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AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell


A Couple of Replies

Highlander - AMD is actually closer to TWO generations behind Intel than nearly one. Other than that, you seem to have neatly captured the essence of the public arguments they're putting forward, though...

Anonymous Coward - there's a major problem with your theory about a Windows SP3 attack aimed specifically at AMD systems: Windows and its service packs are not produced by Intel. They're produced by a strange little company based two states north of Intel's headquarters - you may have heard of them - a company by the name of Microsoft? And despite the wild theories put forth by conspiracy promulgators, there is no particular link between Microsoft and Intel. AMD enjoys just as much consideration from Microsoft - under threat of federal interference, by way of anti-trust actions if there's even as much as a credible HINT of possible collusion.

MySpace fraudster indicted in teen's suicide


Applicable charges

The woman in this case committed fraud in setting up the account - she deliberately violated the T & C, which qualifies as a contractual agreement between the client and MySpace, and which holds whether the client bothers to read the document or not. Because she was in Missouri and MySpace is headquartered in California, that charge becomes interstate fraud, which falls under federal jurisdiction.

In addition, beyond any criminal charges, this woman is royally SCREWED from a civil standpoint. Megan's family can sue her for wrongful death, just for a start, but think of the bad press MySpace has gotten out of this. Devaluation of name equity is also actionable - and just think about which companies are in MySpace's chain of ownership.


News Corp.

People with LOTS of money, LOTS of scary lawyers, and not much sense of humor about someone giving them a publicity black eye.


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