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How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls


Flawed logic

I hate to say it but the analogy between paying for VoIP and paying termination fees is entirely flawed for several reasons.

Some broadband subscribers are subjected to a "cap", while others are not. personally, I'm with an ISP which is good enough to honour it's "unlimited" promise. Regardless, the point of the matter here is derived benefit and marginal cost. The vast majority of users will never get near reaching their ISP's bandwidth cap, and thus the derived benefit and marginal cost from receiving a VoIP call for these customers will be completely nill. Whereas receiving a phone call using a normal phone will be subjected to a fixed cost which is itself the marginal cost and the derived benefit. Equating direct monetary cost against inclusive bandwidth from a broadband connection just doesn't make any sense in the context of this article and scale has little to do with it either. The only way you could make that arguement stand would be if ISP's started charging for calls made over a VoIP protocol, and the ISP's aren't about to shoot themselves in the foot with that gun.

Mine's the one with the Economist sticking out of the pocket.

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

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"Grandstanding?" Biased much?

"It's hard not to see Davis' move as grandstanding". I can't see how it can be a "Grandstanding gesture" when it's throwing the Tory party into disarray and they're distancing themselves from him.

People do still have principles and count them higher than all else. I'm really glad that someone in Parliament actually knows what the Magna Carta is and actually wants to defend it.

Let's not forget the late Robin Cook who resigned from Parliament regarding the Iraq war. Was that "Grandstanding" too?

VMware turns Thinstall into ThinApp

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Good news

I actually thought Thinstall (or Project Northstar) was a good name, it encapsulated the concept perfectly. I suppose ThinApp sounds more like the competition and gives a clearer idea of what the product does. I'm really surprised this technology hasn't got all that much attention (yet).

First public Firefox 3 candidate shoots out the door


I really wish you could down-vote comments on El Reg...

That way you could actually filter out the sensationalist claims of the ignorant and uninformed before they hi-jack the entire thread of comments.

For those interested in seeing what Mozilla are really saying about "data mining" read this:


And for Gods sake El Reg - please stop mindless FUD drivel like this article (which has somehow hit the front-page headlines without anything more than misconstrued fluff):


Come on people, let's not let El Reg go to the dogs, let real journalism take the reigns :)

I would've posted this on the drivel article above but the coward author has disabled comments :(


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