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Where to use Remote Access


RDP Client Alternative

RDP is great, and this tool allows you to manage them all within a nice tabbed interface with extended bookmarking facilities:


T-Mobile doubles 0870 call costs


Change in contract == Early contract getout?

Not so according to their craftily, and rather cunningly obfuscated T&C's. More info here:


Though some have reported success. Some Jedi mind tricks over the blower appears to be the key here...

WiiMote game launched for visually impared


pics and video...

...are on the site via the link

Google Translate speaks in (more) tongues


Google Translate = Rosetta Stone?

I remember reading about Googles super-duper translator-ga-tron ages ago:


And it wowed folks with its ability to translate even languages like Arabic into something very readable. If Google Translate was the fruit of that project, when did the apples start tasting of potatoes?

Online ID checks to limit teen booze and knife purchases


Will proving that only 18 year olds and above can buy alcohol...

...if said individuals are still imbeciles, actually help in any way? Perhaps a cretin test is needed also. Or shock collars from birth.