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The best netbook-friendly Linux distros

Kevin Wagner
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Linux Mint on EeePC 1000HE

Linux Mint works great on an EeePC 1000HE. No functionality is compromised or lost, and the OS as well as the apps that run on it are snappy. I can't see any need for a hobbled or specially modified version of an existing distro just because the machine is a "netbook". Mint is based on Ubuntu, which is about as full-featured as any Linux distro extant, so why mess around?

Yahoo! deckchair! shuffle! filled! with! insight! and! clouds!

Kevin Wagner

Oh, stop! My sides!

"The Technology organization led by CTO Ari Balogh will now work on "developing a world-class cloud computing and storage infrastructure; rewiring Yahoo! onto common platforms; and creating a stronger partnership between product and engineering teams." Which makes you wonder what Yahoo! has been trying to do to date."

I don't know if you meant that to be funny, but I gotta tell you, I laughed my ass off <grin>

I never cease to be amazed at how empty corporate-speak can be while using multi-syllabic words that imply some sort of understanding of the situation at hand without giving a clue that they do.

Re-arranging deck chairs? Perfect.

Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies

Kevin Wagner

Are they daft?

People won't even use their search engine without being paid for it, and even that remains to be seen. What makes them think anyone wants to test their buggy, data-eating, time-consuming, sub-par server software for free? Especially when there are so many alternatives that actually work and don't cost nearly as much.

NASA bites nails over Phoenix landing

Kevin Wagner

it would put another nail into the coffin of the creationists.

Don't be silly. They adjust their fantasies as needed to envelope the reality at hand.