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Gamers not social misfits, after all


Re: Non-reponse Bias

All you people saying the survey is flawed because real gamers wouldn't take time to fill it out need to take some statistics classes. I could be wrong, but I doubt a Psychology graduate student would dive into a survey without considering the various forms of bias and either compensating for them or declaring them.

As for the article, I don't think it's very surprising. I think gaming attracts social misfits, but I don't think gaming creates them. Everyone I know has played a video game at some point in their life and the ones that play 50+ hours a week probably come to the logical conclusion that the alternative that supposedly makes you socially sound is not nearly as entertaining (i.e. hanging out, IMing about the latest gossip, watching reruns of Gilmore Girls...) as blowing zombie's heads off.

MySpace fraudster indicted in teen's suicide

Dead Vulture

re: Applicable charges

Any disagreement between MySpace and the woman is a civil one and there is no law under which to prosecute her for what she did. The family cannot sue her for anything more than I can sue someone for saying mean things to me over the internet - which is not at all (Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire). Breaking MySpace's T&C could bear consequences, but the only way she will be punished is if someone finds a judge that lets his/her emotions get in the way of the law.

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