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Six... budget Blu-ray Disc players

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Re: Region-Free

videohelp.com is your friend . I've got a Panasonic BD65 that I'm in the process of putting a free version of "enhanced BD65 firmware" (google that for info).. but unfortunately they don't provide firmware for the BD45. As I only have a large library of European DVD's from my stint in Germany (and thus no need to play BD discs out of region) I'm only interested in region free DVD playback, but I believe the BD65 enhanced firmware can do BD as well.... not as cheap... but not terrible.

Netflix to sell set-top box for streamed movies

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from the Roku Site FAQ: "the Netflix Player can be used in any of the 50 United States. Some of our customers even take it with them on vacation."

I guess with the $ in the tank relative to the Euro and Pound, they must figure that no one in the US goes on vaction outside of "the 50 United States".

But for a US Expat (in Germany), who was drooling at the ability to watch something other than overdubbed A-Team episodes, it's a bit disappointing.