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Sophos apologises for going legal on school techies

James Sumner

Re Sophos AV

"Well, it sounds like you are a model employee who wouldn't dream of abusing your employers time or resources and are therefore fully qualified to criticise. I am sure these HD videos and audio encoding sessions are a central part of your job as a school technician"

That is a bit of an assumption? Firstly, you'd be amazed what we get asked to do as school technicians... secondly, the person who posted may not even be a school technician? Thirdly, they are right. The latest version of sophos uses an incredible amount of system resources which can almost grind the computer to a halt while updating. Coming from two schools which use sophos AV, I feel I can honestly say this.

Accused Pentagon hacker prosecution could backfire

James Sumner

Hasn't he been punished enough?

Seriously, what is the point of sending someone to prison? I can only think of two -legitimate- reasons: 1. Punishment and 2. If they are a danger to the public in some way.

Lets have a look at the first point. Punishment. From what I have read, this guy has already had his punishment. He lost his girlfriend and job because of this issue. Now he has had several years of hell trying to fight an extreme punishment. The USA have already destroyed his life and now they are trying to take the bits that are left so he can never re-build himself.

The second point - Being a danger. What kind of danger is this guy now going to be? Not only do I think he has learnt his lesson, but even if he hadn't, he has had -way- too much media spotlight recently to ever go back to his old ways.

Killer virus hoax panics Pakistan

James Sumner

It's not just Pakistan...

I'm afraid education is in a terrible state in the UK and US as well. One just has to go through their e-mail inbox and all the things people are forwarding to them under a false belief of their hotmail account being deleted and Bill Gates sharing his fortune etc. to realise this.

Do you really think there wouldn't have been mass panic here if it had happened in the UK? I think there would have been.