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HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole

Joe Blonca

HP just sells toner, X86 is an afterthought

Thank goodness HP still has toner. Their X86 gear is stagnant and offers nothing beyond what even lowly Dell offers home users (with a reasonably good service processor). At least Dell is smart enough to steer clear of Itanic.

HP buys EDS: What are they thinking?

Joe Blonca

HP lacks IP and is a reseller of others technology

HP has seen the writing on the wall. They don't own any of their own technology, so they must make money some way... and that is in services. They can't make money from Linux, other than selling a box running Intel or AMD (not their technology).

They can't provide ANY kind of value add, since they are stuck selling everyone else's tech... Their ONLY value add is Service. We'll see how this works in the long run for them. Right now it seems to be pretty good. They seem to be beating DELL at their game. Let's see if they can beat IBM at their game. Oh wait... IBM has their own tech.