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Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip


odd looking

Is it just me or is that actually two near identical (except for the fans) boards placed back to back (mirroring each other)?.

Lawyer wants WikiLeaker kept off suicide watch



This is clearly torture in a very flimsy disguise. I really pitty this man, and all americans who might one day be subjected to this treatment.

Code for open-source Facebook littered with landmines



They started coding in secrecy and then dumped a blob of code onto the net, the code shows their amateurishness. If they had started working in the open and used a real free software type development model then all these security issues would have been written out of the software by now. N00bs.


15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets



Which war crimes have been exposed then? Link?

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance


os choice

Where i work, users in the technical departments (ops, dev) can choose whatever OS they want. I use ubuntu :)

SCO rises from the dead (again)


Relevant quote

"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

Spotify adds Web2.0rhea


Spotify is dead, all hail despotify

despotify FTW. If the new client is as shit as it likely will be, I will have no choice but to use an open one instead.. not that that's a difficult decision anyway!

Surplus astronaut right-sizing imminent at NASA?


Fantastic news for space exploration and human expansion!

So good to hear that this money burning and largely wasteful era in space (yes, I do feel privileged to have lived through it even so), which provides a few select people with a joyride around the earth all in the name of "science", is finally coming to an end.

Time to make way for the ones who really have the impetus, insight and financial backing to do something useful up there! Yes, I am talking about commercial space flight (or perhaps a science fiction crazed dictator) as the *only* reasonable means for humans to get off this god forsaken planet on a more permanent basis.

This event would give commercial space exploration the kick in the ass it really needs! Fortunately for company "whatever", they will have a bunch of unemployed and highly skilled astronauts ready and willing for action :-D


PS, see you in 30 years on the space station when I cash in some retirement fund for a package trip to Mars colony...

Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone

Thumb Down

Shit article

This is a randomly generated news story using buzzwords and negativity designed to attract readers who might want to leave an equally pointless comment. I think I will stop reading thereg

Thrust SSC team to build 1000 mph 'Bloodhound' car


Thrust SSC team to build 1000 mph 'dyson' car’

Is it just me or does it look like British favourite vacuum cleaner?

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

Gates Horns

wont take macos cus the kiddies wont be able to tinker

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Inc.'s chief executive, offered to provide free copies of the company's operating system, OS X, for the machine, according to Seymour Papert, a professor emeritus at MIT who is one of the initiative's founders. "We declined because it's not open source," says Dr. Papert, noting the designers want an operating system that can be tinkered with. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

from http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB113193305149696140-442o71jo_IlBrLpyUeeOdsqDs7E_20061113.html

a lot of other funny backtracking going on since that article was printed!

negroponte is a fking sellout.


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