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Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?


With the toy boats!

The "global corvette" nonsense has been going on for a awhile. Anything smaller than the old Leanders will be good for nothing outside the North Sea. Yes people like the Israeli Navy did a 30 day deployment once to prove it could be done. Stayed in the Med. Send a proper warship or stay at home. Of course if you think Britain can ignore anything east of suez than that wont be a problem.

Gov approval given for Saudi Eurofighter sale


Open standards?

Can you produce a Link 16 platform without giving the US Gov export veto rights?

How Chrome puts the skids under Nokia

Dead Vulture

Die menu bar!

What do people use the menu for? Does it really always need to be there? Why not just learn the shortcuts for the stuff you need.

Royal Navy plans world's first running-jump jet




</quote> So, if you look at the air-combat in the falklands war against pretty capable planes, the extra maneuverability you get from thrust vectoring actually made a big difference in dog-fights. </quote>

There were no instances of thust vectoring being used in combat during the Falklands. Also nothing that could reasonably be called a dogfight.


Been here before....

<quote> And am I the only one who'll feel just a little bit sad at the sight of the BRITISH Royal Navy flying US warplanes? </quote>


And of course the CORSAIR (Once we resolved the landing problem).

Raptor and Eurofighter go head to head


Avenger II!

"The USN has not bothered to replace its F-14 Tomcats with a new generation of ultrafighter. Instead, the Top Guns of the future will fly in an enhanced version of the trusty F-18 multipurpose jet."

The SuperBug is very different to the first Hornet (the airframe being constructed very differently), so much so it was called Hornet II (The scapped Hornet 2000 being the enhancment program to fix the orig Hornet).

Of course after the A-12 Avenger II, no one trusted the navy to develope it's own aircraft from scratch again, so a little cover was needed; result Hornet E/F not Hornet II A/B

The USN was not pragmatic just incomptant!

The Australian buy hardly suggests the Superhornet would be a bargin for the UK! (certainly not a saving after you account the damage to home industry)

AMD rolls out Radeon HD 4850



Everyone has different prioritise for a video card. You can't produce a hierarchy with the best card at the top because people place a different worth on things like DX10.1, video decoding, legacy and driver support etc

Just spend the 10 mins to find out what ya buying mkay?

SpaceShipOne firm to build Stealth Bomber 4.0?


Black Widow II returns!!!

Northrop? Could it be the USAF has finally realised what should have won the ATF comp?


I seem to remember that poor terminal guidance killed the conventional ballistic missile. The multi-stage warheads you would want to use to have them dig deep need to be delivered just right.

Was Sweetman one the guys banging on about Aurora back in the 80s? Hypersonic should be turning 20! instead it's now unpossible!

UK Carriers safe: Other war-tech ripe for the chopper


Phalanx is old hat.

Phalanx has lingered so long becuase the number of Sunburns and other such beasts in tubes that have left port within the last few years is a little on the low side.

Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) and much improved gun systems are aviable, and there is always Metal Storm!

Dead Vulture

STOVL is best

'tis better to stop, then land, than to land, then stop"

It's also necessary for the rapid air-wing augmentation & Joint Force Harrier that was prereq from day one. Better for the crabs and other such drones.