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Unhackable PS3 finally jailbroken, video claims

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At long last...

Finally a way to run homebrew and backups. Will wait for the mod to get cheaper though.

Sony deserved this one, I have been stuck with no PSN and no online when they decided to remove otheros. I am glad this bit them on their arse as it pretty much makes my FAT ps3 a paperweight when it comes to new ps3 media.

Waiting for the otheros (linux) reintegration and... a port of doom because that's always the second thing people port...

Shopping mall mulls Supreme Court bid to back no-speaking ban

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Why not...

ask him to leave?

if he does not comply phone the police and tell them he is acting suspiciously (terrorist) and get him banged up for a few hours.

If he comes back tell them he is looking at children funny...

As a final measure, find out where he lives and attempt to do some "swatting" and get them to go around his house and flash bang his dog, while drive off with the front of his house attached to a pick up truck, apparently that happens all the time in the US ^^.

GPL scores historic court compliance victory


Toshiba HDTV's also use busybox...

And I assume they comply.

They probably didn't include the separate book with the 10 pages of GPL licence in it and a link to the source code like Toshiba do ^^.

So long then, Windows 2000


Was a good OS...

I ran it since the beta versions,

My fond memories was with an old IBM pentium (233mhz), with a faulty hard drive.

When it came up with the message saying that I had improperly removed my IDE hard drive and not to do it again, and it continued running when it redetected the drive. I did that in XP once it just crashed so it was better in some ways.

Windows 2000 and XP are pretty much almost the same operating system, just a different version of explorer, XP always seemed to me like Windows 2000 with a new gui, it wasn't until the service packs that it actully got any new features to speak of.

But seriously anyone running Win2k, upgrade to Linux (Ubuntu works for most stuff out of the box). Wine can run a lot of stuff. Windows Vista did suck quite a bit, Windows 7 (Bloated I know) does work obviously with new hardware, I just use it from playing DX games.... if it wasn't for that then Windows would be no more.

Life on Earth gets wiped out every 27 million years, say boffins


Bah, it's obvious

Has nobody watched Reign of Fire?

The dragons wake up every ~27 million years for a snack. Maybe sooner with all the mining and drilling ^^.

BT boss brands Britain illiterate

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I agree, although I don't know the exact numbers.

I can understand people making basic/common grammatical errors by mistake. When I was first taught English and this was about 17 - 18 years ago now, grammar was taught by mostly example. Like a lot of things such a maths, science and other stuff, everything is taught out of the book or by example and not really explained.

What they really needed to do is explain the logic, why you do it or what the point of something is and not to have a memory contest. If it was explained to me why then maybe it would have sunk in quicker. It was years later in secondary school where a learned for myself (not taught) what grammar is used for and how to apply it.

If they would have said the ' is to shorten a word (they're = they are, it's = it is, 'bus = omnibus, don't = do not) and [name of person/object]'s = describes owner/attribute of (James's Ruler, stone's throw), then it makes perfect sense.

It's quite sad really. You know what they say about teachers though, those who can do...

Study shows gaming can hinder reading, writing progress


Sounds odd to me...

I have used computers pretty much all my life and mostly for gaming although not exclusively.

I do not read books (other than educational material), I don't think I have ever finished a story book on my own, maybe I have lack of imagination but they bore me and so do not read them.

So obviously I should be a complete dimwit that cant read or write then (ok my handwriting sucks). ^^.

I say maybe they should do their study on what types of games they are playing. As someone above has said what about good old text adventures, or stuff that actually writes stuff on screen rather than being talkie. I was always taught to do homework and school stuff first before doing anything else so maybe this is a factor perhaps?

Maybe playing in traffic is better then...

Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks


Pointless but...

The chances of find an alien life form that is intelligent even if the methodology was 100% right is not likely anyway.

Given the age of the universe even if life did exist somewhere what are the chances that is is dead now? Or what are the chances that life will exist somewhere but not at this present time?

But you might find something else that may be useful as they don't just search for alien life I think they also look for blackholes and pulsars and other stuff. Something may be stumbled on by accident so it's not totally pointless.

Titan has Earth-style 'climate change', says prof


The more a read...

The more I understand that the climate scientists have no clue what is going on. They just push around theories without any proof other than show you nice graphs and attempting to link things using collected data.

The world doesn't work like that and they are only looking at very recent history. The bigger picture shows that the world can be quite a lot hotter and quite a lot colder than today. So what is normal? At the moment the temperatures look fairly stable but increasing. Might just be because we are heading out of an ice age? looks a like a solid pattern to me but I'm no scientist so maybe someone can correct me here.

It also looks like we are heading into another ice age (again feel free to correct me) in the future. I wonder if they think we can stop it. The climate changes without our intervention in the past so what has changed to make us thing we are the cause of it all, when hundreds of thousands of years ago the climate changed, perhaps we had a car industry back then that I am not aware of.

Why is USB 3 so slow?


Agreed USB does batter your CPU

Or at least USB 1 and 2 did, no idea about 3 but I will assume it's the same. That's why I always liked firewire, sure it was more expensive but it didn't completely batter the CPU and used a normal voltage (12v), wish USB used 12v :(.

Sacked drugs advisor pledges new expert body


People should be trusted to do what they want

It's not the drugs or alcohol that are a problem. It's the people.

I always think alcohol and drugs show peoples true colours. Like the cannibis causes mental problems arguement, it don't, it just makes it worse for people who already have problems.

Wii HD coming in 2010, claims mole


A bit late isn't it?

I bet Nintendo will still make a killing from it though, bit sad really.

Now you can play shareware quality games in HD... yay. Or will they be trying to compete with the Xbox360 and PS3 in their own territory?

Windows 7 - the Reg reader verdict

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It's not a bad OS

I've been running Windows 7x64 since about 2 days after the final retail was released on the internet.

The one and only problem I have had so far is the Windows desktop being a bit buggy, a few times the desktop appeared to stop updating itself, so if you copied something there or deleted something the icons didn't appear/disappear on screen. Oddly enough I had the exact same problem on Vista obviously a bug they don't know about but easily fixed by refreshing the desktop although not fixed until you rerun explorer.

I had trouble finding Win7 specific drivers, but is to be expected as it was not officially released at the time. Windows Vista drivers worked fine for the most part (except the audio driver which seemed to batter the CPU) but to be fair it did have a Microsoft driver that I used instead until a few weeks later a proper Windows 7 driver was released.

I can't think of any other problem that are not fixed by running apps in compatibility mode which I have had to do a few times (same on Vista). I still have turned off UAC though, as it is as annoying as hell stopping certain apps from worked properly, and their policy of signed drivers only kind of irritates me a bit, same on Vista though.

It's a good desktop OS but in my opinion should have been a fix for Vista. Bug fixing and optimisation should not be a pay for item in my opinion. Linux is still the better OS for networking and serving though as windows networking sucks big time, but that's to be expected.

UK fatties demand 'hate crime' status for lardo-baiting


What, it isn't a crime...

It isn't a crime to beat up fatties?... *dusts off an old cricket bat* Fatties here I come.

But seriously there is being discriminated against then there is being not hired because you are an overweight (not fit) fitness instructor... It's like being an anorexic cook I mean what the hell?

Tories would scrap 50p broadband tax


People want this 50p Tax

You do realise this applies to landlines as in telephone lines and not broadband connections...

Why the hell should people pay more for their telephone lines? Shouldn't this 50p Tax be put on the ISP subscription instead. Not everyone who has a phone line has a broadband connection, so is this exactly fair?

People with cable internet and no phone-line would be unaffected for instance. Or am I reading this all wrong and do they mean landlines for Internet connections only to have 50p tax?

UK.gov convinces just 2,000 Mancunians to join ID card trial

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are you serious?

You do realise you have to play for these ID cards don't you... they are not free and are more expensive than a passport.

If you want one then fine... but for #### sake don't force us all to have one.

Sony designs 360° 3D TV

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Pretty awesome...

I don't think anyone is going to use with as a TV... just imagine a 50" version... of this how much of the room would it take up.

But think of the other applications...

You could have an animated fish aquarium and crap like that great for the gadget shop ^^.

But I don't want to know how expensive this will be :(.

UK.gov backs ID scheme with peanuts promo spend

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I've already got an ID card...

It's called a passport...

Apple posts iPhone update


Not that broken

I think people like to over play the issues a bit unless there is a specific problem. Perhaps people should try backing up their contacts and stuff and try restoring the software to factory defaults before complaining too much.

I have had an iPhone 3G (jailbroken of course) since December with no real issues. It's currently updated to 3.01, 3.1 wasn't hacked last time a looked. I did update it to 3.1 a few days before I gave the phone back to apple and it seemed OK to me...

Now the one problem that I did have was the WIFI being physically broken after 6 months of use. And I didn't even use WIFI all that much. I am actually quite worried it will do it again out of warranty, if it does they will still be taking it back or it will be small claims court for them.

If it annoys people that much just take the damn phone back to apple they will either fix it or give you a new one... if it's in warranty that is.

Apple's move to kill Hackintosher suit denied

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Apple are in the wrong here

It's not like they give thier operating system away they still charge money for it. So what is the problem? Sure they can choose not to support it and if they wanted they could break the compatability as it is their OS but it should be up to the user who paid for the software to decide how they want to run it

Bridge made of recycled plastic supports 70-ton tank

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Ver nice but...

What happens to it at extreme temperatures like -30C+ does it go brittle? That would be funny :-/

Sony and BBC clash over PS3 problems

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Watchdog are clearly in the wrong here...

A failure rate of 0.5% is totally acceptable and expected. I have had a ps2 in the past where is broke and physically broke a disc that was in the drive (laser burn). It was out of warrently phoned sony up told them that it destoryed a game as well 3 days later a courier turns up with a brand new unit with the replacment game that broke and all the leads were swapped.

How can you get better service than that. Not sure what happens with the ps3 because it hasn't broke yet...

As for for the xbox dont you have to send it back yourself and wait a month to get it back and they don't replace any games it's broken. Thats what I call service...

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

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Do all you guys ever do is moan?

If you look at it, it looks as if they are trying to save some screen space by getting rid of useless items that you don't use all the time. Looks good to me.

If you dont like it download the old theme... nothing stopping you from doing that. Looks like those screens were taken on windows 7 with some of the default wallpapers as well...

Google blames cheeseburgers for destroying the planet

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what about?

A search on stuffonmycat or icanhascheezburger can we add those the units of measurement as well :).

Court upholds 'hacking' charge against smut-surfing worker

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are they serious?

So if you use a computer when someone says not to it's a criminal offence and you get 2 years in jail?

wow just wow, does that apply to all electronic devices that are computers? like mobile phones? calculators? ^^

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

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When are the going to learn...

Sure braking the speed limit in London is stupid as the 30Mph limit in some of the areas are for the other people.

And yes a warning system is a good idea, you could even make it so annoying that you have to slow down. But to make it stop you from accelerating is going too far. There are instances where you may need to go over the speed limit (although it may be a rare occurance). And have others have said what ifthe GPS unit gets it wrong, or it crashes or breaks or something then what then?

The most causes of 'accidents' is dangerious driving, maybe the police should go round enforcing the law a bit more in that area. And like others have said who cares if people speed a bit on the motorway I mean it's not like there much different from 70 to 80-90 if the road is clear, as long as you are not taking the **** and going 100Mph+ in traffic.

Again the problem is not speed itself but dangerious driving.

Pirate Bay judge and pro-copyright lobbyist accused of bias

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I knew it...

I thought on the day they verdict was out it was corrupt, and that political pressure or bribing was involved. Glad to know I was right.

But to know now that another judge was pulled for the same reason this just makes me think that that judge was delibratly chosen and tried to hide it. I think the music/movie industry has a lot to answer for here, especially when you remember that one of the police officers is now working for the enternaitment induistry and tried to be a key witness they most certainly got involved here as well, I mean what are the chances?

Good news for the pirate bay though, thats if nobody else gets bribed to look the other way...

How much lower can they go?

Mozilla considers dumping Firefox support for Win2k, early XP


Dropping suport = bad idea

I have no problem with them dropping support for operating systems that are not used widly anymore such as windows 9x series as microsoft does not support it anymore.

Windows 2k/XP it would be a bit stupid not to support anymore as they are almost the same OS. Although I would say it's fine if these new features requied addition software on these old systems or maybe even a few comprimises such as missing features.

I really don't see what these features could be as the browser is multi platform. People who say use Chrome, I seems to remember Chrome not working on windows2k without a few hacks so clearly that is not the answer.

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation



Yeah the iPods nad iPhones are overpriced for their spec, like Bill says it's the software that makes the products what they are. Not only the software but the overall design as well.

Apple products do well because they are better than anything else on sale, sure there are players and phones that offer more features and higher specifications, but usually they are poorly designed in some way.

As for forcing your own products on your children, thats just dumb. It's not as if he is short of money. I guess he dosn't own anything made by sony either, and does he check devices before he buys them incase they run Linux? I know my toshiba TV runs a linux kernel so is that off his list too? Then again I do doubt he has a TomTom LOL.

Ubuntu shops believe in Ubuntu



The new version 8.10 does not even have an xorg.conf anymore. I'm not sure if thats a good thing either, but yes this is the bit I hate most about linux desktop. If it does not detect your monitor/hdtv/whatever you have to edit it which is a right pain.

I've not tried 8.10 (other than the livecd) on anything yet so can't comment if they fixed that.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Why would Windows be any different

Linux really isn't that bad, and setting up basic networks is easier than Windows, as many others have said Ubuntu configures networks for you. The only real trouble you get is if the hardware is not 100% supported, but being this was packaged with a Dell computer I doubt that was an issue.

She probably had wireless modem/router with an SSID and was too lazy to figure it out in which case windows would not be any different .If it was a wired connection she was probably not intellegent enough to work out it wasn't plugged in or her modem was not configured properly. Again not a linux problem. If it was some tpye of unsupported USB modem then she should have researched this and found an alternative one that does work, it's not hard it just requires a little effort.

I blame all these arrogant software developers/hardware makers that choose not to support Linux, thats the real problem here. Hell some of them even stop supporting Windows for example I had a wireless network card that worked on XP fine but on vista its own software does not function and there are no vista software/drivers so are stuck using XP drivers with the very broken Windows Zero Conf which does not allow you to use the features properly.

And I have a avermedia tv card that works flawlessly on Linux/XP but does not work on Vista, some companies just irratate me.

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update


It semi brick my PS3

I've mentioned this on other forums including sonys own forum. This update did infact semi brick my ps3. Like others have said after the update it reboots and all you get is the wave backgroundscreen and no XMB it just gets stuck.

And yes formatting your hard drive does fix it, but in order to format it you need access to another computer which is a bit bad for those who don't have a PC with SATA. Lucky (or unluckly for me) I could format my drive, I did use Linux to make a DD clone of the drive to an image before I formatted it so if sony ever does fix this i can just DD the image back to my HDD to get my saves back.

I hope they do fix this and the update hasn't corupted my drive I don't really want to lose all my downloaded content and saves.

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates


Work Time Fun

WTF (Work Time Fun) is a great PSP game... what's offensive about it?

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda


Vista problems...

Although Vista has a few downside... OK a lot of downsides it does have some features that are good. They should take the good features like new sound options with mixers for each app and the ability to set default sound cards easily and just port them into a less bloated OS. Forget the antispyware and DRM and reserving memory for who knows what (maybe let the user decide).

The inital installtion crashed half way through for no reason and I had to install it again.A two Windows update managed to send my vista install into a reboot loop, I thought once was enough but twice and it started to get really annoying. I had to fix this using Linux to delete the pending.xml file... excelent job there.

Their new Vista Theme whatever its called managed to break one of my apps, (Ok this was a BETA Windows 2000 program for my TVcard). But bizzarely the TV card program itself works better in Vista (without the theme) than it did in XP, which is weird.

DirectX10 has option such as setting refresh rates removed for who knows what reason (I had to fix this by manually editing my monitor .ini file to only allow >85hz) idiots... although now i used an LCD but at the time it was real annoying.

I still think their best OS was Windows 2000... XP was bloated in comparison to that. The bloat should be optional.

I don't see how this stuff got past the beta testers... was there a beta test? and is still not fixed.

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes


40GB HK PS3 no problems

I have the UK GTAIV on a HK 40GB PS3, and have only had one freeze in 45 hours of gameplay, and that was during multiplayer at the point were it goes back to the lobby after playing a race. And that was after the patch.

So no real big problems with it. Lego star wars is far more buggy in multiplayer ^^.