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Inmate hacked prison network, broke into employee database



If the machine hadn't have been connected to the net it wouldn't have needed those windows updates to be safe to begin with - any major updates could have been done directly or by temporarily connecting the machine when required...

This seems more like the prison IT staff were being lazy &(*^ers and got caught with their pants down (possibly literally) ;->

Unencrypted traveler data laptop disappears then reappears


Loosing does make sense...

Probably not what was intended, but it does fit with setting the data free!

Mine's the one with the Mahi-Mahi on the back...

MPs urge action as spooky caller ID-faking services hit UK


caller / geographic spoofing and legality...

@jeremy - having a skype number (or other forwarded number) isn't so much spoofing as the number does actually trace back to the original caller - it isn't trying to pretend to originate from someone else.

I suppose it could be called geographic spoofing, but that's a completely different issue.

When it comes to caller ID spoofing, I haven't lived in the UK for a few years now, but do any of the phone companies try to charge for it in addition to the bill? If they do then they should be liable for selling a broken feature. I would have no issue with them having it as a part of the standard line rental but... I would think that charging for this feature without making it exceptionally clear that it can be sidestepped would leave the phone companies open for legal action of some kind.

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop



"Punt" from the OED

b. Brit. To promote, sell, or distribute (something), esp. in an insistent or pushy manner; to tout around.


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