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Nigerian scams are hyper-efficient idiot finders


Do you work for Wall Street ?

FunnyJunk lawyer doubles down on Oatmeal Operation Bear Love


"The National Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society aren't going to like the attention and may give Inman some grief over the case"

El Reg is now inferring that the charities were somehow used by Oatmeal to further some sort of offense or crime and they will be upset at this. In actuality, its not even controverted that Oatmeal is simply naming who he is giving money to, not the organizations that support him.

Another bizarre position taken up by the editors at El Reg.

But hey, if the most aggressive attorney spouts it, best to report it as truth to your readers....


Re: Disappointing coverage from El Reg so far.

Indeed, el Reg's apparent editorial stance is now to predict what the people buying ads here want to read as content and then producing that content.

Fortunately, Wired, which used to be a toy catalog for yuppies, has awoken from its slumber and started writing real content. Likewise, ARS Tech. is becoming a real editorial force on its own.


"This might seem like a classic case of the Streisand effect, but Carreon's no dummy. The National Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society aren't going to like the attention and may give Inman some grief over the case. Meanwhile, any further trolling just keeps the damages counter ticking upwards."

Hmm. You mean the "phony" damages counter ticking upwards. Bet Carreon has no evidence whatsoever connecting the trolls to Inman, because there is no connection.

Inman is not responsible for the behavior of random internet trolls, Register. That's Carreon's frivolous suggestion you have picked up. I would very much be gearing up sanctions applications against Carreon if I were litigating this, and I do think he is a dummy-- just a highly aggressive dummy begging to be dealt with properly via in-court sanctions applications and complaints to the bar.

Carreon simply thinks that if he is over the top aggressive, everyone will fear him and he can steam roll the entire internet.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


Food looks like crap, no wonder.


Re: Options include...

And tellingly, it gives individual public servants great power to sell out such programs, to the pubic detriment.

Can't believe you guys in the UK are now also contracting out your police force. Whether the intention is to strip pensions of police officers or to put money in the pockets of individual public servants who sell such public contracts to private corporations, this will end badly.


Methinks the emperor wears no clothes.

Also, it looks like we are reaching a point where taking any photograph critical of any establishment actor will be made a felony.

Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong


"Google encourages this by using intimidation: on receiving a DMCA takedown it complies but publishes the complaint, exposing the requester to the Anonymous hate-mob.

(Google claims to do this "in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)" - an outright lie.)"

God forbid the public actually be aware that a copy write holder demands a DMCA take down. As a corporatist, I believe all corporations should be entitled to rule from the shadows, and the public should not be entitled to learn any aspect of their PUBLIC actions.

Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management


FB should have managed expectations better? This is a rather curious position given reports that the Zuck was storming around in the windup to the IPO demanding an ever higher opening price from his bankers.

Study: The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate


It is not profitable to think about global warming so we don't

For those who still do not understand America, the title to this post will give you a clue.

We have serious cultural issues that have been driven by the economics of the 1%. The corrupt MSM is the glue that cements it together and makes the insane normal.

Facebook IPO plunge sparks tidal wave of lawsuits


Re: Stock and shares are naturally risky.

Love the wall streeters' analysis, market fraud should never be punished because the victim is always to blame.

Just ignore that Morgan was telling its chosen few large investors that they should immediately short what they are pushing on the little guy.

I don't think these are uninterested peeps pushing this pro market fraud analysis. It's patently insane.


Re: Rules of investing

Indeed, under the above poster's pro fraud position, market fraud should NEVER be prosecuted, because, the victim is ALWAYS to blame. Insane. The dude must work on Wall Street.


Re: Rules of investing

If you really take no issue with Morgan instructing ONLY its big investors that it was writing down FB stock at this critical time you are both a tool and a fool because irrespective of the underlying facts, the write-down itself creates the plunge as these big investors both short and refuse to invest in FB. This is pure market fraud, and you think the government should make the public sit back and enjoy it?


Do you work on Wall Street?

You have 12 people fooled here with this insane argument. The ignorance illustrates that we have brought all this fraud upon ourselves. We are asking for our pensions to be pilfered and so they are. Amazing.


If Mary Schapiro actually realized her role was not to be the cheerleader...

"SEC chair Mary Schapiro told reporters outside a Senate Banking Committee hearing that the commission would be asking questions.

"I think there is a lot of reason to have confidence in our markets and in the integrity of how they operate, but there are issues that we need to look at specifically with respect to Facebook," she said."

If Mary Schapiro actually realized her role was not to be the cheerleader for a corrupt market, but to stop the corruption, we would not be in this mess in the first place.

Please review Matt Taibbi's expose on corruption at the SEC to see the real story of why this is like groundhog day and the fraud never stops.

Anonymous takes the Kremlin offline in Putin protest


Re: Lordy

Putin's just bad. This is unrelated to false Faux news allegations. Just because our own democracies are failing does not make Putin any better. Two wrongs make a right now?


Re: Why are these attacks worthy of news coverage?

You are thinking about this the wrong way. Anonymous does DDOS BECAUSE it gains media attention. If it did not, they would simply do something else which does. In which case you would still be confused and saying "why does THIS act gain media attention."


Very dubious claim you are making.

Yes, exactly like the Russians who are quick to prosecute internet fraud and scare ware fraud when the perps are Russians and the victims are everyone else. Don't know which countries would help the Ruskies on this or why in the heck anyone would. Very dubious claim you are making.

'Giant vampire squid' seeks social media guru


"Muppets" of the World United and Take Over

So we will get to eat more cake, which in this case is having to listen to Goldman's PR about how nice and special they are and how they are doing "God's work" whilst they are, in reality, stealing everything from us and eliminating democracy.

EA unplugs Rock Band for iOS


Re: And if you remove the friendly marketing speak:

LOL, well, certainly now it is. Also, you are inaccurately presuming that EA discloses front and center when you purchase the App that it, for no good reason and inexplicably, relies on their network for every use and that they might shut down this network. Good grief, with anti consumerists like you, it is not surprising that corps do this sort of thing more and more nowadays. You are the tool in the ointment. Do you work for Goldman Sachs?

Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS


These super-sucker fleas remind me of Goldman Sachs.

Terrorists 'build secure VoIP over GPRS network'


Perhaps American citizens can use this technology to protect our communications from an increasingly corrupted, costly, and unaccountable US security state? We now have our own Republican Guard whose only goal is self enrichment. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The NSA's illegal wiretapping of American citizens will be used from everything from insider trading to manipulating the political process and destroying whistle-blowers. Plz review the expose regarding NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake available at the New Yorker online if you have no clue where this is going.

White House threatens veto of CISPA surveillance bill


If you think that it's a good idea that the NSA is unleashed on the American public, please read the expose on NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake online at the New Yorker. They are corrupted and contracting security work to themselves for personal enrichment. This will would end very very badly, all that power and the ability to crush anyone that even thinks to mention "corruption" like they did to agent Thomas Drake. The NSA's illegal wiretapping of American Citizens is almost surplusage until you consider what a corrupted agency will really do with this data, from insider trading to extortion... and just try to stand in their way.

Ofcom probes Sky News over Canoe man email hacks


I spoke too soon

Murdoch is even illegally going after the people who are merely complaining about his phone hacking. See here:


So I again ask, under Newscorps own logic, Murdoch must immediately release his private correspondence as a matter of "public interest." How can it be that Murdoch's and Newscorp's far reaching crimes are not of public interest, but Canoe man somehow is?


As Newscorp's hacking of the private communications of thousands of innocents has shown, the Emails and all other private correspondence of Rupert Murdoch would be vastly more in the "public interest" to disclose then canoe man's. So by their own logic, why is Newscorp not producing those communications? Murdoch is running a protection racket. You better play nice and give him the information he demands, or you will be dealt with. Just don't turn the spotlight on Newscorp and Murdoch.

White House issues privacy warning on CISPA-style laws


what is the essence of fascism??

"CISPA would allow ISPs, social networking sites, and anyone else handling Internet communications to monitor users and pass information to the government without any judicial oversight," said EFF Activism Director Rainey Reitman in a statement. "The language of this bill is dangerously vague, so that personal online activity – from the mundane to the intimate – could be implicated."

Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record

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This post illustrates a very "establishment " friendly pattern for El Reg.

LOL at the Register editors becoming climate change deniers, which is clearly illustrated by the nature of this post. The savvy editors here are arguing against 99.99% of scientists on an issue of science. Want to appease your corporate advertisers much? This post illustrates a very "establishment " friendly pattern for El Reg. regarding its reporting.

Nature ISN'T fragile nor a bossy mother-in-law - top eco boffin


So today, really, the issue is not the environment, but about the rights of individuals to do what they want with it... and let's be clear, we are talking about the rights of the 1 percent in that respect and no one else. Yes, that's the real issue of the day. Hawking establishment "ethos" at the every time when the 99% are being destroyed by those "ethos." Time for some new blood at these organizations.

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell


Today, IP law is simply a mechanism of corruption

The policy behind IP law is to encourage people to create new tools and new ways of solving problems. Today, IP law is simply a mechanism of corruption, a tool to keep the .01% in domination so no one can create anything that they will not then own. And it's just one reason why the 99.9% are being destroyed.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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Re: Hmmm

Actually, none are worse than battlefield earth...

Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop


Every move made by the GOP and Obama over the last decade has brought us one step closer to fascism. Of course the GOP wants corporations and governments to freely access all your private communications. Too bad the same thing is happening to you Brits. Even as you pretend that the only issue is with America, you are in the process of losing everything, including your "democracy." Join the party.

Goldman Sachs in email muppet hunt


"But, it is unfortunate that an individual opinion about Goldman Sachs is amplified in a newspaper and speaks louder than the regular, detailed and intensive feedback you have provided the firm and independent, public surveys of workplace environments," Goldman Sachs said."

Notice how the Goldman PR is changing the topic from the manner in which Goldman treats its clients to the manner the employees treat each other? Sure, there is comradeship among pirates as they are running schemes to steal everything from everyone else. This is not in dispute and is, in fact, what makes Goldman's massive ponzi schemes work.


Mark my words, the self styled "gods" (apparently of fraud) are going to attempt to crush, destroy and defame Greg Smith.

Be prepared for the press release, "an exhaustive email search shows that only Greg Smith used the term "Muppets."

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war

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Speculating over android's prospective drop to single digits developer interest when it is now at about 80%??? LOL, did Apple write this? Seriously guys, sometimes you piss me off-- and I have both IOS5 and android devices.

Stratfor email hackers were tricked into using Feds' server


"The extent of communication between WikiLeaks and Anonymous regarding the Stratfor leak remains unclear. Stratfor's own assertion that "some of the emails may be forged or altered to include inaccuracies", meanwhile, certainly seems much more plausible, especially if Monsegur (under the control of his FBI minders) had any say in deciding what was released."

The writer here does not state the obvious point that the FBI would not have had sufficient time to alter a meaningful number of emails, much less do so in a manner that is undetectable.

The obvious point is that this is a play at disinformation... nice try FBI. But you did get the Register to bite...

LulzSec SMACKDOWN: Leader Sabu turned by feds last summer

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If I were engaging in financial crimes, like most people on Wall Street today, I'm very happy over the manner in which police resources are utilized today, to attack protesters of fraud rather than the frauds. As a New Yorker, this is a good thing for the tax base here. Many of the Wall Street felons destroying our Country are based here, and some even pay some taxes.

AOL joins advertiser exodus from Rush Limbaugh


Re: if money is to be made...

Yea, like Tiger woods is making more money than ever now. Perhaps they will come back when he is 60? 70? Of course, Rush has so much more charisma than Tiger ever did, err, wait, never mind.

US gov IT services vendor swallows HBGary


Let's not forget that Barr, who is heavily connected with the US security state and held security clearance at all applicable times, also proposed outright destroying Glenn Greenwald, the most relevant columnist of this era, as part of his criminal campaign to destroy Wikileaks. Methinks that most criminals are in the government and go completely unpunished these days.

Obama pushes 'bill of rights' for punters' privates


NSA and USA breaks the law with impunity, so what is the point of a new fake law?

LOL, what does such a law matter when Obama, the administration and the USA security state break it with impunity, and then retroactively grant the telecoms immunity for spying on Americans for them? This was all illegal before, when the NSA ease-dropped on pretty much all Americans post 911. This was all well exposed in the excellent expose by Jane Mayer of the New Yorker that won a Polk award this very week.

Obama and Bush have destroyed the rule of law in American and this purported effort at a law to protect privacy is smoke and mirrors and another circus act to distract idiots from Obama's war against privacy and the bill of rights. Insane dishonesty. And the fake paper progressives who will support Obama just because he is a democrat, not having any real principals, will eat this up.

RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon


If a Citibank analyst says it must be true, it must be true. After all, we know from the dot com bust that the analysts of the "too big too fail" investment banks only provide truthful information not whatsoever crafted to defraud the idiot masses. Citibank only wants to help you!!

I will note that there are recent credible articles illustrating that shale reserves are not whatsoever panning out like Citibank suggests they are.

MPs rattle telcos to help kill extremist material online


When the establishment is corrupted, it seeks to silence criticism against it as an example of "extremism."

LulzSec say they'll release big Murdoch email archive


no merit

Anything can be argued, however, the argument has no merit.

I do not think the release of emails will give any sort of immunity to criminal prosecution whatsoever.

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher



I was thinking the same thing. This Legerov might not want to travel overseas as I can't see how what he is doing is legal anywhere that complies with the rule of law. Apparently Russia is not such a place.

Aussie anti-censor attacks strafe gov websites


The censorship will get only worse, it goes one way

"Cartoon porn and small breasted women?"

Assuming the bureaucrats get away with this sort of heavy handed and bizarre censorship at the outset, what is next? Logic dictates it will go only one way now, with ever tightening restrictions, and little hope for a pull back. It will be a race for the bottom as one politician attempts to outdo the other with respect to strigency in censorship.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This will not turn out well for the people of Australia. My sympathies are with them, as well as my sword.

Scientology seeks to squash anonymity


One step closer to tyranny

According to the COS, "attacks have reached the point where some members have been physically threatened."

Of course, physically threatening someone with violence is already against the law. Thus, the COS's position is nonesense. What they are clearly concerned about are the truthful news reports coming from the St. Petersburg Times that inform that the COS is run like Goodfellows, with regular barbaric beatins of staff members by the leader, David Miscavige. They know that Anonymous will propogate this information, and similar information, even when the Australian press is too afraid to.

Thus, this is simply an attempt at censorship in its purest form-- an attempt by the powerful to silence its truthful critics. We will see whether the Australian government will take one large step closer to tyranny or whether they will reinforce basic freedoms.

Twitter meltdown raises questions about site stability


sick and tried of russians

Worldwide assasinations. Now they want to take the world's websites down. Anyone else getting sick and tried of the Russians? Since they attack the world in their quest to silence their critics, they make themselves fair game by internet standards. Simple as that.

Google murders second Anonymous AdSense account


already started using other engines when google did that to enturb

Really, it's a question of arrogance on google's part. They really think we are all stuck with them no matter what level of evil they display. I've been very happy living in a googeless world.

City anti-Scientology protestor avoids court summons


So, what is going to stop the LPD from chilling the next protest?

Logic dictates that the LPD knew it was going to far, and did so to chill and defang the protest. Although the precedent will dictate that the protesters can use the word "cult," this was always obvious to begin with, and what happens when the LPD decides that it will prosecute regarding the use of another patently legal word? They can string this out forever unless the source of the obvious LPD corruption is located and removed.

And corruption it must be. I recall that the LPD did nothing when the Islamic protestors marched the streets demanding the head of Rushdie, a law abiding citizen (not a cult) who merely wrote a wonderful novel. And now a 15 year old calls a "cult" a "cult" and they try everything in their power to prosecute? And we also know about the COS gifts to the LPD-- that they even accepted gifts is clearly an incident of corruption. How in heel is it acceptable for police officers to accept gifts from the people who they are supposed to police?

Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard


If the Brits let this pass, they will shortly realize they have given away everything.

What the London law enforcement is doing is attempting to shape reality in favor of a dangerous cult. They are doing so by criminalizing the truth. If they can criminalize free speech, they can control thought.

The implications are huge. The same law could be used to criminalize all truthful advocacy regarding any corporation or governmental entity.

All advocates for free speech, and all advocates for human rights ought to be pounding the battle drums over this. If the Brits let this pass, they will shortly realize they have given away everything.