a blue coachline!

ISS toilet fails to suck

Paris Hilton

cross legged

That spam-can in space must smell pretty dodgy... a mixture of deodoriser and various bodily motions. Gawd! I thought boat loos smelled bad, that must be really awfull.

Paris coz she's fragrant all the time

Phoenix prepares to flex its muscles


under a red red sky

Due to Rayleigh scattering (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raleigh_scattering), the Martian sky must be blue. If you colour correct stock NASA imagery for the planet, the terrain looks much less 'alien' and indeed looks a lot like similar deserts on Earth, e.g. Arizona. Nasa has always racked up the red on their Martian pics for some unexplicable reason.

Mines the penguin coz it's cold and there's a lot of water there for them to swim in.

Swede packs off GPS to make world's biggest sketch

Black Helicopters

I can do it too!

with an Etch-a Sketch in about 5 mins.

Mine's the grounded one.

Boeing robot whisper-copter team claims record

Dead Vulture

No gold star

Sounds good for the urban jungle, especially in black but it's still not a flying car and that's what I want.

Mine's the penguine that got hit by the silent rotor

Sikorsky X2 superwhirlybird enters ground spin-up phase


Q would want one

There is a rotor-plane that can fly at mu=1, i.e trailing blade is stationary. The Carter-Copter (www.cartercopters.com) can take off vertically and land near vertically but fly at 450kts, so they claim. I want one NOW!