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Let 15 July forever be known as P-Day: When UK's smut fans started being asked for their age


Re: P-Day?

Nah P-Day is correct, Pay-Day.

There'll already be hundreds of scammers and similar low life working out how to take advantage of this nonsense.

For those that have any level of technical literacy (including most of the kids) this means nothing and will be circumvented easily. For the naïve or plain lazy they'll get well and truly screwed in more than the way the idiots in parliament thought. I just hope that some of the politicians are among them.

Era of the Pharaohs: Climate was hotter than now, without CO2


Re: FFS!

When did healthy debate become "ant-scientific"?

Maybe you need to check your understanding of science, suppression of debate is usually the province of religion and other mythology.

HP itching to flog flaccid biz units: Are Autonomy, PSG in firing line?


Re: Geat ideas Meg

Being ex of HP I find hard to believe anyone expected any better. The track record of CEO appointments would lead to only one outcome.

Sad thing is that we are seeing the end of what was an outstanding technology company and it looks like a death of a thousand cuts, or sell-offs anyway.

Tibetan monks lose their TVs as China's censors raid monasteries


Re: We really should stop all trade with them until they sort this crap out...

We could try making some stuff ourselves y'know, like we did once upon a time.

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill



I'll bet the staff at HP can't believe their luck, Carly Fiorina, Mark Hurd and Léo Apotheker. What a trio, you couldn't hire quality like that if you tried..............

Oh wait they did try.............

Civil servants touted ID cards to friends, family as flop loomed


Title? what title?

"but I think they were a good idea"

No fan of the ConLibs but while fools like Burnham spout such crap Labour clearly haven't got the message and in doing so not only are they a massive fail for themselves but they're denying the country an effective opposition that we desperately need.

Airport scanner staff object to vetting



Is it the case that these people aren't already vetted in some way? Incredible even for this looney bin of a country.

Is it the case that these people aren't already vetted in some way? Incredible even for this looney bin of a country.

My wife works in adult education and for a number of different organisations including those for learning disabilities and offender rehabilitation and I asked her how many checks she has had and she has lost track, genuinely doesn't know.

Why would these people NOT be checked?

On the subject of the image quality of the Sexoscanners -


Perhaps it's better quality than some would realise.

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy



this turns out to be a "Ratner" moment, I doubt it will but there's always the hope.

Downing Street on Phorm: 'Meh'


Name one

worthwhile statement to follow a petition on the number 10 web site.

Beeb names new Doctor Who


@ Sarah Bee

So come clean then... how much of the hard earned Licence Fee does El Reg get to promote Beeb twadle as news!

Also since when did IT become "Entertaining"!

IT Angle


Can someone explain how this is IT news?

Has the TARDIS suddenly appeared on the HP server catalogue?

It's bad enough the Beeb promoting this tripe as news without El Reg doing it for them.

You'll be running items on simply come twadle or whatever it is next ;-)

EDS boss Rittenmeyer 'retires' from HP reorg



took, IIRC, $51.6m in the HP takeover?

I seriously hope that he doesn't get his snout in the trough for even more on "retirement" (although I guess he will turn up on a board somewhere else :-( ). Not bad for what? about twelve months as CEO since Jordan departed.

I recently left EDS in the last VR and really feel for my colleagues left back there... the so called corporate leaders all getting fat payouts while the staff that make the revenue get f*ck all. I personally know EDS'ers that have already gone 36 months between pay reviews. They now get told there's nothing until Feb 2010 AND just to boost moral the long established Service Awards have been cancelled from January.

Made me smile the last time acknowledged the company ethics..... wonder if Ron did?

Boss frogmarches bound employee to cop shop


My word............

wasn't this a great opportunity for the "hand 'em and flog 'em" brigade!

I didn't realise the IT world had so many exponents of Sharia law..... have people heard of innocent until proven guilty and proportionality?

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


The next NuLabour...

apologist to try and tell people that "this is not a Police state" wants to have this inserted where the Sun doesn't shine.

The bunch of fucktards running the show here are a far bigger threat to this country than Al Qeada could ever be.

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures



is it that even by the Police Forces inflated figure of 12% of we are so obsessed with the speeding factor in accidents? Presumably the 78% being not being addressed don't matter?

Oh how silly it's not about road safety it's really about road revenue and nothing else.

Taser rival offers cops 'Trade in your Taser' zapgun deal

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good to see healthy competition in the devices of torture market... wouldn't want to product stagnation would we?

UK banking fraud losses rise to £301.7m


Looks like.....

reasonable producivity gains the villains

Google under fire again for handing user info to police

Paris Hilton

@ Vernon Lloyd

So any law from any dictatorship or covering the a*se of corrupt politicians is OK?

Paris because ........ seems befitting that idea

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Someone remind me,

What was it now "Do no....... ?"

HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole


@ James Pickett

Er......... you remember incrrectly, I think you will find that EDS had long departed HMRC when the "disk" incident took place