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Anti-Eurofighter Downing Street e-petition started

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Eurofighter is a Good Thing (TM)

I'm with Charles on this one.

Eurofighter could be a practical way of curbing this country's tendency to jump into every single conflict zone. How about we pour all that military spending into aerospace research, and quit getting involved in any war that doesn't involve air-to-air combat.

Can't decide how to vote? Publicwhip.org will tell you

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Too crude

This tool will always be biased towards the parties least likely to get into power, because they'll tend towards popular opinion -- no matter how unworkable. And with no subtlety in the weighting of response to issues, it ignores the massive single issues that cause people to keep a party out of power at all costs.

I'd like to see this exercise done by an experienced Internet polling organisation, like YouGov.


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