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Google blames cheeseburgers for destroying the planet


@ I wonder

Almost as many cheeseburgers as it takes to fly Algore or Nancy Pelosi around on their jets...

Flame, because my gas sipping, corolla isn't doing nearly enough to fend off the impending, sun-inactivity-caused ice age... it does save me a buck or two at the pump, though.

'Soon soldiers will have 3 tiny choppers in their pocket'


@how much i want one

I have good news for you... you can have one!!!

Combine these 2 products, and there you have it.

Walkera 4#3 + range video = what they have there.

check out rangevideo.com and do an ebay or youtube search for "walkera 4#3"... I've built FPV rigs for small airplanes and helicopters just a bit bigger than that one.

Failed Nork rocket bits straddle Japan



I fail to see the hypocrisy. Kim is a psychopath and you should feel nervous, not appauled. The thought of his having the capability of striking any developed country with nuclear missiles is quite scary to me. You all claiming "hypocirsy" need to look at the character and history of their leader and the country before making such a ridiculous assertion. After writing this, I remembered, you're liberal, mush-for-brain, close-minded fools, and telling you that you need to reconsider is like beating my head against the wall in hopes for a raise at work... it's insanity.

I'd move if my crazy next door neighbor had 4 tons of explosives in his garrage... which is very much how Japan must feel.

Florida cops taser satnav lake plunge woman

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goddam women...

Great rant... you and my wife would get along great!

Paris, because she knows when to open her mouth...

(happy 1st)...

Vatican vetos 'dot god' domain

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I don.t rea.lly un.derstand wh.y an.y o.ne ca.res a.bout th.is... especi.ally th.e Po.pe. Doesn.t he ha.ve m.ore im.por.tant thin.gs to wo.rry abo.ut? I.m pret.ty sur.e my sou.l wo.uld r.i.p. if som.e jack.ass mad.e a po.rn si.te wi.th th.e .catholic TLD.

Paris, because she's always on top of her domain...

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'



Who wears the pants in your family?

Pull the damned plug... it's not THAT hard... and it's YOUR responsibility, not the game designers'. It's only hard because your kid is used to doing whatever the hell he/she wants and you just caving after 3 hours of negotiating with them, with the vane hope that if you can just tell him the right thing, then he'll magically agree with your wiser position, and change his own behavior. Well, unfortunately, that's not how the mind of a teenager works. When they want something, that's it... they just want it, and it's your job to take it the hell away if it becomes an addiction.

Obama wants to wring fat dollar from mobile operators

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I love my country, but...

Is there anyone from whom he will not steal?

Lockheed offers ready-to-go supersoldier exoskeleton



I want to see some armor on there! Dragon skin is heavy...

Mines the one with 117 scratched on the side...

NASA releases moon return globo-projection movie

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Why in the hell do we need to go to the moon? (that about sums up my thoughts on this topic)

Graphics biz feels first real pain since 2000


@ken hagan

That's a big "IF".

Paris, because if she works out, all other hardware is obsolete...

Asus ENGTX285 TOP overclocked graphics card


ATI still a better deal...

I'm running farcry 2 on all very high settings on a measly ATI 4850 w/ a 3.8ghz E8500 supporting it, and it's great! (and I'm very particular about good framerates) My point is, if you're looking to play all the best games at more than playable framerates, but budget matters to you, then ATI cards are where it's at! They win on all the "bang for your buck" scales that I've seen. I'm no fanboi either... I actually like nvida better (stereoscopic support, CUDA, and other reasons), but budget wins in 2009 :)

US House OKs Obama's IT stimulus

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it's not a "stiimulus"

Obama is a master of PR. This is not an "economic stimulus package" as used the previous year by Bush, where everyone gets a check for $600 to go spend, thus "stimulating" the economy. This is simply a spending bill. What really gets me about it is that $350bil. of it won't be spent until 2010, which just happens to be an election year... you do the math. Yay for socialism... I was really getting tired of being rewarded for all my hard work...

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin


@ all you math geeks...

You keep forgetting to account for Mr. Fusion to give it the 1.21 Gigawatts (pronounced "jigga-watts") needed to see some serious shit! AKA, the 250+ MPH... at which point I think it also can travel through time, thanks to the handy flux capacitor.

Cows can't detect earthquakes: Official



the cows were too distracted to notice the earthquakes, because they were busily pondering the ramifications of their global warming flatulence... or lack thereof... as it's fricken COOLER on earth than it was last year! Gotta love scientists.

NY policeman plunders US terror watchlist


what's wrong with databases?

What happened to the kid? The article mentions the abuse of the watchlist, but does not comment on the outcome of the "supposed" abuse. Sounds to me like a guy violated the law and is being prosecuted... like the system is working as it should... which is a fricken miracle by itself.

Verizon awarded $33.15m against cybersquatter



What happened that was illegal? Someone bought a domain name before a big corporation... and somehow that's damaging the big company? Oh that's right... big companies are also big contributors to legislators' campaigns.... I remember... <slaps forehead>

Aliens, because they know how to regulate commerce... and they need to abduct some US senators...

Atari promises it won't suck this time

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bail them out too...

If they go "Tango Uniform", just petition the US congress for some cash... they'll bail you out. We're bailing everyone else out.

Paris, because her bail out didn't cost me a dime...

NASA's curious climate capers


post hoc ergo propter hoc

I worked for 4 years at a university doing post graduate clinical and cognitive psychology research, and I saw "fudged" numbers like this all the time. Only on professor of 4 asked for the actual code used to "manipulate" or "analyze" the data of the 15-20 projects that came down the pike. I completely lost my faith in science in those 4 years. So, when I hear about all this doomsday prophecying coming from "so-called" experts, I think to myself, what ulterior motive could they have for "manipulating" their analysis code... low and behold, I was correct. For years I've been saying this global warming stuff is a bunch of bullarky... or in other words, there's little, if any, REAL scientific evidence for such a phenomenon that rules out normal, warming and cooling trends.

It's not so much that these guys are fudging their numbers, it's that they're resistant to be transparent in their methods that raises concern. If you have something to hide, it's not science... unless it's classified or related to engineering a product for the market. In this case, they're engineering data for the likes of the weather channel, one of the biggest proponents of global warming, or as it's know now... climate change. Thank you Algore.

What's even worse, to me, the rampant post hoc analysis and mis-allocation of blame for climate change... if we don't even know if it's happening, how can we blame man for it? Furthermore, why should we be allocating millions or billions in federal funds to "stop" it...

E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states


Who's gonna go first?

I wonder which news network is gonna claim a victory first? Wheeeee....

Oh, and what the hell is wrong with paper ballots? God knows the energy going into all these stupid electronic voting thing-a-ma-jiggers ain't saving any trees or cute fuzzy animals compared to good ole paper ballots.

Democratic rep fathered alleged Palin hacker



Sarah Palin doesn't live in a trailer park. If you can't see the difference between her and the subject of your intended comparison, then you deserve to get the next Jimmy Carter, which is Obama. Change is sometime just going back to what's been tried before, expecting something new and different... A.K.A insanity (liberalism)

Maybe aliens will save our economy from the morons in charge...

Today be talk like a pirate day

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Yes. You are the only one.

Paris, because she doesn't even come close...

US Congress votes for some offshore oil relaxations

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@ Mike Richards

You're right about the oil coming in at around 2015. Some have said it could be done faster, but 7 years is a pretty good ball park. Still, because oil price is so heavily speculated (and thus volatile), the prospect of 15 - 20 billion barrels of oil coming out of the US in the "relatively" near future could drive prices down, or spur some current oil producers to increase production.

Our democratically controlled congress is full of inept morons whose only job is to ensure that they have a job come election time... they don't really care about the people, they just think saying that they do will get them elected. Hence their approval rating is in the teens.

Drill damnit!!!! It's good for the entire world's population!!!

Paris, because a little fun is also good for everyone.

Google goes after 3 billion with super satellite


hmm.... my thoughts too...

I know if I had to choose between a toilet and the internet, I'd definitely choose the internet. What would I do without theReg every day?

Larry Ellison gets huge pay rise

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how much do you have to have before it becomes greedy??

Sounds like a good reward to me... his company grew 25% in one year... that's incredible!!! The reason he's the 2nd highest paid guy on the planet is that no one else can do what he can do. If someone else could, they'd pay him less, or hire someone else...

I just wish I had bought stock in oracle a while ago...

And it's not greed... just because YOU don't have 25billion....

Paris, because no one else can do what she does quite as well, either...

FCC votes to silence 700MHz lurkers


@ note to self

The feds sell crap they don't own all the time... i.e. radio frequencies

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP


if microsoft is mozart...

...then Vista is atonal music... you could remove all the notes, and you'd be at peace again.

NASA to brief on manned spaceship 'concerns'

Dead Vulture

stop humping the laser...

I mean common... we've been doing this stuff for 40+ years. How hard is it to make a fricken manned space-craft? The shuttle was a disaster, I'm glad they're retiring it. It was dangerous and a waste of money. That notion may piss a lot of people off, but lets compare the shuttle to the average passenger plane... if 1 out of every 62 passenger flights ended in a fireball like the shuttle did, no amount of government bail-out would save the airline industry... we'd all be riding mag-lev trains.

(I have to apologize, i didn't get my adderall today, so any of my comments are likely diarrhea of the mouth... or fingertips, as it were)

Dead foul for obvious reasons...

Philips Cineos 42PFL9603D Ambilight LCD TV


joerg = fanboi

I don't know what he's promoting, but he wreaks of a fanboi. He's probably my friend that just bought a $3000 samsung but turned out to hate the motion processing that came with it.... bleh... it's like watching the olympics fireworks show... so fake!

Fake feet trip up Olympic opening coverage

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So let me get this straight. When we capitalize and attempt to privately fund as much of the venue construction and other expenses as possible, we're cheapening the olympic spirit. But, when China spruces things up a bit with some computer animation because they want their olympics to be as attractive as possible, that doesn't cheapen The Games? If you can't just come out and be what you are, if you can't compete with what you can do on your own... then by all means, use steroids, cheat, add cgi to a broadcast, hack Counterstrike for nothing but headshots, etc. etc. It's dishonorable when not announced... and they didn't announce it because everyone would be pissed... and rightly so. I want to see the reality of the games, not some "fancied up" version. I want to see our guys win, but when some of them get their butts handed to them, I want to see that too... and when the fireworks are amazing, I want to see them... and when they're stupid, I want to see that too... but the commies don't. They want everything to look great... because it's not... they're not free, and they're not happy.

Paris because at least we all know her broadcasts are real.

CERN: LHC to fire first proton-smash ray next month

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you're all gonna be jealous...

The world has mocked the US for being a bunch of gun-totin-morons for years... but when head-crabs start teleporting out of thin air, you're all gonna wish 2 things. One, that the stupid collider was built in the US (the mother of all the world's man-made disasters), and Two, that you all hadn't been quite as zealous about gun control.

Mines the one with "Kimber Custom II" written on it...

The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving

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Green Party = Communist Party

But it's not cool (politically correct) to be Communist, so, like so many other Chinese products, they just repackaged and re-labeled it. They're still seeking the same outcome: government controlled economy (everything). It's a pretty ingenious tactic, I have to admit.

If someone disagrees, the response is not to the argument made against them, it's a personal attack on the person making the argument... classic liberal politics.

I'm all for protecting mother nature, because I like my water clean, and prefer my hamburgers not to glow in the dark, and want the same for my kids and fellow man, but that requires the use of the real scientific method... not hysterical fear mongering on the part of PhD weilding zealots. The same principles hold true for the economic segment of society.

Paris, because she doesn't hide who she really is.

New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit


Kiddie porn is bad, M'kay?

So child pornography is bad. That's pretty unequivocal. But, the illogical assumption by the all-knowing, and all-powerful New York Attorney General is this: Child porn is bad, therefore anything we do with the intention to stop it must be good.

This is the same flaw Hitler made. Protecting the German people is a good thing... but killing Jews with the intention of protecting the German people is genocide. One of my mentors used to say, "The path to hell is paved with good intentions," and here lies a perfect example. Let's all forgo our right to privacy and free speech so some politician with undoubtedly good intentions and a career to think about can get some publicity and maintain his campaign support.

Aliens, because they're so smart, they figured out you can make policies that are good for the public while not trampling on the individuals' rights...

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway

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OMG GUNS... those crazy Americans!!!

The last time I checked, no war has been won without bloodshed, and there have been a few times we've been fighting for our religious freedoms, as well as many others. Given a little historical perspective, I don't find this story at all troubling. I read it as a bunch of baptists training people in the safe and proper use of firearms, and encouraging their religious beliefs. What's wrong with that? I'm an atheist (and American) and I have no problem with these religious "nutjobs" owning guns... because I know they'd be the first to stand up and fight against tyranny.

Paris, because I'd love to teach her to handle a weapon.

FCC chief wants to throttle Comcast

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Capitalism still works... but politicians muck it up.

The only way corporations in the US can screw the citizens by bribing the government is if the company maintains a monopoly on a service. There's no possible way a bread company can fuck me over, when there are 30 different kinds of bread on the shelf for me to choose from... because if one is $5, I just choose the one next to it that is $3. But, when there's only one source of a needed item, like electricity, it's very easy for the corporation to get in bed with the politicians and screw the consumers.

Capitalism works, both for the consumer and the company, but monopolies and corrupt politicians fight against it for their own gain at the helpless expense of the people.

Paris, because she knows what the people want... and makes a fortune giving it to them.

AMD takes a $950m hit in Q2


I could afford $4.80 a share!

I'm interested to see how things go in Q3 with the 4800 series of cards selling like hotcakes... and they are hot! You could fry an egg on mine.

Public sector faces hefty fines for data breaches

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operant conditioning, my friends...

The person or persons that stole the data are the ones responsible. If I leave my keys on a table at a friend's house, and another guest takes them and steals my car, should the government fine the home owner for not having better security?

NO... they should string up the person that stole the car from a light pole, or bring back the stockades, so we can all throw salmonella infested tomatoes at them. In the case of the data thieves, THEY should get the 1m in fines... make them slaves to the people until they pay off their debts. I could use a house-keeper!

Paris, because she's all the fine anyone needs...

Are the ice caps melting?

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The only part interesting me in the whole global warming story is when my cost of living goes up because of some un-proven hypothesis. Then I start to care about global warming...

Sure, I care about the environment and preserving our water sources and farm lands, because I need to eat, and drink, as do my family, friends, and community, which I also care about. How am I going to sell a product when all of my consumers are dead from poisoned water supplies, or tainted soil?

Paris because she's never cold in her southern most regions...

Samsung SP-A400B movie and business projector

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old tech?

My Epson, 720p, 3LCD projector cost me a whopping $800 US (less than £400 for you cinema buffs on the other side of the pond) six months ago and has similar if not better performance that this thing... What's so special about this one?

Also, there's a difference between a DVD at 720p and a Bluray disc at 720p. The DVD is essetially anti-aliased so it looks good on 720p, but the detail in the frame is no where near as great on a DVD as it is on a Bluray, even on a "mere" 720p. I can very clearly tell the difference when watching movies on bluray vs dvd on my projector.

Paris, because her devil is in her details...

Wind power key to UK's desperate renewable energy bid


Oh just... get over it

Why not just build a nuke plant? You could store all the world's nuclear spent fuel in a single storage facility 1000 ft below the surface of a mountain in the Colorado (my home state) or Montana Rockies, 100 miles from anyone.... for the next 200 years. The environmental impact would be nearly zero. No CO2, no 9 legged frogs, no tainted water supplies, nothing... except the petroleum guzzling, CO emitting trucks, trains and planes that would need to transport the spent fuel. I don't understand the resistance to this, aside from the hysterical and irrational fear around the impact of radioactive energy sources.

Also, could someone point me in the direction of some research that says CO2 is bad for the environment? I mean real data... a link would be nice. Last I heard, our O2 producing plants need CO2...

Mars whacked by object bigger than Pluto


I love untestable hypotheses - see ring theory

scientist 1 - "i believe mars was irrevocably altered by a pluto sized rock."

scientist 2 - "I see no evidence that such an event ever occurred."

scientist 1 - "Oh yeah? then where did all the Martians go?"

scientist 2 - "hmmm... good point..."

USAF ramps up kill-bot fleet following Gates sackings


humans are obsolete - we need sleep!

Given a few hours of instruction and sim time, I could fly that thing... or at least land it and make it take off successfully. Operating all the weapons systems... now that's another story... but they can leave that up to a trained non-aviator anyway. Hell, you can get your ultra-light license with just 20 hours of flight training... how much harder could it be to pilot this fly-by-wire thing? Is the FAA actually a model of efficency here?

These things are all going to be piloted autonomously soon anyway (see the following video). Sure, military techys and soldiers will still maintain effective control on the weapons systems, but the actual flying, landing or taking off of the plane doesn't need a human at the helm... taxiing and dealing with other ground traffic, maybe....


NY street-cleaning truck swallows dog


mutt-suck fatality

I love you reg! Best subtitle ever! I laughed at work and got hell from my boss...

Games consoles not green enough, claims Greenpeace

Dead Vulture

an xbox ate your baby!

"...are believed to interfere with sexual development in male mammals."

Who wants to mate with a gaming dork, anyway... that's the only thing hampering my reproductive capability. "Hey baby, wanna see me pwn mad noobs?" doesn't really go over well in a bar, which is why we have, GTA 4... "Oh, Kate, you complete me."

Intel chastises AMD for 'scorched earth' anti-trust attack


lawdawgs and corner stores... rasterized not stirred...

Eh, their lawyers are getting paid, regardless. Might as well put them to work. :)

AMD is a little behind the curve, has been for a while, but I'm a big fan of theirs and (objectively) they're still providing good competition in the market. AMD isn't the mom-and-pop-store to intel's wallyworld, just yet and the future of the home PC and HPC world is far from set in stone. So long as us consumers keep getting the benefit of intel's so-called "discounts", let the lawyers go at it while Microsoft tries to bring us "true" multi-threaded windows applications... oh yeah, I can't wait for my vector-based "Aero" running on 1000, x86 cores... woohoo. But who really cares? I'm struggling to find the motivation for improvement in this tech segment... aside from my own personal affection for games,