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Watford council punts parents from playground

Chris Elmes

@ Stef 4

Oh dearie me, clearly some frustration spilling over here.

You are of course right that I - or anyone else for that matter - does not HAVE to use the facility and can CHOOSE to do something else entirely. My personal choice would be to not go there and instead spend the time with my kids myself. It is my good fortune not to live in Watford or anywhere near it and so thankfully I won't have to (not) trouble myself with choosing whether or not to use these no doubt marvellous play facilities.

Do I park in disabled spaces? No, my father is disabled so I have personal experience of their necessity and the inconsiderate f*ckwits who don't give a toss...

Do I send my kids to school? You betcha - all 5 of them so I believe I know a thing or two about leaving them under the supervision of suitably qualified and experienced individuals. And guess what? I'm happy to let them get on with it. I even get a pathetic degree of gratitude from said schools when my child breaks the rules or misbehaves and I back whatever punishment or sanction they want to mete out because sadly they are far more used to parents threatening and intimidating them.

I'm all in favour of rules and all in favour of following them. I'm also in favour of highlighting when rules are obtuse, unnecessary or just plain ridiculous. And finally I'm in favour of choosing not to engage with any facility, service or organisation whose rules I don't agree with rather than just breaking the rules.

There, that's my frustration aired now.

Chris Elmes

All hail the mad burghers of Watford!

I am told that in order to be a good parent to my children it is important that I spend quality time with them and engage in fun, constructive play activities with them.

Unless I live in Watford, in which case I have to hand them over to a bunch of people employed by local authority dimwits, who will play with them for me - let's hope they are all fully CRB checked so that their playing is of the constructive variety and not unneccessary...

Stop, just stop before any more moronic PC madness is inflicted upon us

Ballmer disses Oracle's decision to buy Sun

Chris Elmes
Jobs Horns

You're a fine to talk Mr Ballmer!

"I have no idea why a software company would buy a hardware company. We don't want to buy any hardware companies,"

No, but you put your name to the Zune which immediately disqualified you from commenting on anybody elses hardware strategy!

China preps internet porn snitching awards

Chris Elmes
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But surely to report porn you've got view it first? No wonder the rewards are unspecified - whose going to volunteer for detention & re-education after looking at unsuitable material?

Paris because even she isn't that dumb

Bury council carries can over spycam binmen

Chris Elmes
Paris Hilton

Rowan Atkinson take a bow

"The day when it becomes a crime for ‘walking on the cracks in the pavement’ and ‘looking at people in a funny way’ must surely not be far off."

Presumably the offences of 'wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area' and 'possessing an offensive wife' will be hard on their heels? Bring back Not the Nine O'clock News say I!

Paris, because even she isn't that stupid

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

Chris Elmes
Paris Hilton

Yep, sure is...

They're still going to continue trading

Paris because even she knows when to shut up shop


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