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Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'

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For those planning

on encrypting drives/emails etc, remember that under NuLabour, persons owning/sending/receiving encrypted data - of any kind - MUST provide the decryption keys on demand from the authorities. So using Blowfish on your order for those well known terrorist favourites - Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Pork (to throw them off track) Sausages - won't work. Adding ANY kind of encryption will be like a red rag to a bull. You'll be on TV faster than you can say "civil liberty", with Sky News telling the "shocked and disgusted nation" about you and your family's possible terrorist activities, as the Gestapo - sorry, Police - break down your front door (all Brazilians had better duck at this point).

And the Conseratives won't willingly give up such a system when they get to power. They will rub their hands with glee, in the knowledge that they now have the power to discover who is checking out the Saucy Swedish Nuns website - and they can blame it all on Nu Labour who put the darstardly system there in the first place.

Mine's the ticket heading South of the UK border.

Paris? 'Cause I've got a better chance meeting her in Europe than in this "Once Great" nation.

Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament


Good to see......

that El Reg are still keeping us informed about Phorm. It's funny how the mainstream news agencies are too scared to show the truth about this issue. I guess that they feel that they might lose their precious advertising revenues!

Go T B-L!

Google backs EU's Microsoft antitrust battle


Waste of money

I'm no MS fan, but I see the irony of Linux distro bundling Firefox and Apple bundling Safari. Apple IMHO are worse than MS, because many customisable aspects of Windows are well and truely locked out from the user by Apple. As someone else mentioned, Quicktime, Itunes etc. Courts should be FAIR and prosecute them all.

Why shouldn't MS bundle IE? Why don't Google, Firefox, Opera and the rest just fuck off and start writing OS's if they feel that strongly?

Or take Apple to court for bundling Safari - but no-one would dare do that.......such talk is heresy, and will doubtless get the Mac boys whinging like crazy!

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

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Thank you Mark - you made my point very well - that Linux is not ready.

In the PC industry that we have, the customer is King - period. What he wants he gets. And until Linux is made into an easy out-of-the-box solution like Win or OSX AND has major software houses writing for it, Linux will fail.

[For example] I could not sell a Linux box to a professional photographer if he could not use Photoshop that he has [bought and paid for and] used for years. Win and OSX are the only viable options. And he would only laugh in my face at the mention of GIMP (yes, I know what it stands for, but it still conjures images of Pulp Fiction and dodgy sex games - and probably would do the same for a potential customer).

Image is everything when selling - and I'm sorry to say the image you portray isn't very pretty - and that is a significant part of Linux's problem. Marketing will play a very important part of any attempt to bring Linux to the desktop. But your strategy of telling people such comments like "Just don't fuck about with excuses that it's not your fault, it's someone else's" and (my personal favorite) "Don't lie about the reasons though" just proves that Linux may be in more trouble than anybody could imagine!

You seem to have this impression that I am a "Wintard". Well yes, I use Windows - desktop and server - and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But I also use Mac OSX desktop and server. And I use Linux including Red Hat, Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu distros to name but a few. So that really means your comment "Linux for you is dead not because of a lack in Linux or the antics of those proposing it, but in yourself. You don't WANT to use it" is just plain wrong. I want Linux to do well and I would love to see it on desktops of companies. But to get there though, it needs to get it's act together on program support, marketing and standardization (too many choices). But many die-hard Linux fans have attitudes similar to yours - and that will only hasten Linux's [desktop] downfall.

Paris? Because she knows what the phrase "Good Marketing" means.

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These comments demonstrate exactly why Linux will not get onto the mainstream desktop - bickering and lack of focus.

Microsoft and Apple are companies with goals. They pay people to write software, test, demonstrate, market etc. Most Linux distros are written and updated in dark basements by unpaid unknown geeks. So the company that wants to replace their computer system is presented with a spotty geek in jeans and a smiley face tee shirt trying to get them to change to a new system which won't run some of their mission critical systems/programs. Hmmmm. Then enter the MS/Apple salesman in his suit, explaining that there will not be any problem and all will be sorted because their software WILL work and has been tested on their platform. Spotty Geek or professional salesman? I know [if I was a potential customer] which one I would go for.

Linux needs to get it image act together if it wants to compete with Win/Mac. People need to stop whining and get Linux sorted if they want it to compete against the big boys. But it's not going to happen. The comments from the Linux fanclub prove this. The fanclub will alway be the dog chasing it's tail, complaining bitterly about MS dirty tricks yadda, yadda, yadda. ITS OLD NEWS! If you really want Linux on the desktops of big businesses, then get ONE company together, create the distro that can compete with Win/Mac and SELL IT!

As for customers being dumb - well duh! They are not IT specialists! They are Doctors, Solicitors, Architects, Teachers etc. They have better things to do than try to figure out how to recompile their PC's OS core every time they want to insert a USB memory stick. The last thing you want to hear from your Solicitor is that he can't make it to bail you out of jail because he is stuck trying to get used to his PC's new OS!

The most incredible thing is that most of the people posting are IT professionals. You probably make your money by supporting Win/Mac systems. Great. Get rid of the big 2, give the customer a brilliant stable OS which never needs supporting - great way to work your way out of a job!

Are MS and Apple worried by Linux? No. Why? Because the die-hard Linux fans do all their hard work for them, by standing around bleating on blogs etc. instead of joining together to become a coherent serious competitor that can focus on the needs of the business customer and all that marketing and developing entails.

Brits not turned on by mobile internet


Why bother

with surfing on a slow, expensive system that severely restricts the available web pages? (Well it does on V*dafone anyway)

I had so many problems getting webmail on my provider's network, that I just gave up. Added to the expense, that's going to get MORE expensive when the EU force mobile operators to lower charges on roaming, it's only justifiable when someone else (your emloyer/company) pays for it.

I can't do this, I can't do that, it's slower than a 56k modem and it's costing a fortune - what's the point?

Electric car seller hits brakes as UK EV sales plunge



Sorry, but these eletric cars are dangerous, ugly and just as polluting - where does electricity come from?

And to the people who are annoyed that your electric skateboard now has to pay for parking - it is still a car isn't it? Is your vehicle taking up a parking space? Then pay for the privilige like everyone else.

Symantec embraces server virtualization with Backup Exec



Don't forget to mention that those prices are per YEAR. Unlike previous versions of Backup Exec where the price was for the product complete, Symantec are now charging per license per year (at least in the UK). Makes it very expensive when you have to pay £600 + VAT every year for the backup software.

Hi-tech cops lose their website


Will they be allowed to keep the site name?

When a private individual buys a web name that has the potential to be sold on to a company, the courts [in the past] have forced the owner to give up that name to the company. Will this be the same in this instance? Or is this rule different depending on who you are?

Gumshoes fined for debt collection pretexting blag


I have met

someone like this. He admitted that they ALL [investigators] do it, and have many contacts across ALL of the utility companies. From what he said, the best and most forthcoming where British Gas and the local Councils.

I see this case as the tip of a very large iceberg and is, no doubt, just a good example of the powers [NuLabour] that be paying lip service to ever eroding civil liberties and rights to privacy.

Phorm opponents to picket BT shareholders


Will it make a difference?

Lets look at this one.

No Gov is going to pass up the opportunity to be able to spy on the masses. I wrote to my MP (Con). I got a reply, telling me that he would ask the Home Office what was going on - no reply since.

The Labour Gov. is bringing this in (thru Phorm), but the other main parties are not going to object too much, knowing the full potential of this moment. Why do you think it hasn't been splashed all over the 9/10 o' clock news? After all, we have a major corporation (BT) commiting a CRIMINAL act, yet the Police, DPP, Home Office etc have REFUSED to do anything. Why? Maybe a question for the likes of Sky and ITV? BBC being state run and completely unable to create any program - even the News - that is objective and balanced. Click's interview with Kent proved that! No, it is left to the likes of El Reg to carry the light - how much good it will do us I don't know......

Just remember this statistic - this contry has less than 1% of the World's population, but MORE THAN 30% of it's CCTV cameras. That is something that has not happened by mistake. These people don't go for a dump without a plan.......

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications


No wonder...

that the Gov/Home Office where trying to sweep Phorm under the carpet. It was a "prequel" to the real Nu Labour policy - spying on the masses en mass.

I can see it now; swearing on the telephone would incur an automatic fine for a breach of the public order act. Hang on, my "private" phone call was made in the "privacy" of my own home. Why am I getting fined? Because the database is a public database. Now give Us [Gov.co.uk] the contents of your bank account!

Adolf Hitler would be so proud of Nu Labour. My father fought in WW2 to maintain freedom. Thank God he is no longer with us, to witness this shameful preposal.

InPhase finally to phase in holographic disk


Want One!

I hope all those movie studios are watching - complete film series (Die Hard, for example) on a single disc.

The Americian TV industry has been using Tapestry for a while now, because it's the best medium for recording in Widescreen HD formats.

All those IT Admins wanting to back up all those "My Docs" folders that clients so kindly fill up with their iTunes music - easy with Tapestry.

This medium is soooo cool. Have to write a very nice note to Santa this year!

BluRay is dead!

Long live Tapestry!

BT's secret Phorm trials open door to corporate eavesdropping

Paris Hilton

Just move

Just move ISP! Don't moan about it, demand your MAC code. I won't matter if you have signed up for a minimum term contract. Point out to BT that they [BT] won't say exactly WHO was part of the 2007 test, so it COULD be "me". Therefore BT are in breach of contract for allowing "my" data to be intercepted without "my" permission. BT may respond that "you" where not in the trial, at which point you ask them to prove conclusively that you where NOT part of the trial - for example showing the list of the people who where in trial.

Of course, they won't do this, so they will probably just give you your MAC code.

Then you can head for an ISP like Fast.co.uk (no, I don't work for them, but they are my ISP) who are advertising:

"We can confirm that we are not one of the ISPs who have had any discussion with, or entered into a contract with Phorm, or any similar company, who use browsing history data to provide targeted advertising. We strongly respect the privacy of our customers, and will never share any customer data".

YOU are the customer. Vote with your wallet by heading elsewhere. Hit them where it hurts - in the bank balance.

As for the inept fools attempting to run the country on our behalf (in the words of the late, great Douglas Adams) - "They'll be the first againsted the wall, come the Revolution!"

Paris? She could do a better job than the Labour Government!

American ISPs already sharing data with outside ad firms


I'm Happy!

Although I am worried about Phorm, and it's implications for many broadband users, my own ISP (Fast Internet) has released this statement:

There has been a lot of concern about the "Phorm" service that a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are adopting. We can confirm that we are not one of the ISPs who have had any discussion with, or entered into a contract with Phorm, or any similar company, who use browsing history data to provide targeted advertising. We strongly respect the privacy of our customers, and will never share any customer data.

At least some ISP's are getting the message!

If you want to avoid Phorm (and your ISP is using Phorm), show your displeasure by getting your MAC code and taking your highly taxed money elsewhere. Let's Phuck Phorm (like they are trying to Phuck us) and hit them where it hurts - in their bank balance! If customers start abandoning ISP's that use Phorm, then they are going to drop Phorm like a hot potato. What ISP would want to lose all their customers?


And well done to Fast for standing up for it's customer's privacy. You have kept me as a customer!

Blu-ray 'to bloom', now HD DVD's dead


Another Option?

HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle? The winner? Probably Blu-Ray. BUT there is another option on the horizon - Holographic Media.

These discs have a capacity of 300GB!

Capacities of over a TeraByte (1024 GB) are promised within the next 2-3 years. The American TV Industry has already begun to adopt these drives for portable HDTV cameras, because no other media has the capacity.

Someone mentioned having the complete Star Wars "hexology" on a single disc. With holographic media it is possible - not only in HD, but 1080p HD. Even developers of Blu-Ray predict a MAXIMUM of 8 layers (at 25GB/layer) which makes Blu-Ray's total potential of 200GB - so Star Wars on a single Blu-Ray disc is just not going to happen. The potential for this form of media is huge. Not just having the all films from a series, but having "the making of", deleted scenes AND space for the obligitory computer game. Seeing as a Blu-Ray game has already had to be cut down to fit on a single disc, holographic media is the next logical step.

True, solid state media has potential, but it is a long way off.

ISPs demand record biz pays up if cut-off P2P users sue

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Oh dear.....

I have seen it mentioned on other sites that the film companies are quite happy for people to download films. Why? Because the quality is usually crap - especially when played on plasma/LCD HD TV's. HD take-up is on the rise. If you have invested in all that hardware, you don't want to play crappy lo-res downloaded movies. The movie studios are banking on that you will either want the "proper" copy and go out and buy the DVD/Blu-Ray or just not bother at all.

As for the music industry, I used to be (many years ago) a motorcycle courier. There where many, many times (sometimes 2-3 times a day) I would pick up suspicious packages from known "drug areas" of London, for delivery to the top executives of various music companies. These companies run on Columbian marching powder. If their profits go down, they can't afford to buy their illegal drugs. That's why they are coming out with stupid figures of how much money they have lost. Downloaders are an "easy" target for the unwilling to change behemoth that is the music industry.

Apple have embraced the internet with legal downloads, so there IS money to be made for the music industry, just in a different way. But they don't want to change.....just yet. I have no sympathy for them.

I feel sorry for the ISP. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. And with some companies starting to push video on demand, just looking out for someone downloading for an extended period of time won't be enough. What about Sky by Broadband? That uses a P2P client to LEGALLY download and share films and TV programs. This is a minefield - I hope the ISP's get their way and receive huge indemnitys from the music companies. Maybe loosing a few of these indemnitys will make the music industry take a long hard look at itself - and then we can all move forward.

Paris? Just because!

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

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Hang on.....If this law comes in, I bet Sony won't be putting any more Rootkits on their CD's!

How HMRC gave away the UK's national identity



What an amazing situation. Why was such detailed information going to the National Audit Office? Unencrypted?

Trouble is, this is the fault of some idiot civil servant. As was said once in Yes Minister, "Governments may come and go, but the Civil Service is forever". The faceless morons who claim more and more money off the taxpayer (their REAL employer) are the ones who should be sacked. In fact I believe that EVERYONE in the department where the CD's were sent from should be sacked. That should galvanize the mind of other uncivil servants.

Yes, the information could be used to obtain monies from people's accounts, to say otherwise is just plain lying (the true job of an MP).

And this is the Government that wants us to give them even MORE personal information. Where will that end up, I wonder? Up the revolution!

iPlayer Politics: Behind the ISPs vs BBC row


Tiscali complaining?

I don't know why Tiscali are complaining - their LLU service barely runs HTTP! I was on Eclipse (who use Tiscali's LLU). Poor connection speed was an understatement - sometimes taking 2 mins to bring up www.google.co.uk let alone trying to run P2P! Before giving up (after 12 months of trying) and migrating, the best that the LLU gave me was a very shakey 2M connecton. After migrating to Fast.co.uk (who use BT Wholesale, incidently), I now get a very stable 3.5M. Better, but far short of the quality of many other countries ADSL - some up to 100M.

This country's broadband is a joke, there needs to be heavy investment in the whole system - and more regulation of ISP's that get away with anything (a good example is an ISP being able to use the word "Unlimited" when it clearly isn't).

I think that this iPlayer argument is excellent - let's hope that this will force BT (and others) into upgrading the WHOLE system into something that will be over-engineered and therefore future-proofed.

Why the world has lost interest in IPTV services


Oh dear

Don't these people know that a lot of people can't hope to have IPTV due to poor quality ADSL? I cannot have ADSL Max due to being at the end of the local loop. Can you get HDTV content on a static 2Meg line.......I don't think so.

And I don't live in the Highlands either, I live near Kingston upon Thames. Hardly the back of beyond. So I guess IPTV is only for people who live next door to the exchange.

And just think of all those people using P2P programs. Many ISP's already actively block P2P, so that counts them out too. Wonder what the RIAA will say, with all those illegal downloaders hiding in the swarms of legitimate ones?

And the cherry on the icing on the cake? Don't forget that wonderful term "Unlimited (downloading)" which when used by an ISP actually means restricted to whatever the ISP thinks fit, so expect a very large unexpected bill!


Wanna copy of Windows XP next year? Forget it



Companies don't want Vista. For a start, Vista is NOT compatible with SQL/Access - well only SQL 2005 and that with some major band-aid patching.

I personally know of at least 3 companies selling software that will NOT run on SQL 2000 or later, let alone SQL 2005! Furtharmore there is still no SBS2007? It seems that MS are abandoning businesses? Vista is clearly NOT for the business user.

The alternatives are either

a.Mac OSx -a possibility- or

b.Linux -an OS that most users will run a mile from due to it's complexity. Adding a pendrive then having to recompile the core to be able to use it is NOT an option for business users.

Some users have only just got used to XP - I see them EVERY DAY! Some scrape through working hours just about able to get their work done on a Windows machine. Adding Linux into the equation will just increase the suicide rate!

Remember, most people who post/read the comments here (Win/OSx/Linux users) will be pretty competent with a computer.

The average user in the "Real World" has a LOT less ability AND confidence than we do. They are going to be the real losers - not us.