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Sacked PlusNet boss blasts BT sale 'stitch up'


What a laugh.

jim britton - "The current management treat them like valued people".

After being with Plusnet for 5 years I finally gave up. They were obviously out for the money and dived quickly last year. Some of the people I recommended to them stuck with them and their reply to this comment is:


Satnav hacking made simple


The ultimate rat run killer!

Living on a narrow country lane that's shear hell during the week, with the council refusing to do anything, now we have away to stop the b******d cars and lorries.

The traffics got worse with the uptake of satnav. Ironic to be able to use it to stop them.

More power to the anti-car revolution!!!!!!!

PlusNet just wants to be loved - again


Will any trust them again?

After 5 years with Plusnet they really screwed me over. Told me I wasn't losing e-mail over a 7 day period when I was. Not only that, but other customers who had the same problem weren't told they were missing e-mail and probably never knew! Brought it up on their forum and no one from Plusnet cared to comment. They just didn't care.

I've left them for good and I think most of the 30 odd people I recommended to them have left as well.

It would take frying my balls in olive oil to make me go back to them. As for loving them........